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A few years ago, National Geographic commissioned a worldwide project to determine places in the world where people live the longest.

The project brought international attention to a forgotten island where many people not only lived beyond 100 years, but even worked past their hundredth birthday. The true story of one of these amazing people from this remote Mediterranean island was published in The New York Times, and the island became an overnight sensation amongst anti-aging enthusiasts. In fact, members of a Harvard research team dug deeper to find the truth behind the longevity secret of these incredibly healthy island people.

What the team found could help us finally “conquer the aging process.” In fact, according to some modern scientists this could be...

Your BEST DEFENCE against the

When the team from National Geographic set out on their mission to find the place where people live the longest, little did they know that their hunt would end up in what could potentially be the biggest anti-aging story of the century.

One of the places they discovered was a remote Mediterranean island called Ikaria, off the coast of Turkey.

The island is named after Icarus the man-bird who, according to Greek mythology, crashed to his death close to this island. Now, more than 2,000 years later, the island is back in the news. Only this time it’s not for death, but for longevity.

World’s leading sources hail “the island of youth”

The news about the longevity of people of this island is coming from different worthy sources. In addition to the National Geographic article, the Island was featured in ABC World News, CNN, and Good Morning America.

At around the same time, The New York Times published a heart-warming story of a sick American man who, given one year to live by his American doctors, went back to his homeland and lived beyond a hundred years. Yes, you guessed right – his homeland is that very island – Ikaria.

These are very credible sources, so it comes as no surprise that scientists interested in finding a real solution to “help fight the aging process” started researching this island with renewed interest. Some of them even landed up at the island.

At first glance, two things were obvious. One, was the natural beauty of the island. Rugged, verdant landscapes, cool turquoise waters, and a series of stunning sunsets.

Two, were the people themselves. The Ikarians are relaxed and unhurried, their lives don’t seem to be governed by time, consumerism, and materialism.

Over 65, and their passion
for life is sizzling

While the researchers believe that the lack of stress, and the completely different lifestyle definitely aided longevity, instinct told them there had to be a more concrete reason why.

  • The people of Ikaria live on average 10 years longer than other Europeans and Americans
  • A third of all Ikarians live active lives well into their 90s
  • Ikarians have lower incidences of heart concerns, and they rarely ever worry about memory loss or foggy brain
  • The people of Ikaria maintain an active sex life well into old age

It’s a good thing the researches trusted their instincts, because this made them dig deeper and they finally found the answer they were looking for.

The hidden secret that helps the Ikarians “fight aging”

First off, they came across a study by Dr. Christina Chrysohoou, a cardiologist at the University of Athens’ medical school.

Dr. Chrysohoou found that the Ikarian locals feast on locally grown and wild greens, some of which contain 10 times more antioxidants than are found in red wine.

The secret that allows Ikarians to live active and healthy lives in their 80s, 90s, and even well past their 100th birthday lies in their diet.

Taking a cue from Dr. Chrysohoou’s study, the researchers concentrated on the greens and they discovered a nutritional secret so simple, yet so important, according to medical research by Harvard Medical School, Yale Prevention Research Center, and the Mayo Clinic, that I’m convinced it can help you...

Forget about feeling old and tired all the time!

About the Author
Richard M. Foxx, M.D.

Hahnemann Univ. School of Medicine, Philadelphia

Dr. Richard Foxx served as a surgeon in the U.S. Army, before joining the Hoag Memorial Hospital where he became chairman of the Dept. of obstetrics and gynecology.

A fitness and wellness enthusiast, Dr. Foxx was one of the pioneers of medical spas. His medical spa was ranked in the world’s top 10, and is featured in publications like The Wall Street Journal.

Dr. Foxx’s popular lectures on “Recent Advances in Non-Invasive Aesthetic Medicine,” and “What Your Doctor Can’t Tell You About Supplements” have made him a highly sought after speaker, and he is frequently seen on television in New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.

You’ll see how this one secret can help turn the tables on the various enemies of our health that steal our energy... our independence, and our lives.

I’ll also tell you about the new medical breakthrough that can finally make it possible to harness ‘The Ikarian Secret’ so you, too, can use it right away to boost your energy, your physical strength, and regain your youthful spirit.

The Ikarians are hearty eaters. But there is a difference in the way they eat and the way we Americans eat. While we buy all our food from the stores, and a good chunk of our food is processed food, the Ikarians grow most of their food in their backyards. So very little of what they eat is processed. Also, while we Americans tend to eat a lot of meat, the Ikarians eat a lot of greens. One of the greens they eat a lot is weed that grows wild on the island – Purslane.

