Dear Health eTalk Reader,

It happens to all of us.

But it’s a gradual change. You might not even notice it at first.

And when it starts happening more often, you might just brush it off as a normal part of aging that you have to live with.

Of course, I’m talking about your decreasing energy levels.

You might notice some days, you cannot walk as far as you used to without getting tired or having shortness of breath.

Just a few years ago, you could walk to the park or to the grocers, or to your friend’s house around the corner, and come back without feeling tired and exhausted.

But nowadays, let alone getting back, even getting to where you need to go seems to be an effort. And once you reach there, you may need to sit down for a while to catch your breath and recover your stamina.

The distances have not changed. The slope of the road has not changed. Yet the same task that you used to do so very easily, now seems to take double the effort.

Wouldn’t it be great if everything you do took just
half the effort on your part?

Imagine climbing stairs easily without gasping for breath.

Like you did in your younger days.

In those good old days, you could easily climb a couple of flights of stairs with little or no effort. But some days now, climbing even a few steps can be a challenge.

And so can getting up from a chair, or playing with grandchildren.

You might think that this is just a temporary thing which will soon go away and things will be normal again.

You might also think, this is not a disease or a health condition, or anything like that, so why go to a doctor for it?

Or worse still, you might think this is a normal part of aging and you have to live with it.

But the reality is...

Your tiredness is not just because of aging

If it’s a normal part of aging, how can you explain the fact that people much older than you can walk longer distances, do more shopping, climb more stairs?

Heck, some of them play golf, or go cycling even.

As for the tiredness being a temporary phase, let me assure you (or should I say warn), it can become a lot more permanent.

In fact, if you do not address it quickly and in the right way things could get a lot more serious for you.

And now for a third misconception.

Your stamina and energy issues might not be a disease, but it could very well be a health condition.

A serious health condition at that.

You see...

Your declining stamina and increasing tiredness could be a
sign that something is going horribly wrong inside!

About the Author
Victor Marchione, M.D.

Dr. Victor Marchione is one of North America’s modern pioneers of nutritional medicine. He’s the editor of the popular newsletter, Health eTalk. He’s in demand as an expert on using natural foods and nutrients to solve today’s biggest health concerns. He’s appeared on ABC News, NBC’s Today Show, and CBS Evening News.

Dr. Marchione is board-certified in internal and pulmonary medicine and has spent 26 years caring for thousands of patients using both conventional treatments and natural solutions. He’s also a lead researcher in clinical studies and is dedicated to uncovering the latest natural remedies from around the world to improve the lives of his patients and readers.

I’ll tell you all about it in just a moment, and I’ll also tell you how to make things right again, but first let me introduce myself.

Hi, I’m Dr. Victor Marchione. Even though my M.D. certification gives me the license to prescribe drugs and surgeries to my patients, in most cases, I prefer not to.

That’s because I’ve seen such fantastic long-term results with natural treatments I recommend to many patients.

And one of the most important natural nutrients I have ever discovered could be the answer for your declining stamina and energy problems.

Remember I told you that your depleting stamina could be an outward sign of something going horribly wrong inside?

When I said inside, I was referring to your heart. That’s right...

Even though you may not know of it yet,
your heart is on its way down

Contrary to what people often think, your heart is not a complicated organ.

It is basically a muscle whose main job is to pump blood throughout your body.

It has valves which keep the blood flowing in the right direction.

And it has its own electrical system, which stimulates the muscle and allows it to beat in and out in an efficient manner. Think of this as the spark plug that brings the engine to life.

It’s that simple.

But there is one thing about the heart muscle that makes it very, very special.

It must continue beating 24/7/365 to make sure it sends out life-giving blood to every organ in the body.

Because of this, it has remarkably high energy requirements. In fact, a study shows that the heart uses the most energy per day (181 kcal/lb/day) followed next by the brain.

So if you want to get back to feeling more energetic again...

The first thing to do is to get your heart’s energy
requirements fixed. It’s that easy!

So, where does your heart get all this energy from?

From its own cells.

The cells of the heart muscle have their own tiny power-plants called mitochondria.

These mitochondria are like batteries that power the heart muscle cells.

They convert the food you eat into energy.

Now, this conversion requires important enzymes.

