Weekly Health News: Asthenia, osteoarthritis, heart health and how to lower blood pressure

AstheniaWe at Bel Marra take health very seriously. We want to keep our readers informed, so we’ve compiled a list of the best articles for the week. You will find info on asthenia, osteoarthritis, low blood pressure, and even undercover the reasons owning a pet is beneficial.

Asthenia: Causes and how to treat it

Asthenia is a term used by the medical community to refer to weakness. It is a psychopathological condition characterized by extreme acute or chronic loss of strength. This condition may lead to sleep disturbances, fatigue, or lack of energy as well as hyperesthesia, which is an extreme sensitivity of the skin.


Asthenia may be restricted to a single part of the body or affect the body as a whole.

This condition can lead those affected to be unable to perform or finish tasks. Activities may be started without a problem, but may be difficult to complete. It is possible that an underlying disease or condition can lead to a reduction in muscle strength. Continue reading…

A healthy diet can slow down osteoarthritisA healthy diet can slow down osteoarthritis

Experiencing joint pain when performing everyday tasks can be quite debilitating, yet millions of people around the world do. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis worldwide and is generally one that develops with old age. Consequently, it is difficult to prevent. It is common knowledge that being a healthy weight assists in preventing osteoarthirtis, as it limits stress on weight-bearing joints. However, according to a new report, osteoarthritis may be linked to what we eat and our metabolism. Continue reading…

Pet ownership comes with a multitude of health benefitPet ownership comes with a multitude of health benefits

Furry animals like cats and dogs are often seen as cute balls of energy. Most people light up at the sight of any animal that fits the criteria of small and adorable. We all love our pets—we even treat them as part of the family, spending thousands of dollars to keep them happy and healthy. This may seem extravagant to a non-pet owner, as the money spent on these animals could be better used elsewhere. But according to the U.S. National Institutes of Health, this money is well spent. Having a pet can help lower blood pressure, lower heart rate, and even lower cholesterol levels. Continue reading…

Improve your heart health with this new way of eatingImprove your heart health with this new way of eating


Medicine does not taste good… that’s the conclusion we inevitably make as we go through rounds and rounds of common cold and respiratory infections during childhood. After all, even that raspberry-flavored cough syrup isn’t as pleasant to take as the advertisers claim, so it’s not surprising that when it comes to eating things that supposedly benefit our health, we are somewhat reluctant. But when the medicine is actually food itself—and not just any food, but delicious food for that matter—there is no excuse to skip on those meals. If not for the sake of your palate, then definitely for the sake of your health, or in this particular case, your heart.

And the good news is, all these foods are now conveniently packed in the so-called Portfolio Diet. Developed by Canadian researcher Dr. David Jenkins, the Portfolio Diet combines cholesterol-lowering foods which, when consumed daily, can lower cholesterol and blood pressure, reduce the risk of cardiovascular events, and help with blood sugar management. Continue reading…

How to lower blood pressure quickly and naturallyHow to lower blood pressure quickly and naturally

High blood pressure—hypertension—plays a role in more than 15 percent of deaths in the United States, and people are increasingly seeking methods to lower their blood pressure naturally and quickly. Having this chronic disease increases the risk of developing heart attacks and even strokes: some of the most common reasons for sudden death today. Poorly managed high blood pressure may also lead to aneurysms, cognitive decline, and kidney failure. The American Heart Association estimates that 28 percent of Americans have high blood pressure and don’t even know it. Continue reading…


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