Lowers Cholesterol in 30 Days Discover the Italian Secret now scientifically
proven to help lower cholesterol

Dear Health eTalk Reader,

Maybe you've tried almost everything to keep your doctor off your back about your cholesterol numbers...

Diet and exercise? You're suffering through months of sacrifice to move your cholesterol numbers a few measly points.

Supplements? You're spending more money and not seeing the real results they promise.

It's no wonder you're on the verge of accepting statins as the only way to dramatically lower your cholesterol and increase your artery health.

Not so fast... The natural way to help improve your cholesterol and shore up your heart health for life just got easier than ever before...

Instead of eating a bland, tasteless diet or gulping down handfuls of costly supplements, you can now see real results in your cholesterol numbers and almost ALL of your heart health numbers starting in 30 days!

The Italian Secret succeeds where others can't!

When I was studying medicine in Italy, I was living near a region called Calabria that's known for its longevity.

In this region, people routinely live remarkably healthy and active lives past age 100, despite a diet rich in butter, cheese, and pasta. It's here that I discovered a citrus fruit whose juice is beloved by locals - Bergamot

For centuries the people of this region have enjoyed bergamot juice as a 'tonic' for whatever ails them. I was intrigued, and so were my fellow scientists. What we found wasn't a 'cure all' but perhaps the most powerful cholesterol-lowering, artery rejuvenating, heart-strengthening natural remedy ever discovered.

As you're about to see, one special extract of bergamot citrus fruit from Calabria works with your body to help...

  • Drop your total cholesterol 22% – that's 2 TIMES LOWER than diet & exercise

  • Drop your 'bad' LDL cholesterol 24% – that's over 2 TIMES LOWER than phytosterol supplements

  • Drop your triglycerides over 3 TIMES LOWER than policosanol supplements

  • Increase 'good' HDL cholesterol by nearly TWICE as much as policosanol supplements

  • Block 'really bad' oxidized cholesterol – where both statins and most natural supplements often fail.

All of this, in as little as 1 month, from one single fruit extract!

Not to mention, the remarkable results from clinical trials show this special extract also helps to SUPPORT BALANCED BLOOD SUGAR and PROMOTE ARTERY HEALTH FOR GREAT CIRCULATION and HEALTHY BLOOD PRESSURE.

Even more exciting, people enjoyed these benefits without suffering through nasty side effects.

It's proof that you can lead a fun, active life,
eating what you love without worrying about your heart!

My name is Victor Marchione, M.D., and for the last decade I've been searching for the very best way to improve and support healthy cholesterol numbers naturally.

While i knew about the Italian bergamot for a long time, it's only now that I'm really convinced about it. That's because it's now scientifically documented to do what almost no other diet, food, nutrient – or even conventional cholesterol treatment – it can help to achieve healthy cholesterol levels and a healthy cardiovascular system.

Imagine, replacing every bottle of supplements with one perfect heart health Holy Grail, a one-a-day supplement so powerful it not only helps lower cholesterol, but it can work to rejuvenate all of the blood vessels inside your body.

After all, what's the point of lowering cholesterol if you're not helping your ENTIRE cardiovascular system? Let's face it... You've seen relatives suffer fatigue, weakness, and breathlessness from heart problems

All of a sudden they can no longer enjoy themselves. They don't travel as much as they want. They can't spend as much time outside for family activities. And they certainly can't enjoy a delicious family meal with all of the trimmings and not feel overwhelmed with guilt.

But heart problems aren't a family tradition that
you're destined to continue

Even if genes aren't on your side, I want you to know that you're not doomed.

With a specialized Italian bergamot extract, you can naturally improve your cholesterol numbers and start to revitalize your cardiovascular system starting in as little as 30 days.

When you have good cholesterol numbers and a strong cardiovascular system, you can feel healthy, energized, and be ready for anything.

Imagine, taking those trips you've dreamed of. Whether it's a tropical cruise or just a cruise on your bicycle down to the park with your grandkids, you can enjoy yourself without worry or fear that you'll overdo it. Finally, the natural cholesterol support you have been waiting for is here.

By now you're probably wondering, how can one single fruit extract replace handfuls of other herbs and nutrients? Easy. That's because bergamot...

Provides 6 Kinds of Cardiovascular Support...
It's the secret to getting BETTER cholesterol and
heart health numbers – with none of the dangers!

Support #1:
Bergamot helps lower your total cholesterol and risk of heart issues in 30 days!

Your total cholesterol number is what your doctor pays the closest attention to. That's because people with high total cholesterol have twice the risk of heart problems as people with optimal levels.

Your total cholesterol number climbs when 'bad' LDL cholesterol begins to surpass 'good' HDL cholesterol in your bloodstream. And that occurs when you get too much cholesterol from your liver, from your diet or in many cases, from both.

Bergamot tackles your cholesterol problems fast.

Its secret is pectins, special flavonoids, which bind to waxy 'bad' LDL cholesterol compounds like Velcro, working to pull them out of the bloodstream before they can clog vessels and constrict arteries.