The problem is, these enzymes can function only in the presence of another compound.

Because this compound helps the enzymes do their work, it’s called a co-enzyme.

And that’s how it gets its name – Co-enzyme Q10, popularly called CoQ10.

Think of CoQ10 as the jockey who makes the horse perform. One cannot do without the other.

Coenzyme Q10 is a fat-soluble vitamin-like substance that is also a potent antioxidant.

You can get trace amounts of CoQ10 from your diet – organ meats, beef, soy oil, sardines, mackerel, and peanuts. Your body also makes its own CoQ10. But for that, your body needs at least 8 vitamins and several trace minerals.

Your CoQ10 levels fall alarmingly after your 20s

When you’re young, the CoQ10 levels in the body are more than sufficient. That’s because...

  • Your digestion is good so your body absorbs most of the CoQ10 form the foods you eat
  • Your healthy digestion also ensures that all the vitamins and minerals required for the production of CoQ10 are available to your body
  • There is nothing hindering your body’s own production of CoQ10
  • Your arteries are clean and open so your heart does not need to pump harder.

As a result, the demand for CoQ10 is low and the supply is high.

But as you grow older things begin to change. In fact, after your 20s, your CoQ10 levels fall alarmingly. This could be because:

  • Your digestion slows down and this severely affects absorption of CoQ10 from your diet. Thanks to your poor digestion, your body may not get enough of the vitamins and minerals required for its own CoQ10 production.
  • Many of the drugs and medications you take interfere with your body’s own production of CoQ10.

To add to the problem, your need for CoQ10 increases because:

  1. Your arterial network is not as flexible and supple as it was when you were young, so your heart needs to work stronger to pump the blood.
  2. Another reason is that as you age, you tend to put on more weight and all the extra cells and tissues have to be fed. So the heart has to work harder. Which means it needs more energy.

All these factors can lead to an increased demand for, and a decreased supply of CoQ10.

This is a complete turnaround of CoQ10 fortunes. And it means the heart muscle cells cannot make the required energy for your heart to function at its optimum levels.

We’re finally getting to know the truth about
the CoQ10 – Heart Connection

As I mentioned before, this substance plays a crucial role in the energy production of every heart muscle cell. So, as long as there is sufficient CoQ10 in your body, your heart’s energy needs are met, and it can perform at its optimum levels.

Do you know that most people who worry about their hearts have one thing in common? Their bodies are deficient in Co-enzyme Q10!

Shockingly, studies at the University of Texas at Austin show that as many as 75% of patients with heart concerns have severe deficiencies of CoQ10.

Japanese researcher Dr. Teruo Tsuyuasaki adds, “In normal hearts, there is plenty of Co-enzyme Q10, but in hearts with problems, there is a deficiency.”

How much of a deficiency? In an eye-opening report published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, researchers found that by ages 77-81, most of the important organs lose alarming levels of CoQ10.

  • The heart loses 58% of CoQ10 it had at ages 19-21 years
  • The pancreas loses 83% of CoQ10
  • The adrenal glands lose 50% of CoQ10
  • The liver loses 17% of CoQ10
  • And the kidneys lose 45% of CoQ10

And the result of all this loss?

Blood pressure concerns, soaring cholesterol levels, blood sugar problems, weight gain issues and difficulty in losing weight, low energy, and last but not least, poor sleep.

That’s what makes what I’m about to tell you so alarming...

Millions of people are deficient in CoQ10.
You may be one of them

CoQ10 deficiency has become a sort of epidemic with millions of people having low levels of this imortant ‘heart health compound’ You may be one of them if...

  • You’re over 65 years old: Your body’s natural ability to make CoQ10 peaks around age 20, drops to 60% of its peak at age 40, and to 40% of its peak at age 70.
  • Your health ‘numbers’ are not normal: Your blood pressure, cholesterol, or blood sugar is rising. Without ample CoQ10, your body struggles to keep your numbers in check.
  • You suddenly seem to be aging faster. According to studies people with low CoQ10 commonly suffer these signs of premature aging – excessive tiredness, sleep loss, difficulty losing weight.
  • You’re taking prescription drugs. Cholesterol-lowering statins, beta-blockers for blood pressure, and antidepressants can slash CoQ10 levels by up to 50%!

