Dear Health eTalk Reader,

As you grow older, are you finding it more and more difficult to do simple everyday things?

Simple things such as...

– Getting up from a chair...

– Climbing up and down a few steps...

– Pushing the shopping cart at the grocery...

– Opening the lid of a jar or a bottle...

– Or even lifting a pen...

If you are nodding in agreement let me tell you, you're not alone.

It happens to all of us.

In fact, a recent study done by the world famous Tufts University showed that...

People over age 65 can lose as much as
50% of their strength

And this is among normal, regular people, without the health issues most seniors have.

If you are suffering from high blood sugar, low hemoglobin levels, poor circulation, low blood pressure, or any muscle related health problem... The percentage of strength lost could be far greater.

Of course, the loss of strength does not happen overnight. It starts off small and progresses gradually over the years.

At first, you find yourself unable to do the more difficult things that you used to do, like moving furniture.

But as the days go by, you notice that even the smaller things like lifting a carton of milk, picking up your dinner plate, even lifting up your box of medicines become increasingly difficult.

If you told your doctor about this, he might have brushed off your concerns with a casual "it's just is a part of growing old and you have to live with it."

Well, your doctor is right about the fact that your loss of strength is a normal part of growing old.

But he's absolutely wrong about having to live with this loss of strength, because whatever your age may be...

There is a natural scientific method that can help you regain
your strength and do day-to-day activities without difficulty

Before I tell you all about how you too can get back your strength, let me introduce myself.

Hi, I'm Dr. Victor Marchione. I've been practicing clinical medicine for more that 26 years. I've also been passionately involved in researching natural foods as alternatives to conventional remedies.

Thanks to my dual role as a conventional doctor and a researcher, I've been able to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of drugs as well as natural supplements.

Over the years I have experienced a lot of success with natural foods in fighting many chronic health problems.

And one such food is making a name for itself in fighting muscle loss.

Don't worry; I'm not going to tell you about any unnatural muscle booster, or protein-shake that you keep seeing in all those ads which feature young men with unnatural looking muscles.

That stuff is only if you want to show off your muscles.

I do not believe in them. And I would never recommend them to you.

What I'm talking about is something that is designed to help older adults like you to regain muscle strength. So you can live a healthy life with enough strength in your muscles to do day-to-day thing without worrying about the difficulty.

The truth is...

Whatever your age, you can get back the strength
to do the things you love doing

I'll tell you all about it in just a moment, but first, it's important to know why you're losing strength in the first place.

The answer is muscle loss. Or what the medical world calls sarcopenia.

If you haven't heard much talk of sarcopenia before, it's likely you will soon.

In fact, the president of the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics recently told the New York Times, "In the future, sarcopenia will be known as much as osteoporosis is now."

If you ask me, every person over 65 years should protect against muscle loss.

Muscle loss affects more than just your physical strength.

Let me explain.

Once you start noticing the little loss of strength, more than your muscles, it starts affecting your mind.

You begin to doubt your ability to do things which you ordinarily wouldn't hesitate to do. And you start depending on others to them.

You lose your independence!

Did you know that muscle loss is one of the biggest reasons for falls and fractures in the elderly?

That's right! But the funny thing is, it works the other way too. You see, the fear of falling makes people avoid some of their regular activities.

As the activities decrease and the muscles are less used, they become weaker.

As you can see, it's a vicious cycle. And it has to be stopped. The good news is...

Scientists have discovered an herb that helps tone your
aging muscles and makes them strong again

But before I tell you all about this herb, let's take a quick look at why you get age-related muscle loss. The most important reasons for muscle loss in seniors are:

  • Disuse Atrophy
  • Vitamin D deficiency
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Dietary protein deficiency
  • Other Nutritional Imbalances
  • Oxidative stress
  • Inflammation

Disuse Atrophy: One of the biggest reasons for your muscle loss is lack of use. Or what the medical community calls disuse atrophy.

When you were young, you were busy with your work, your play, and your other activities like dancing, running up and down stairs and even just hanging around with friends.

The combination of work, play, and fitness kept your muscles well used, and in good shape.

Then somewhere along the line, your priorities begin to change.