Take your energy levels to
a high with this weed

Purslane can easily be classified as a superfood. Its therapeutic values have been known for ages. Ancient Greek physicians used it to treat headaches, stomach pains, ulcers, and eye ailments.

Pliny the Elder, one of the earliest chroniclers of plants, called it the guardian against all ills. And now modern scientists know why.

Purslane is a veritable antioxidant bombshell as it is high in vitamins A and C, iron, phosphorus and calcium. It is also one of the richest plant sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. And now, researchers have found yet another nutrient in this plant. A nutrient they believe is the secret to the longevity of these island people. It’s called glutathione.

The SUPERHERO antioxidant your body cannot do without

Purslane has more glutathione than almost any other green plant on earth. In fact, according to Dr. Artemis Simopoulos, who researched purslane at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), it is a ‘miracle plant’.

Seeing the inhabitants of Ikaria working, playing, dancing, even smoking well into their old age, there is no question about it being a real miracle.

A miracle that is proven by science. Research shows that glutathione can...

  • Help the liver in its detoxification function. And also help detoxify the liver.
  • Help fight against inflammation. Both regular as well as silent inflammation.
  • Reduce damage from smoke and other polluting chemicals. Glutathione can help minimize the “aldehydes” in cigarettes from “aging” the cells in the lungs.
  • Help promote good sleep.
  • Support overall eye health by helping to prevent macular damage and clouding of the lens.
  • Protect the skin against oxidative damage which leads to wrinkles. Its antioxidant ability also helps reduce the appearance of age spots, liver spots, brown spots, crow’s feet, and dark circles under eyes.

As glutathione does all these good things for the body, and the body produces its own glutathione, there should be no problem, right?

Right. As long as the body continues producing glutathione.

Modern living slows down Glutathione production

The problem is, thanks to the pollution, toxic fumes, processed food, constant stress, and other ills of modern living, your body’s glutathione production takes a beating and your glutathione levels begin to decrease rapidly.

By the time you are 65, your body can produce only a tiny fraction of what it used to produce in your teenage years. As a result, your body’s aging process accelerates accordingly.

By being relatively stress-free and by eating organic, home-grown purslane on an almost daily basis, the Ikarians ensure that their glutathione levels are being well maintained. So naturally, they do not age like the way we Americans do.

There’s a way for you to boost glutathione levels.
No, it’s not purslane salads

We Americans love our meats and cheeses and breads. And it shows. To feel less guilty about what we eat, we add a few salads to our diet plan.

I know what you’re thinking. Why not add purslane to the salads?

It won’t work. Adding a bit of purslane to our salads will not really help as a good chunk of glutathione from the greens does not get absorbed by the body.

To boost your body’s depleting glutathione, you’ll need to eat over a pound of purslane daily.

As this is not practical or feasible here in America, we should do the next best thing. Supplement our diet with glutathione that can be absorbed by our body.

The good news is that the research team at Bel Marra Health has identified a specific type of glutathione that can be easily absorbed by your body.

Using this special glutathione, they came up with a natural formula that can help you fight premature aging and live an active and healthy life well into your 70s, 80s, even 90s. The formula is called...

Clinical Strength Glutathione Plus

The breakthrough formula that can help you live an active
and healthy life well into your 70s, 80s, 90s, and 100s

Clinical Strength Glutathione Plus, or Glutathione Plus for short, is a unique longevity formula with the power to boost your glutathione levels so you too can take advantage of the “anti-aging” secret which the people of Ikaria have been benefitting from all these years.

The most experienced antioxidant?

A 2016 study suggests Glutathione dates back to 1.5 billion years

Researchers at Oregon State University claim that glutathione is such an important antioxidant that its existence appears to date back as far as oxygen-dependent life itself — about 1.5 billion years

More importantly, the researchers found that in today’s world, glutathione helps resist the toxic stresses of everyday life – but its levels decline with age and this sets the stage for a wide range of age-related health problems.

According to Tory Hagen, lead author on the research, and the Helen P. Rumbel, Professor for Health Aging Research in the Linus Pauling Institute at OSU, the studies proved that stress doesn’t cause a rapid loss of glutathione in the young, but it does so in older individuals.

Finally you can fight premature aging by flushing away dangerous free radicals and the toxins that cause them. Glutathione’s unmatched antioxidant ability can help rejuvenate broken down cells and thereby make all the tissues and organs ‘un-age’. Which means you can...

Get back your youthful energy and vibrant good health

Unlike most glutathione supplements available in the market, where the glutathione gets destroyed in the intestines and does not get absorbed by the body, Glutathione Plus contains a first-of-its-kind clinical development that allows glutathione to be absorbed and used by the body.

