Urinary health

Urinary retention treatment, prevention, and home remedies

Urinary retention treatment is designed to rectify the problem of being unable to completely empty the bladder. Occurring more commonly in older men, urinary retention can be a serious condition that may lead to emergency urinary retention treatment. Acute urinary retention happens suddenly and lasts only a short time. Chronic urinary retention, on the other ...click here to read more

How often should you pee?

Going to the bathroom seems like a pretty natural part of your day. Still, you may be wondering how often you should pee. Normally, when we consume fluids, our bladder begins to fill. As it reaches its capacity, it sends a signal to the brain to prompt you to go to the bathroom to urinate. ...click here to read more

Frequent night awakenings and urination may be due to obstructive sleep apnea, not enlarged prostate

Frequent night awakenings and urination may be caused by obstructive sleep apnea, rather than enlarged prostate. The study compared men aged 55 and 75 years old with an enlarged prostate diagnosis who reported nighttime urination (nocturia) at least once a night. The control group did not have prostate enlargement or nocturia. The study found that ...click here to read more

In overactive bladder, presence of certain bacteria contributes to OAB symptoms: Study

In overactive bladder (OAB), presence of certain bacteria contributes to OAB symptoms. Debunking the commonly held belief that urine is sterile, researchers found that, in fact, it is not germ-free. Co-investigator Linda Brubaker said, “Doctors have been trained to believe that urine is germ-free… These findings challenge this notion, so this research opens the door ...click here to read more

Urinary incontinence in women can be treated with new recommendations, specialized yoga programs

Urinary incontinence (UI) in women can be treated with new recommendations and specialized yoga programs. The findings come from UC San Francisco where researchers found that a specialized yoga program could help improve women’s urinary incontinence. The specialized yoga program is aimed at improving pelvic health, which can provide women with better control over their ...click here to read more

Uterine fibroids risk in women influenced by elevated testosterone, estrogen levels

Uterine fibroids risk in women is influenced by elevated testosterone and estrogen levels. Uterine fibroids are benign tumors that grow on the uterus. The findings were published in the Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. By the age of 50, three out of four women will develop uterine fibroids. African Americans and overweight ...click here to read more

Distended bladder: Causes, symptoms and treatment

Common issues with the bladder involve incontinence, where a person frequently visits the bathroom and may even result in the bladder leaking. A person with bladder incontinence may have to wear diapers or pads to prevent the leakage from being noticeable. Another condition occurs when a person cannot empty their bladder or even urinate. This ...click here to read more

Older Women and Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections, or UTI’s, are extremely common urinary health infections, and they affect more than 50 percent of the female population. Sexual intercourse, pregnancy, tampons, and many forms of contraception can increase the risk for developing urinary tract infections. As such, many people assume that UTI’s are more of a younger woman’s problem, however ...click here to read more