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Study Shows Association between Cognition and Hearing or Vision Loss

According to data from the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging (CLSA), a decline in cognition has long been associated with both hearing loss and vision loss. But now, a recent study led by Montreal researchers asks why this relationship exists. A paper published in the journal Scientific Reports by Concordia’s Natalie Phillips and her colleagues here to read more


Optimizing Superfoods for Better Health

If the idea of a superfood is strange to you, you’re certainly not alone. The terminology can be confusing and potentially dangerous if you don’t understand it. So let’s take a closer look at what it actually means. Superfood is a fun way of saying “something really nutritious.” They tend to feature a number of here to read more

2 Common Types of Forgetfulness

There you are, pacing around your home with your blood pressure rising. For the past 20-minutes, the frustration has been mounting, and you’re about ready to blow when you discover your wallet right where you left it: on top of your toilet. Sure, it should have been in its usual spot by the entrance. But here to read more

Beat Boredom Because It’s Bad for Your Health

It’s been said that “idle hands are the devil’s tool” and quite frankly, it’s true. And if you’re recently retired, or just flat-out bored, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Boredom might not appear like a health risk at first glance. But it’s sneaky—just like the devil, and could contribute to high cholesterol, elevated here to read more

Green Tea Goes to Battle with Super Bugs

If there’s a global outbreak of an antibiotic-resistant superbug, you might want to have plenty of green tea on hand. New research is showing it could play a key role in protecting your health. Superbug is a term you likely hear a lot of. With cold and flu season on the way, along with a here to read more

Do This One Thing to Protect Your Brain

It is known that exercise is a beneficial habit when it comes to supporting and improving your health. The latest study on exercise explored exercise and its benefits to the brain. The research comes from a Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) team that found that exercise could “clean up” areas of the brain to allow for here to read more

Too Lazy to Exercise? It Could Be This

We all know that we should exercise, but for many of us, the willingness to do so is just non-existent. If you’ve ever wondered how some people are so motivated to go to the gym while you can’t stand the thought, then you’ll be interested to learn about the latest research findings out of the here to read more