Glutathione Plus contains the unique Setria® glutathione breakthrough (formulated by Japanese researchers) – a miracle of nutritional science that’s clinically shown to solve poor glutathione absorption and effectively raise your levels.

The patented secret of SUCCESS begins with absorption!

Not only does Glutathione Plus survive your digestive tract, but clinical research shows its ingredients are absorbed directly into the epithelial cells of your small intestine.

The absorbed glutathione quickly moves from these cells into your bloodstream and once that happens, your body is flooded with rejuvenating glutathione.

But you don’t have to take just my word for it. Have a look at these test results.

Studies show you can increase
blood glutathione levels by 35%...

In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, researchers gave the same glutathione which you get in Glutathione Plus to a group of participants aged below 72 years.

The researchers noted that the glutathione was effortlessly absorbed and almost immediately began improving glutathione levels. In fact, over a six-month period, blood glutathione levels increased up to 35%!

While these results were encouraging, the researches were keen to know how much of the glutathione reached the cells. So they did another study...

...glutathione presence in cells increased by a whopping 260%


For this study, the researchers used cheek swabs to collect buccal cells from the mouth lining before and after supplementation with the glutathione in Glutathione Plus. When the researchers analyzed the results they got over a six-month period, they found that overall, supplementation increased glutathione 260% in the cells.

What impressed the researchers the most was that in spite of such high glutathione levels, there were no harsh side effects.

And what does all this great absorption of glutathione mean for you?

Glutathione — Sleep — Glutathione

“Good sleep is as important as diet or exercise in keeping us happy and healthy,” says Professor Kevin Morgan, director of the insomnia research program at Loughborough University’s sleep research center.

Disruption of sleep can cause memory problems, premature aging, and a higher susceptibility to falls.

Although older adults need as many hours of sleep as younger adults – 7-9 hours each night, most adults sleep less as they age. This could be because of glutathione depletion.

Oxidized glutathione is an active part of the neurochemical sleep-promoting substance in our brain. Also, recent studies seem to indicate that our bodies do the major part of the glutathione replication during sleep.

As more than 60 million Americans suffer from insomnia, maintaining healthy glutathione levels, may provide the answer for many health concerns. After all, sleep is the best medicine.

Higher glutathione levels reduce risk of health concerns

Results from research studies from across the globe prove that the higher your glutathione levels, the more likely you’ll live better.

And not just live, but live a healthy life enjoying the vigor and vitality of youth. The high levels of glutathione in your body are like an all-season pass that can help you:

  • Think more clearly whether you’re remembering the grocery list or an important address
  • Maintain healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels for better heart health
  • See better so you can read the newspaper or even drive at night
  • Travel, shop or work in the yard with great-feeling joints and muscles
  • Power up your immune function to protect your body
  • Enjoy younger-looking skin, easy digestion, and regularity
  • Have endless energy to keep going all day long!

Isn’t that just what you need?

It’s like celebrating your
birthdays in reverse

Imagine, each year you can feel younger and more active than the year before. Wouldn’t that be great?

And there’s more...

Just with the Setria® glutathione breakthrough, Glutathione Plus could arguably be the best glutathione product available.

But as the research team wanted to come up with the best glutathione supplement in the market, they added a few more ingredients into the mix.

These additional ingredients took the formula to a whole new level altogether.

So now, besides giving you the first-of-its-kind absorbable glutathione, this remarkable longevity formula also...

Boosts your OWN glutathione production with 4 nutrients

When you were young, your body worked better, faster, and more efficiently. That’s because you body’s glutathione production was close to its peak. But thanks to various reasons, your body’s glutathione production is barely holding up.

For a moment, just think of a workshop which normally churns out 100 products a day, but because of a decrease in power supply and raw materials, it now churns out only 10 products.

What would the manager of the workshop do? He’d get more power and raw material, right.

You need to do the same to increase your body’s glutathione production. Give it more raw materials. And that’s what the Ikarian Diet does. Gives the body more raw materials to boost the body’s glutathione production.

Your body needs these 4 glutathione boosters NOW

But as the regular American diet lacks this nutritional support, you need to supplement it. And that where the other nutrients in Glutathione Plus come into play to help you live a longer, healthier, better life.

Glutathione Plus supplies your body with nutrients from the Ikarian diet in the right form and dosage shown to help support your body’s natural ability to make glutathione.

As these nutrients boost glutathione levels in the body I call them Glutathione Boosters.

Glutathione Booster #1: Setria® Glutathione

As we’ve already discussed this enhanced form of glutathione, let’s move on to...

