Improve your digestion in 7 days with these fixes

Improve digestionIt seems everyone you speak to is dealing with some sort of digestive issue – if you aren’t, consider yourself lucky. When our digestion just isn’t right, we can feel sluggish, bloated, uncomfortable – we can even lose our desire to get out there and enjoy life. However, digestive problems shouldn’t plague our existence, nor should they dictate how we live. So if you’re fed up with feeling groggy and heavy, start improving your digestion with these eight simple tips.

8 tips for better digestion

Drink water: This is pretty obvious, given that most of our body is water. Proper digestion relies on adequate fluid intake. Water consumption also helps alleviate constipation, so get drinking now!


Eat Greek yogurt: Yogurt in general contains probiotics, which aid in digestion. But along with probiotics, Greek yogurt has less sugar and more protein for overall good health. Promoting probiotics means there is less of a chance for bad bacteria to grow, so stocking your fridge with some yogurt may be a good idea!

Eat pickles: Similar to yogurt, pickles have probiotics, too. Pickles can also promote regularity and aid in stomach discomfort – this may be the reason they are often served with an entrée.

Drink chamomile tea: The chamomile tea has a calming effect on the stomach and has been shown to positively improve acid reflux, cramping, and nausea. Make it a habit to consume chamomile tea after your largest meal or prior to bed.

Stock up on fiber: Another obvious step is stocking up on fiber, as it promotes regularity and – on the brighter side – can help lower cholesterol. Increasing your fiber intake can help prevent constipation, but ensure you drink plenty of water with it or else it will simply get stuck along the way.

Reduce your intake of fatty foods: Although delicious, fatty foods slow down digestion, increasing the likelihood of constipation. Stick with lean meats, or pair fatty foods with high fiber foods to help the former move along.


Chew your food: Gulping or swallowing large pieces of food can wreck your digestion. You see, when you chew your food properly, your digestive system has to work less on breaking the food down, thus reducing the risk of indigestion. Digestion begins the moment you start chewing, as enzymes are already being released. Therefore, the more you chew, the more enzymes are released, thus improving digestion.

Read food labels: Just because an item may not appear to have gluten or dairy, you never really know unless you read the label. If you have a food intolerance or allergy, reading the label can help ward off indigestion and other related unpleasant side effects. Take a few extra moments when grocery shopping to read the labels and ensure they are safe for you to consume.

By following these eight tips, you can begin to see improvements in your digestion within a week’s time.


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