As a parent, you gave up your sport to take your kids to a game and cheer from the sidelines.

At work too, the younger people tend to get the more physical work.

And what with running between jobs, and scrambling to pay mortgage bills, and college tuition fees... going to a gym was the last thing on your mind.

And so, as your muscles were not being used as much as before, they slowly began the slide to their current weak state.

Your lifestyle also contributes to your muscle loss

These days everything is automated. Garage doors, stairs (escalators), screwdrivers, egg whisks, even tooth brushes. You don't even have to dial a number on a phone.

As a result you hardly need to move a muscle to get anything done.

While you've become accustomed to convenience, your muscles have become a victim of all the convenience.

Slowly but steadily they start atrophying, or wasting away. And over time they become so weak, they are not strong enough to hold you up, let alone help avert a fall if you trip.

Of course disuse is not the only reason why your muscles have come to this sorry stage. Research has identified many other conditions that contribute to muscle loss. They include:

Vitamin D deficiency: While scientists have long known that vitamin D plays an important role in bone health, recent studies suggest that low vitamin D levels seen in older adults may also be associated with poor muscle function.

Hormonal Imbalance: There is evidence linking age-related hormonal changes to the loss of muscle mass and muscle strength. The production of many essential hormones in the body goes down with age. Especially tissue-building hormones such as growth hormone, Insulin, androgens, growth hormone, thyroid hormones, DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), and testosterone.

Maintaining testosterone levels is important in women too. Although women produce less testosterone than men do, adequate testosterone is just as essential to their health and well-being

Dietary protein deficiency: Although it is generally believed that the average American consumes more protein than needed, older people tend to consume less protein.

Also, many older people find it difficult to digest and absorb protein.

This is sad, because the protein requirements for older adults are higher than for younger people.

Other nutritional imbalances: While taking in the right amount of protein is important for older adults, consuming too much protein, and less fruits and vegetables can cause diet-induced metabolic acidosis, or abnormally increased acidity in the body. This kind of metabolic acidosis is a big reason for muscle loss in the elderly.

Oxidative stress: Just like stress can play havoc with your body and mind, they can destroy muscles too. When you're stressed, your adrenal glands release a hormone called cortisol. While cortisol has a role to play in body metabolism, it is very important to keep it in check. Too much cortisol can cause muscle melt down.

Inflammation: Muscle inflammation may be caused by an allergic reaction, exposure to a toxic substance or medicine, another disease such as cancer or rheumatic conditions, or a virus or other infectious agent.

Many chronic muscle inflammations have no known cause. They are thought to be autoimmune disorders, in which the body's white blood cells attack the muscle fibers and weaken them. Most of them happen more often in elderly people.

Age-related chronic low-grade inflammation has been recognized as an important cause of muscle loss.

Being over 65 years myself, I know how difficult it is to protect against muscle loss.

One can exercise, eat a healthy diet, and even maintain proper nutritional balance, but it is almost impossible to avoid stress, inflammation, and hormonal changes.

What you need to do is...

Launch an all-round attack on
the various causes of muscle loss

And that's where I come in.

Of course I cannot do this without your help.

As a doctor and researcher I can give you some of the best nutrients to help correct the nutritional imbalance, the hormonal imbalances and fight against the stress and the inflammation.

But these nutrients will work to their full potential only if you start moving those muscles. Make sure to consult with your healthcare practitioner before beginning or modifying your exercise regime.

Every step you take, every move you make, will go a long way in making your strength come back.

Together, we can help you regain and improve your muscle strength. More importantly, we can help you regain your confidence.

Is that a deal?


Talking of confidence, I want you to be completely confident of the nutrients and ingredients I'm going to recommend to you.

So the first thing I'm going to do is explain them to you in detail.

Once you see what these nutrients can do,
you'll want the same results with your muscles

The main nutrient is an incredible herb that has proven muscle building capacities.

To be perfectly honest, people got to know of the muscle strengthening capabilities of this herb, quite by accident.

They were originally using it for improving sexual performance in men, but they soon realized it also boosted muscle strength in men.

When researchers analyzed the herb further, they found that it had an amazing affinity to the muscles. In both men and women.