I want you pay close attention to that last point.

You might know that two of the most important risk factors for heart disease are increased cholesterol levels, and high blood pressure.

So you do everything you can to keep them in check. Even take drugs like statins and beta-blockers. But there is something very important that you should know.

Cholesterol-lowering drugs can be doing more harm than good

It’s funny that these drugs you take to protect your heart can actually make things worse for your heart.

You see, both statins and beta-blockers inhibit your body’s production of CoQ10.

No wonder the health authorities in many European countries and even Canada are issuing serious health warnings on all statin labels.

As soon as it was proven that statins could lead to many health problems, and even reduce CoQ10 production, the health authorities in these countries made warning labels compulsory.

However, here in America, the FDA rejected calls from concerned consumer groups to slap black box warnings on cholesterol-lowering statins linked to many health conditions, including a deadly muscle disorder.

To make matters worse, the FDA has removed the need for periodic monitoring of liver enzymes in patients taking statins. They did this in spite of the fact that there have been reports of serious liver problems in patients taking statins.

Now, why would the FDA do something like this? Your guess is as good as mine.

Of course, the FDA tries to justify their move by saying that serious liver injury with statins is rare and unpredictable in individual patients.

They’ve also gone on record saying routine periodic monitoring of liver enzymes does not appear to be effective in detecting or preventing serious liver injury.

Again, please pay close attention to the words “rare and unpredictable.”

What if the ‘rare’ case is you or a loved one? And what if the unpredictability of statins affects your liver?

While there is no denying these risks, in my opinion, the bigger issue with taking statins is the depletion of CoQ10 levels, and increasing the risk to your heart.

And it’s not just me saying this.

Leading researchers across the world agree
CoQ10 is ‘indispensable’ for cardiac function

CoQ10 is prescribed by doctors in Europe and Asia for heart concerns. It’s documented in medical journals in the U.S. to help maintain healthy blood pressure... energize the heart’s pumping power... dramatically improve circulation... and even promote healthy cholesterol and blood sugar.

No other nutrient, herb, or drug that I’ve ever seen can deliver these kinds of results consistently.

In fact, according to Dr. Karl Folkers, widely regarded as the father of CoQ10 research in the U.S., “Cardiovascular concerns may be very significantly caused by a deficiency of CoQ10.” He further adds that a long-term use of CoQ10 is a major advance for healthy hearts.

English researcher Peter Mitchell received a Nobel Prize for his findings on the link between CoQ10 and mitochondrial energy production.

One of the world’s foremost CoQ10 experts, Dr. Peter Langsjoen says, “CoQ10 is essential to the optimum function of all cell types... it’s not surprising to find a... diverse number of health problems that respond favorably to it.”

Nobel-prize winning physician, Linus Pauling, believed that CoQ10 is required for energy production in the heart... it helps keep blood pressure healthy and increases energy. And taking his cue...

Doctors in Europe have been “prescribing”
CoQ10 to their heart patients for over 35 years

So why aren’t more people in the U.S. taking CoQ10?

It’s common sense right. If there is a deficiency, you address the deficiency, and things will get back to normal.

We’ve seen it all our lives.

We have a health problem, and the doctor diagnoses it as a deficiency. We supplement the deficiency, and voila! The problem goes away.

And the same thing could happen with CoQ10. If you can get the CoQ10 levels in the body back to optimum levels, you can help:

  • Increase ENERGY AND VITALITY so you can be more active
  • Enjoy a strong pumping heart for BETTER CIRCULATION and a better feeling body
  • Promote NORMAL BLOOD SUGAR for a happier mood and no energy crashes
  • Support EASY BREATHING, even while walking up the stairs
  • Increase BRAIN CELL ACTIVITY to help keep memory clear and learning ability high
  • Double your IMMUNE CELLS’ EFFECTIVENESS to keep you healthy all year round.

If you noticed I said ‘if’ you can get the CoQ10 levels in the body back to optimum levels.

The important word is IF.

Let me explain.

Since the publication of The Miracle Nutrient: Coenzyme Q10 in 1987, millions of people around the world have been taking CoQ10 in supplement form.