At the same time, other pectins inhibit a key enzyme your liver uses to make excess cholesterol. Studies show flavonoids buteridine and melitidine block the enzyme HMGCoA reductase.

So in addition to helping you get rid of extra cholesterol from your diet, bergamot works to help prevent your body from making more cholesterol than you need! As a result, it can help improve your total cholesterol faster than any natural remedy I've ever seen.

In fact, to prove this, scientists gave a special extract of bergamot to 237 men and women with high cholesterol for 4 weeks. This double-blind, placebo-controlled study showed that bergamot safely helps to lower total cholesterol by a whopping 22%, nearly DOUBLE the 12.5% drop from diet and exercise alone.

Italian bergamot can mean all of the difference in your next heart health report from your doctor. That's because with bergamot...

If your total cholesterol is a concern, you can help lower it in just 30 days.

Now that's really fast! Just think of the health difference supporting healthy cholesterol can make for you. And more importantly, for the health of your heart and cardiovascular system.

It's only the beginning of what Italy's powerful natural cholesterol buster can do for you.

Support #2:
Bergamot can help lower your 'bad' LDL cholesterol to restore great circulation!

Bergamot's special flavonoids help increase your liver's ability to burn up 'bad' LDL cholesterol that's already present in your arteries. These flavonoids, naringin and neohesperidin, are shown in laboratory study to lower excess cholesterol in human cells by up to 82%!

It's how bergamot can help drop 'bad' LDL cholesterol MORE THAN 2 TIMES LOWER than phytosterols, easily beating the gold-standard supplement of natural cholesterol therapy.

Just 500 mg of a special extract of bergamot once a day lowered 'bad' LDL cholesterol by 24% in just 30 days. That's compared to a small 9% average drop with phytosterols!

What a benefit to your blood vessels and arteries. Imagine, fresh blood reaching all of your organs and limbs as circulation improves. You'll feel the difference right down to your fingers and toes!

Superior results that are safe, too!

Avoiding side effects is important. It's why you'll be thrilled to know that folks taking Italian bergamot experienced no harsh side effects in clinical trials.

On the other hand, natural solutions like phytosterols can't say the same. Research shows phytosterols eliminate good fats from your blood as well, including fat-soluble vitamins A, E, D and beta-carotene. These antioxidant vitamins are critical for a strong immune system and healthy body – you can't afford to lose them!

The most powerful, convenient, economical
heart supplement available

I don't want you to ever have to worry about your arteries, poor circulation or a weak heart. That's why I want you to have this remarkable Italian secret for heart health, so you can go out and enjoy your life. But not just any bergamot will do.

To ensure results like these in 30 days, you must use only the special extract of Italian bergamot used in the research.

I'm among the first to know about this discovery...

Because the groundbreaking research took place at the Department of Cardiology at the University of Rome, Italy near where I first began studying medicine.

That's how I learned that by adding just 50 mg of vitamin C to bergamot, scientists increased its flavonoid power against cholesterol in clinical trials. Yet, most bergamot formulas miss this ingredient combination so you miss the maximum benefits!

That's why I developed Clinical Strength Cholesterol Support, to give you the same special Italian bergamot extract and vitamin C in the identical form and dosage proven in clinical trials.

Other cholesterol solutions simply can't compete. For example, if you've tried policosanol for cholesterol, you need to know that Cholesterol Support works far better because...

Support #3:
Bergamot helps your body increase 'good' HDL cholesterol for clear arteries

Do you know you can lower your 'bad' LDL cholesterol and still be at great risk for a heart health catastrophe?

It's true. Some people have 'normal' LDL cholesterol for decades and then suffer a major heart problem while out biking or simply walking down the hall.

And it's all because they have low 'good' HDL cholesterol.

The higher your HDL the better your heart health!

The American Heart Association journal Circulation reports, "studies of both men and women worldwide have demonstrated that the risk for artery clogs is inversely related to blood levels of HDL; that is, the higher your HDL, the lower your risk. On the other hand, the lower your HDL, the higher your risk."

It's because, unlike LDL cholesterol, which builds up in arteries as dangerous plaque deposits, 'good' HDL cholesterol carries the plaque away, literally sweeping your arteries clean!

Real help for your HDL that other cholesterol
lowering therapies don't provide...

Italian bergamot dramatically raises your good HDL cholesterol levels. Clinical study shows bergamot increases HDL cholesterol on average 20% in only 30 days. That's NEARLY DOUBLE policosonal's 11% HDL increase.

Even more exciting, people with the lowest HDL levels saw the biggest improvements, with some seeing up to 40% gains in their HDL numbers.

No other natural cholesterol lowering therapy can do this, much less in 30 days. Not phytosterols. Not soluble fibers like psyllium. But bergamot doesn't stop here...

Support #4:
Bergamot can cut blood triglycerides, the dangerous fat linked to heart disease by 30%!

Like LDL cholesterol, triglycerides are fats that contribute to thickening of the artery walls and risk of heart disease, too.

That's why most doctors recommend dramatic dietary changes to control them. Changes that cut out many of your favorite foods and don't even give you the results you deserve.