The problem is this herb does not grow naturally anywhere in North America.

So I got together with the research team at Bel Marra Health, and we created a muscle-boosting formula that revolves around this amazing herb.

The formula is called Clinical Strength Muscle Support and it has what I consider, the most well balanced composition of muscle boosters.

Together, these ingredients combine to give people over 65 the next generation of muscle support. In fact, these ingredients are so good at help restore muscle mass that I've called them 'Muscle Masters.'

Muscle Master #1:
A muscle booster that's so effective MIT has a patent on it

Tongkat ali is a tree native to Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, and it is also called Malaysian ginseng, or Longjack.

For centuries, the root of this plant has been used as an adaptogen and as a traditional "anti-aging" remedy to help older individuals adapt to the reduced energy, changing mood, and depleted libido that often comes with age.

Before I tell you anything about this amazing herb, I must caution my male readers – It can boost libido and sexual performance to new highs.

You see, the main action of this active nutrient is to boost free testosterone in your body.

Free testosterone is responsible for you being sexually active, for your muscles being toned, for your moods (you're less irritable), for your energy levels, and also for the hair on your head.

The thing is, as you grow older, your free testosterone levels drop gradually.

So by the time you are 60 years, you have only 40-50% of testosterone.

You see why Togkat ali is first on my list of 'Muscle Masters?' But that's not all. Tongkat ali also helps reduce cortisol.

Remember, I told you how stress can increase cortisol levels

The double whammy of increased cortisol and decreased testosterone is one of the big reasons why your muscles become soft and flabby, lose their strength, and you are not able to perform as well as you did when you are young.

And when I say perform, I mean any performance that requires the use of muscles and not just sexual performance.

When modern researchers started working with a special extract of the root of Tongkat ali, they found they could boost testosterone levels as well as reduce cortisol levels.

This double hormone-action of Tongkat ali
is invaluable in muscle building

Clinical study #1

In one study, researchers divided 63 participants (both men and women) into two groups.

The participants of one group were given this special extract of Tongkat ali root called LJ100® for 4 weeks, and the participants of the other group were given placebo for the same duration.

At the end of four weeks the researchers found that the group taking Tongkat ali had reduced cortisol levels and increased testosterone levels.

The researchers concluded that Tongkat ali can protect the body against day-to-day stress as well as the stress of illnesses, lack of sleep, and other stressors.

Clinical study #2

In another study, researchers gave 25 physically active participants (13 male, 12 female) aged between 57 and 72 years, a daily dose of Tongkat ali root extract for 5 weeks.

At the end of the 5 weeks, researchers noted that there was a significant increase in total and free testosterone concentrations.

More importantly there was an increase in the muscular force in men and women.

With study after study confirming the incredible benefits of this ancient plant extract, it's no wonder Tongkat ali has become a huge rage amongst supplement manufactures.

In fact, the potential of this extract is so enormous, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has a patent (United States Patent #7,132,117) along with the Malaysian government for this extract.

But with this popularity came a huge headache. Greedy marketers were selling products that falsely claim the presence of this extract as an ingredient.

In fact, the FDA has warned against almost 30 illegal supplements that claim to have Tongkat ali.

We do not want you to be cheated of your hard earned money. That's why, we use LJ100® which as the name suggests, is 100% the same extract that is patented by MIT.

Tongkat ali is just the lead player in this combination of 'Muscle Masters.'

When it combines with the other 'Muscle Masters,' you get a complete muscle support designed specifically for older adults like you.

Muscle Master #2:
The 'ferry' that shuttles fatty acids to cells to be converted to energy

If you want to rebuild lost muscle, this next nutrient is a must. It is an amino-acid called L-carnitine that is found in nearly all the cells of your body.

The only reason L-carnitine is #2 is because I couldn't have two #1s. But it is as powerful as Tongkat ali

Remember, we talked about disuse being one of the biggest causes of muscle loss.

Well, the reason you stopped using those muscles in the first place is because, though your muscles were strong, you did not have the energy.

To use your muscles you need energy. This is where L-carnitine comes in. It performs three important functions to enhance muscle performance.