After reading the kind of results people were getting with CoQ10 in the clinical studies, I could understand the growing popularity of this “miracle nutrient.”

And I started recommending CoQ10 to many of my patients.

But honestly, I was not completely satisfied with the results.

On further digging, I discovered a BIG PROBLEM. A problem that CoQ10 researchers have been grappling with for over 2 decades.

Though your body needs CoQ10,
it more or less shuts its doors to CoQ10 pills and softgels

The thing is, CoQ10 is a very large molecule that’s only fat and oil-soluble, and not water-soluble.

Which means, it does not dissolve easily into your stomach fluids, and hence, it is not easily absorbed. It’s like pouring oil into water. They don’t mix. Many regular CoQ10 molecules are wasted as they bob along through your digestive system and get excreted.

In fact, studies show that when you take CoQ10 in its regular pill form, close to 85% of it is not absorbed by your body, and literally goes down the toilet.

Can you imagine that!

For the past 3 decades or more, people have been spending money on CoQ10 pills and softgels, with the hope that their heart muscles will get stronger and their risk of heart disease gets reduced...

...and all the while, only around 15% of the CoQ10 they’ve been taking was being used.

It’s like paying for a whole pizza with multiple toppings, but getting only a measly half-slice without any topping.

What a criminal waste!

More than the waste, what bothered me was that many people, and their doctors, were being misled into thinking that they were doing the right thing for their hearts.

But in reality, their hearts were continuing to starve for this nutrient and getting worse by the day as the nutrient deficiency was not being properly addressed.

Something had to be done, and done quickly at that.

The good thing about science is that however tough the problem, one can find a way around the problem.

And after almost 2 decades of researching, trying and missing, failing, false successes and thousands of man-hours, scientists were finally able to crack the problem of CoQ10 absorption.

Thanks to an advance in CoQ10 absorption technology,
researchers discovered a way to make CoQ10 water-soluble

This is arguably the biggest breakthrough for CoQ10 since its original discovery way back in the 1950s.

When I heard of this breakthrough, I was completely ecstatic.

This meant I could finally give people the full potential of this amazing nutrient, I could give their starving hearts real hope. And I could help these people get back to doing their everyday activities easily, just like they used to do in their younger days.

But this time around, I wanted to make absolutely sure. So instead of just recommending any water-soluble CoQ10 again in a pill or softgel, I decided to go one step ahead and actually use this water-soluble CoQ10 to make a liquid form of the CoQ10.

So I got in touch with the research team at Bel Marra Health and together we came up with what I’m convinced is the best form of CoQ10 available on this planet.

I’m excited to introduce you to this breakthrough form of CoQ10 that solves the problem of poor absorption of CoQ10 pills and supercharges the power of CoQ10 for you.

It’s called LiQuid Gold.

And it gives you all of the amazing health boosting benefits of CoQ10 – but in a form superior to pills, tablets, and even softgels.

Let be break these benefits down for you.

Maximum absorption — and far more CoQ10! It is a medical fact that only about 10-15% of vitamins taken in pill form get absorbed. But that percentage shoots up to a whopping 98% once the vitamins are taken in liquid form.

This medical fact was scientifically documented in a study reported in a Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

In this study, liquid CoQ10 was compared to CoQ10 in pill form and in softgel form and in both cases, liquid CoQ10 showed superior absorption and, more importantly, increased blood levels of CoQ10.

Maximizing results does not get any better than this! That’s the power of liquid CoQ10!

Faster CoQ10 Absorption — and faster results!

Vitamins taken in pill, tablet, or softgel form take longer to be absorbed by your body, compared to vitamins in liquid form.

That’s because when you swallow a vitamin pill, it has to travel down your digestive tract and into your stomach, where it must be broken down for you to absorb it.

But when you take LiQuid Gold, it starts being absorbed quickly by the mucosal membranes in your mouth and the sublingual membranes on your tongue – so it goes to work almost immediately!

Far Greater CoQ10 Potency — thanks to a scientific breakthrough. Remember, CoQ10 is a fat and oil-soluble molecule.

Anything fat-soluble is hard to break down. That’s because, like I mentioned before, an oil soluble molecule won’t mix with water. And your body is more than 80% water.

