Quick Ways to Get Rid of That Pain in Your Neck

Reviewed by Dr. Victor Marchione, MD.
Written by Mohan Garikiparithi
Published on

Quick Ways to Get Rid of That Pa...

Is your spouse bothering you non-stop? If they are, my condolences; I wish I could help. But that’s not the kind of neck pain we’re dealing with here. We’re talking about that stiffness or pain that hits when you’re stuck in traffic, enjoying your favorite television show, or have been hunched over at your desk.

When neck pain hits, it’s a real drag. It can make a great play an absolute nightmare or make you root against your grandkid’s basketball game. It overtakes your attention so it’s all you can focus on and you want to get out of whatever you’re doing as quickly as possible. I’m sure you know the feeling!

The thing about neck pain, however, is that it can be dealt with rather quickly and conveniently. When neck pain hits, here are a few stretches you can try for relief virtually anywhere.

For each, try to keep your shoulders relaxed through the duration of each movement. Do each movement (if needed) up to three times, waiting 10 seconds between exercises.

1. Lower your chin into your chest as far as you can without any pain. Hold it there for 20 seconds, then slowly return to the starting position. Repeat.
2. Keeping shoulders stationary, turn head to the right as far as possible. Hold for 20 seconds, then slowly bring your head all the way left and hold for 20 seconds. Return to center, rest, and repeat.
3. Tilt your head to bring your right ear to your right shoulder, keeping your shoulder in place—do not bring it up. Hold for 20 seconds before doing the same thing on the left side. Return your head to the center, relax, and then repeat.
4. Turn your head to the right and look behind you. From this position, raise chin towards the ceiling and hold for 20 seconds. Slowly return to start and repeat. Switch to other side and repeat.

These exercises can help you relieve neck pain relatively quickly so you can get back to whatever it is you’re trying to enjoy.


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