  1. It ferries fatty acid from the blood into the cells where the fatty acids (fuel) is converted into energy. If you want to use fat as a fuel as efficiently and effectively as possible, you need L-carnitine.
  2. It helps to improve endurance by blocking the build-up of lactic acid in your muscles. Lactic acid build-up in muscles is one of the primary causes of fatigue.
  3. It helps reduce the accumulation of metabolic wastes during exercise. This helps to increase the muscle workload. Which means you can exercise more, and thereby build more muscle.

The human body makes sufficient L-carnitine to meet the needs of most people. And there is enough L-carnitine in healthy foods too.

But in spite of this, some people may not have enough of this important nutrient.

Common reasons for carnitine deficiency are:

  • Inadequate intake of healthy foods.
  • Enzyme deficiencies- leading to improper carnitine metabolism.
  • Decreased synthesis of carnitine due to a severe liver disorder
  • Excess loss of carnitine due to various health issues
  • Some genetic disorders cause carnitine to leak out from the kidneys
  • Increased requirements for carnitine during a critical illness such as sepsis or major burns.
  • Certain drugs cause mitochondrial impairment leading to decreased muscle carnitine levels.

With so many factors, it's not surprising that your L-carnitine levels are not where they should be.

I want to elaborate on that last point a bit more. You see the mitochondria are power plants inside your cells.

If these mitochondria are not functioning at their full capacity your cells lose the power to function and renew themselves.

You soon feel tired, foggy, and worn out, and as a result you use your muscles lesser and this leads to further atrophy.

Once you boost your L-carnitine level back to normal,
you can help regain muscle strength and activity

There are hundreds of clinical studies that can prove the importance of L-carnitine for older adults, but as I wanted to make you completely convinced, I chose a study that completely defied the laws of aging.

In nearly 30 years of practicing, I've never seen a study that had such encouraging results. Especially a study done on humans. What impressed me about this study was that.

Every person in the clinical study was over 100 years old

That's right! All of the people who tested this remarkable substance were all born before 1912.

The study involved 66 people ranging from age 100 to age 106 who suffered from fatigue, even after just slight physical activity.

Like most people over age 100, the participants were very weak, and found it difficult to do even simple daily tasks.

As part of the study half of the over-100-year-old participants were given 2 grams of L-carnitine daily. The other half were given a placebo.

Neither the patients nor the researchers knew who was getting the placebo or the real pill.

The results were so positive in favor of L-carnitine that they were published in the prestigious, peer-reviewed medical journal, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

I've gone through the results and pulled out the key findings for your sake. Here they are:

The people (aged 100 to 106 years old) who took 2 grams of L-carnitine daily, not only developed stronger muscles, they became more energized.


  • Physical Fatigue DROPPED 32%!
  • Walking Distance IMPROVED 43%!
  • Muscle Mass INCREASED 11%!


  • Overall fatigue DROPPED 44% compared to the placebo group.
  • Activity Index WENT UP 16%. Their scores on this common measure of seniors' ability to remain independent and care for themselves shot up 16%.

In addition to these changes the participants also reported better mental activity and better over-all well-being.

And that's why L-carnitine is such an integral part of Clinical Strength Muscle Support.

There is no doubt in my mind that a combination of Tongkat ali (LJ100®) and L-carnitine can do wonders for your weak and aging muscles, but we didn't stop with just these two 'Muscle Masters.'

We also added...

Muscle Master #3:
The multi-tasking nutrient your body cannot do without

Every time we step into the sun our body produces vitamin D. In fact, thousands of vitamin D units are produced within minutes of exposing the whole body to sunlight.

And yet 80% of Americans are deficient in this all important vitamin. It's a shame because as far as I'm concerned, vitamin D is the single most cost-effective medical intervention in the United States.

Vitamin D deficiency is associated with diffuse muscle pain and muscle weakness especially in the muscles of the shoulders and hips and other proximal muscle groups.

For a very long time vitamin D has been recommended for older women to fight against age related muscle loss.

Recently a new study done in Brazil proves that vitamin D can significantly increase muscle strength and reduce the loss of muscle mass in women more than a decade after menopause.

Clinical study #1

In the double blind study, the researchers divided the participants into two groups.