But now that scientists have discovered a way to make CoQ10 water soluble it’s possible to get the maximum power of CoQ10.

And that’s the secret behind LiQuid Gold ... so easily absorbed and so potent that just 2 ml a day gives you 100 mg of CoQ10!

In fact, I’d go so far as to say, when it comes to CoQ10 effectiveness, it’s all about absorbability, absorbability, and absorbability..

And the best absorbed form of CoQ10 is LiQuid Gold.

Just water-soluble CoQ10. Nothing less! Nothing more!

There is something else I want to bring to your attention. Most manufacturers add other nutrients and vitamins in their CoQ10 formulas.

But with LiQuid Gold, you get just water-soluble CoQ10. The reason being, I did not want to dilute the formula with anything else.

The focus with this formula is single minded – increase CoQ10 levels in your body. And the best way to do that is by giving you a highly absorbable form of CoQ10. Nothing less. Nothing more.

When it comes to your health, especially your heart health,
LiQuid Gold is a game changer!

Once you get this Maximum Potential CoQ10 working for you, you can finally begin to see the changes that you were expecting from CoQ10 all along (but were not really getting with your pills and softgels). Like, for example:

Cholesterol worries can be a thing of the past?

So many of my patients are worried about cholesterol, and that’s why I want you to know that LiQuid Gold has the potential to address this concern.

In one study, 26 patients took 100 mg/day of CoQ10 (the same amount of CoQ10 you get in 2 ml of LiQuid Gold) for 10 weeks.

At the end of the study, 100% of the participants were able to promote healthy cholesterol levels, without side effects. What's more, their good HDL cholesterol increased.

Promote healthy blood pressure!

Several studies confirm that you can help maintain healthy blood vessels and healthy blood pressure with CoQ10.

Researchers theorize that CoQ10’s antioxidant powers help stabilize the membranes of your blood vessels and increase blood vessel diameter.

As a result, blood flows more freely, the heart is not taxed, and blood pressure can remain in the healthy range.

Maintain normal blood sugar, too!

In this very same study that documented healthy blood pressure support, researchers were surprised to find patients promoted their blood sugar levels, too.

Researchers documented that as CoQ10 levels rose, it led to healthy hemoglobin a1c levels, an indicator of long-term blood sugar control.

Support clear, healthy arteries!

In a clinical study in Germany, scientists found that men who took CoQ10 boosted the function of blood vessels in the brachial artery. That’s the artery that pumps blood into your arms.

It’s great news and confirms what I’ve long suspected: CoQ10 provides unparalleled antioxidant support to blood vessels.

Energize your heart and improve circulation by more than 70%

Just 60 mg to 100 mg (remember, 100 mg of CoQ10 is what you get in 2 ml of LiQuid Gold) of CoQ10 a day can help weak hearts pump strong again.

In a study, researchers measured the heart’s stroke volume, the amount of blood pumped in one heartbeat.

The researchers concluded CoQ10 improved the heart’s stroke volume and boosted blood flow 76.2%.

80% supported heart muscles
and improved their independence!

A study found that CoQ10 helped improve one or two New York Heart Association levels (these levels determine the severity of heart concerns). When heart patients at Methodist Hospital in Indiana added CoQ10 to their traditional heart medications, 80% supported their heart muscles and improved their independence!

They became more independent again and were not as limited in physical activity like most heart patients!

Enough to make you feel like a brand new person again.

And best of all, the same kind of results seen in clinical studies, come forth in real life too. As you can see from this true story...

Not long ago, a man (name withheld) was struggling to maintain his energy level. Walking a flight of stairs left him breathless and fatigued.

Years of blood pressure and cholesterol problems had taken their toll on his heart. Then he started taking 100 mg of CoQ10 in addition to his regular medications.

Within 6 months, he felt like a brand-new man. His energy levels improved.

He could walk easily and do normal physical activity without as much discomfort, shortness of breath, or fatigue. In fact, doctors said his heart health showed “significant improvement.”

Honestly, more than the clinical studies, it is these real life stories that impress me most.

It tells me that CoQ10 can work wonders in real life scenarios (not simulated scenarios as seen in studies). And that’s very critical for the success of a nutrient.

No other nutrient, herb or drug
can deliver these kinds of results?