Why eating health foods doesn't always help
high triglycerides

LDL is usually the result of eating too much fatty food, while triglycerides are formed from any food you eat, including health food!

Your body converts any calories it doesn't need now into triglycerides, storing them in fat cells. Later, hormones release them for use as energy. But if you regularly eat more calories than you burn – even from healthy foods – your triglyceride levels skyrocket.

Even if you have normal cholesterol your heart can be in
danger from high triglycerides!

Yet many of today's most popular cholesterol lowering supplements aren't any help. Not phytosterols, not citrus PMF, not even policosanol...

Thankfully, Italian bergamot comes to the rescue, dropping triglycerides 3 TIMES LOWER than policosanol!

Bergamot flavonoids naringin and neohesperidin are shown in laboratory study to "reduce triglyceride accumulation." And when scientists gave bergamot to people with triglyceride concerns, they helped reduce triglyceride levels nearly 30% without any harsh side effects! (Policosanol drops them 9% on average).

That's why I can say with certainty that Cholesterol Support can take care of ALL of your cholesterol concerns better than any natural supplement I've seen.

It's the natural support you need to safely and easily help improve and support your healthy cholesterol numbers. Without having your doctor – or your spouse – scowling at your dinner plate.

Support #5:
Bergamot lowers your 'really bad' cholesterol, the most important
cholesterol number your doctor doesn't measure!

Recently scientists discovered a new type of cholesterol that's even more dangerous to your arteries than 'bad' LDL cholesterol, yet this cholesterol is not measured in routine blood tests!

It's called oxidized cholesterol, and if your LDL cholesterol is 'bad' then oxidized cholesterol is 'really bad.'

Unfortunately, there are only a few cholesterol supplements that also aim to reduce levels of oxidized cholesterol.

Works where statins fail!

Italian bergamot's unique heart healthy flavonoids block oxidized cholesterol at its source.


Oxidized cholesterol forms when particles of LDL cholesterol react with the dangerous free radicals circulating in your bloodstream.

Bergamot's powerful antioxidant flavonoids are documented in studies to block this reaction from happening! In fact, thirteen research studies show that antioxidants can help reduce blood vessel damage by almost 50%.

Support #6:
Bergamot is also known to help support healthy blood sugar!

Balanced blood sugar is critical for heart health, yet many people with high cholesterol also have problem blood sugar.

The solution is to improve your body's ability to maintain healthy blood sugar levels naturally, using herbs and supplements. One of the best I've found is Italian bergamot.

Why? Because studies show that its remarkable flavonoids trigger AMP-activated protein kinase or AMPK. This is your body's central regulator of energy and sugar metabolism.

In a clinical trial, bergamot helps support healthy blood sugar levels with improvements in just 30 days.

Having healthy blood sugar is not only great for a strong-pumping heart, but it boosts your energy level, and increases your overall health and well-being, too.

Maybe you can't believe...
How one citrus fruit extract can do so much

It's not magic, just science. Scientists have found one common problem at the root of almost all cardiovascular problems. Including artery concerns from cholesterol deposits, sluggish circulation, to a weak heart, is linked to...

Inflammation. Numerous clinical studies in medical journals around the world link chronic inflammation to artery and heart troubles.

Boost your #1 defense against inflammation

Superoxide dismutase or SOD is one of your body's most powerful enzymes for reducing oxidative stress. As a result, it reduces inflammation and improves heart health for a longer life.

Unfortunately, SOD levels fall with age. But bergamot's unique flavonoids work with your body and can help increase your natural SOD production up to 33%!

It's how people in Southern Italy live remarkably healthy and active lives past age 100 despite their fatty diet.

Italian bergamot can also support your body's waning ability to make CoQ10, another inflammation fighting enzyme shown in decades of research to promote a strong-pumping heart.

By contrast, statin drugs deplete these enzymes necessary for your heart!

So that's how Clinical Strength Cholesterol Support can dramatically improve your cholesterol and help your heart health in 6 critical ways – even after strict diets and herbal supplements have failed. Because Italian bergamot fights inflammation in your body like no other therapy you've tried!

But you don't have to take my word for it. Try Cholesterol Support out for yourself with our...

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed risk-free offer

Here's how it works.

Order your Cholesterol Support today (The regular price of a 1-month supply is $54.95. But you can get it for less than $30 per bottle.) If you are not 100% satisfied with Cholesterol Support return all your bottles within 30 days, including the one you opened, and get a full refund. No questions asked!

The research is compelling and exciting. The pricing is competitive. And with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to lose. What's more, when you order today you can also get 3 free gifts designed to improve your overall health.

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The reason why I recommend Cholesterol Support is because it gives you a centuries old cholesterol busting secret in a scientifically proven formula. It's like getting the best of both worlds.

Great circulation is one of the true secrets to vibrant good health.

You'll feel better from the top of your head to the tips of your toes, which suddenly feel warmer and more alive again. You'll say goodbye to low-energy and feel a surge of stamina. You'll enjoy your favorite foods without the guilt because you've got your heart covered. Place your risk-free order right now.

Yours in Good Health,

Victor Marchione, M.D.


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