One group got vitamin D supplementation for nine months while the other group got a placebo for the same period of time.

At the end of nine months researchers were thrilled to note that the women who received the vitamin supplements showed an increase of more than 25 percent in muscle strength.

And those in the placebo group lost an average of 6.8 percent of muscle mass.

The women in the placebo group were also nearly twice as likely to fall as the women taking vitamin D.

As vitamin D plays such an important role in preventing falls and increasing muscle strength, we made sure our Clinical Strength Muscle Support formula has enough of this all-important vitamin in each daily dose.

But not just any vitamin D.

Most supplements use a synthetic form of vitamin D2-made by irradiating fungus and plant matter.

This is very different from the vitamin D which is produced by your body in response to sun or safe tanning bed exposure, which is vitamin D3.

According to the latest research, vitamin D3 is approximately 87 percent more potent in raising and maintaining vitamin D concentrations in the body.

The research also shows that vitamin D3 is converted into its active form 500 percent faster than vitamin D2. This is important because before your body can use the vitamin, it must be converted into its active form.

Vitamin D3 also has a longer shelf life.

When you take Clinical Strength Muscle Support, you get 1000 international units of vitamin D3 in each daily dose.

Muscle Master #4:
One of three amino acids used by your muscle as fuel

Imagine being told that there was a switch you could flick to help stimulate muscle growth, just like the light switch you turn on to illuminate a room.

Well with the next muscle master, you can literally do just that.

Researchers have known about Leucine for decades, but exciting new research has shed a new and broader light on this important muscle boosting amino acid.

Leucine is an essential amino acid, which simply means our bodies cannot produce it and we must get it from dietary sources.

You might know that to build muscle you need to consume a lot of protein. Now all that protein would be of no use if it wasn't for Leucine.

That's because Leucine is the switch that turns on protein synthesis which it turn stimulates muscle growth.

Leucine stimulates protein synthesis to build muscle

Whether you're interested in building muscle or preventing muscle loss that normally occurs during dieting and aging, stimulating protein synthesis is absolutely key.

The following study demonstrates the extent of Leucine's importance in protein synthesis.

Clinical study #1

For this study, researchers divided the participants into four groups.

The first group was given a complete protein that contained all amino acids; the second group got only non-essential amino acids; the third group was given a combination of three amino acids that the muscle uses as fuel; and the fourth group was given only Leucine.

The researchers were amazed to note that the protein synthesis was of the same magnitude in all the participants.

These results clearly prove that Leucine was the driving force behind the ability of dietary protein to stimulate protein synthesis.

Other studies go on to prove that increasing Leucine intake can have multiple benefits.

It provides an important building block for muscle protein, activates key events in the complex process of protein synthesis, helps in weight loss, and improves body composition.

The amazing results of this amino acid were very convincing and compelling.

No wonder you get a good dose of Leucine in every dose of Clinical Strength Muscle Support. It can help you turn on the switch to help reverse and reduce your muscle loss.

Muscle Master #5:
The macro mineral that is the most powerful relaxant

This nutrient is a stress antidote of the highest order and a powerful relaxant. It is magnesium and it is found in all your tissues especially muscle and bone.

It is responsible for more than three hundred enzyme reactions in your body.

Magnesium is also required for the active transport of ions like potassium and calcium across the muscle cell membranes.

It helps the body to produce more Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-1), which is a major contributor to the growth and strength of muscles.

Furthermore, it helps in the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) – the energy fuel of your body

If anything in the body is tight or irritable or crampy or stiff, magnesium can help.

It could be a body part or even a mood.

The problem is almost two-third the population in North America is deficient in this all-important mineral.

It's not surprising considering we eat a highly processed, refined diet that has practically no magnesium.

To make things worse we lead lifestyles that make our bodies lose whatever magnesium we have – consumption of coffee, alcohol, sugar, salt, colas, and even some drugs all lead to loss of magnesium from our bodies.

Even the stressful lives we lead, depletes our magnesium levels.

That's why we added a healthy dose of magnesium in each daily dose.

Magnesium's role in ion transport across cell membranes is greatly supported by the last ingredient in Clinical Strength Muscle Support

Muscle Master #6:
The vitamin that helps keep important cell contents together

For ages, the brawny guys have been using vitamin E to help build strong muscles, and now the brainy guys have figured out why.