Looking at this story and other such real life stories, I can say with conviction that I’ve never seen any other nutrient, herb or drug deliver these kinds of results.

Whether your heart concerns are mild or serious, this new form of CoQ10 goes right down to the cells that need it most, so they can get the energy boost they need to keep your body running at peak/optimum levels.

And in my opinion, there’s no better way to increase your CoQ10 levels than LiQuid Gold.

And the best news is, you can get all these great heart-helping benefits at the lowest price per bottle through our special online offer.

Here’s how it works.

The regular price of a one month supply of LiQuid Gold is $54.95.

But if you order a 3-month supply today, your cost goes down to less than $34 per bottle.

In fact, when you order today, there’s even an option where you get LiQuid Gold for less than $25.00 per bottle!

That’s less than a dollar a day to give you the best absorbable CoQ10 to help strengthen your heart muscle naturally.

This special offer has been designed so that price does not prevent you from what I believe to be the support your heart muscle can get.

100% money-back satisfaction guarantee

Remember, this amazing price is for the most absorbable CoQ10 that has been clinically proven to deliver maximum CoQ10 to meet the needs of your heart and body.

And this offer is backed by a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

If you are not 100% satisfied with LiQuid Gold, return all your bottles (including the one you opened) and get a full refund. No Questions Asked!

The research is compelling and exciting. The pricing is competitive. And with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

But you have a lot to gain.

That’s right! In addition to all the great health benefits to your body and especially to your heart, you also get 3 FREE GIFTS when you place an order for LiQuid Gold within the next 10 days.

3 free gifts, plus an early bird bonus

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  Maintain healthy blood pressure — These 3 simple tips can make a difference.

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  Avoid bad fats — These two fats raise your cholesterol more than any other dietary ingredient. Here’s how to be sure they’re not in any of the foods you eat.

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This report is a virtual gold mine for most older people who are fed up with the nasty side effects of drugs. In this report, see how you can:

Speed up metabolism without stimulants for a healthy weight! Research suggests 50% of people who are overweight suffer low CoQ10. By promoting cellular energy, CoQ10 speeds up metabolism safely. With just 100 mg of CoQ10 every day for 9 weeks, patients maintained a healthy weight.

See more clearly for stronger vision! Want a little-known secret for clear, healthy vision? It’s CoQ10! An impressive double-blind, placebo-controlled study shows CoQ10, along with other nutrients, plays an important role in the health of the retina.

Enjoy healthier teeth and gums! A remarkable double-blind, placebo controlled study confirmed healthier teeth and gums in just 21 days for everyone taking 50 mg of CoQ10. That’s just half the CoQ10 you get from LiQuid Gold.

Get deeper, more restful sleep! It’s very common for people with heart issues to have trouble sleeping. So it’s no surprise that in a one-year placebo-controlled study of 2,500 people, a whopping 80% slept better after supplementing with 100 mg of CoQ10 a day.

Get a sharper mind, better memory! Exciting new scientific findings in The Journal of Behavioral Research suggest that CoQ10’s ability to produce energy in brain cells can protect against memory damaging neurotoxins and support a sharper, better memory.

LiQuid Gold can promise you an
active independent life for years to come?

Imagine a fresh burst of energy surging through your body...

You can go shopping all day long or explore the park with your grandkids and still have energy left over to go out for dinner and a show.

Listen, if you already tried CoQ10 pills and softgels and did not get the necessary results, let me assure you that the results you can see with LiQuid Gold can blow all your previous experience out of the water.

And if you have not tried CoQ10 till now, as far as I can tell, there is no better way to start than LiQuid Gold.

LiQuid Gold can make all of the difference. Remember, LiQuid Gold gives you:


You may not be able to actually feel the first two of these great benefits yourself, but you can definitely feel the third.

As the CoQ10 in LiQuid Gold delivers more health benefits and head-to-toe revitalization than any other food, vitamin, or supplement, you can feel like a new person once more.

So, if you want to walk longer distances, climb more stairs, play with your grandchildren, heck, even take up your favorite sport, without worrying about feeling easily tired...

I urge you to start LiQuid Gold. Click on the button below.

Yours in Good Health,

Victor Marchione, M.D.


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