Vitamin E has been recognized as a powerful antioxidant for a long time. And now scientists have shown that without it, the plasma membrane, which essentially keeps a cell from spilling its contents and controls what moves in and out, cannot properly heal.

This is especially crucial in muscle cells many of which get membrane tears just from being used.

By keeping the muscle cell membrane healthy and intact, vitamin E also prevents free radicals from attacking the cells thereby reducing oxidation and inflammation which if you remember, are two of the big causes of muscle loss.

Each daily dose of Clinical Strength Muscle Support contains enough vitamin E to help support healthy muscles.

The good thing about these 6 'Muscle Masters' is that they complement each other and work in harmony to boost your muscle tone and strength.

Which is why I recommend Clinical Strength Muscle Support to most people over 65 years. Not just to help strengthen their muscles, but also to give them the confidence to do everyday things on their own.

In fact, both my wife and I take it, and we can see the difference it has made. I can say with conviction there isn't another formula like it on the market.

And remember, stronger muscles also mean, lesser risk of falls and fractures.

You can say "no" to a nursing home or wheelchair and worrying about being a burden on your family. Take control of your muscle health starting now to help you stay independent well into your 70s, 80s and 90s!

Get healthy muscle support for less than
what you'd pay for a small cup of coffee

You are probably thinking something this good must be costing an arm and a leg. Let me assure you it does not. In fact if you accept our introductory offer you'll be paying less for a daily dose of Clinical Strength Muscle Support than you'd pay for a small cup of coffee.

Here's how it works.

The regular price of a one month supply of Clinical Strength Muscle Support is $49.95.

But if you order a 3-month supply today, your cost goes down to less than $34 per bottle.

In fact, when you order today there's even an option where you get Clinical Strength Muscle Support for less than $30.00 per bottle!

That's less than a dollar a day to give you an army of 'Muscle Master' ingredients to help boost your muscle mass and muscle strength,

This special offer has been designed so that price does not prevent you from what I believe is the best support your muscles can get.

Remember, this amazing price is for the finest ingredients that have been clinically proven to not only help you do your everyday activities with ease, but also help prevent you from falling.

But you know what, I can rave about Clinical Strength Muscle Support, and I can give you the results of the studies done on its ingredients, but it all means nothing if it does not help you get the muscle strength you need.

Which is why I want you to try it for yourself... at my expense.

That's right! Even if you order just one bottle of Clinical Strength Muscle Support, your order is backed by my...

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with Clinical Strength Muscle Support, return all your bottles (including the one you opened) and get a full refund of your purchase price. No Questions Asked!

I'll bear the expense for the capsules you used.

The research is compelling and exciting. The pricing is competitive. And with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

And before I forget, there is one more thing you need to know.

When you place your order for Clinical Strength Muscle Support, you get 3 FREE GIFTS that are designed to help you reach your health goals.

Free Gift #1:
The future of Aging: Modern Medicines 11 anti-aging breakthrough discoveries.

In this special report you can read about new scientific breakthroughs that help slow and even reverse some of the causes of biological aging.

For example you can find out about:

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The good thing about these gifts is that even if you're not satisfied with Clinical Strength Muscle Support and ask for a full refund of your purchase price, the free gifts are yours to keep.

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Sound like a fair deal to you? I'm assuming all the risk, but it's the best way I know to get you to give Clinical Strength Muscle Support a try.

Imagine how great life will be if you could get up from you bed without difficulty.

And imagine how great it would be for you to be able to do your day-to-day activities like getting dressed, making your coffee, shopping for groceries, without having to depend on others.

With Clinical Strength Muscle Support you don't have to accept living with weaker muscles.

Soon, you could marvel as your muscles begin to fill out again and you will be excited that you can do you daily activities, and even some more adventurous activities like cycling, rowing , swimming with a lot more ease.

So do not wait a moment longer. Give your muscles the chance to fill out and become stronger. More importantly, give yourself the chance to become more active and confident. Click on the link below.

Yours in Good Health,

Victor Marchione, M.D.

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