Glutathione Booster #2: N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC)

NAC stimulates your body’s natural glutathione production in muscle cells.

Muscle cells rely on glutathione to block free radicals and remove toxins that can cause weakness and fatigue.

If you’re over 60, this is great news because now you can have stronger muscles. Which means you do not have to struggle to do day-to-day activities like pushing a grocery cart, carrying a bag of milk, climbing up and down stairs, opening the lid of a jar... In fact, Harvard research says, it can help you regain peak performance!

Harvard scientists back NAC for glutathione production

Results of studies performed by researchers at Harvard Medical School revealed that NAC helped prevent free radical damage in muscle cells because of its ability to produce glutathione.

The increase in glutathione levels helped the participants regain peak physical function. It can do the same to you, too. I’m sure you’d like that.

There is one important thing I’d like to bring your attention to here. In addition to the muscles in your limbs, there are other muscles in your body. For example, your bladder muscles. Your heart muscles. And all of them are well supported, thanks to increased glutathione.

Now you see why NAC is so critical? But I’ve saved the best feature of this incredible nutrient for the last. NAC is fast acting. Studies show NAC improves the body’s production of glutathione in as little as one day!

Glutathione Booster #3: Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA)

One of the most common symptoms of aging is a reduction in mental faculties. This is because your brain is very susceptible to free radical attack.

In fact, the brain generates more free radicals than any other organ in your body. Studies show that free radical damage is a primary cause of poor brain functions, including forgetfulness, foggy thinking, and poor memory. And this is why ALA, the next ingredient in Glutathione Plus, is worth its weight in gold.

Milk and Glutathione.
Boost Brain Health.

New research conducted at the University of Kansas Medical Center has found a correlation between milk consumption and the levels of glutathione in the brain in older healthy adults.

We all know milk is good for bones and muscles. Now we know it’s good for the brain as well.

In a study involving 60 participants, researchers found that participants who had indicated they had drunk milk recently had higher levels of glutathione in their brains.

This is a big dietary breakthrough as high levels of glutathione in the brain can reduce the oxidative stress in the brain and help stave off premature aging of the brain.

As few Americans reach the recommended daily intake of three dairy servings per day, taking Glutathione Plus can help boost brain health.

The super antioxidant that can cross the blood-brain barrier

Yes, ALA too is found in the Ikarian diet. And the reason it is able to help the brain maintain its sharpness is because it is one of the few antioxidants that has the unique ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and enter brain cells.

This ability is what makes ALA so important to help fight against the excessive free radical damage in the brain.

What this means for you is that you can enjoy swift mental recall and focused concentration whether you’re working a crossword puzzle or remembering a loved one’s birthday.

What’s more, ALA has a track record for effectiveness and safety. For over 30 years, doctors in Germany have relied on ALA to support healthy nerve function without harsh side effects.

Boost your brain performance and be more independent

More than helping protect their brain function, ALA helps aging people protect something even more important – their independence.

And that is why it is such a crucial ingredient in this formula. In addition to the three glutathione boosters, Setria® Glutathione, NAC, and ALA – Glutathione Plus delivers two more critical nutrients found in the Ikarian diet. And as one of them acts better when paired with the other, we’ll discuss them together.

Glutathione Boosters #4 and #5: Vitamin C and Selenium

Selenium is a mineral that works as a powerful antioxidant and also helps improve your body’s natural production of glutathione.

And when selenium is teamed up with vitamin C, which incidentally has the potential to double glutathione levels, it’s even more powerful for stimulating natural glutathione production.

That’s the lot. These 5 glutathione boosters work incredibly well together to deliver what I believe to be...

Your best defense against the #1 cause of premature aging!

You’ve seen how studies from prestigious institutions like the Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medical School, and Yale Prevention Research Center, confirmed that glutathione is the secret to living a healthy, active lifestyle. That’s why I recommend my revolutionary glutathione formula Glutathione Plus. This unique formula is superior to most supplements available in the market because it gives you:

  • First-of-its-kind absorbable glutathione! Ordinary glutathione supplements are not easily absorbed. But Glutathione Plus gives you a patented ‘absorbable glutathione’ – the only one of its kind documented in clinical study to raise your levels up to 35%!
  • Four more glutathione-boosting nutrients to reignite your body’s own natural glutathione production! Simply supplementing isn’t enough. That’s why Glutathione Plus supplies four more nutrients from the Ikarian diet that are documented to help kick-start your body’s own glutathione production.
  • Safe and free of harsh side effects! Glutathione Plus is doctor formulated to work with your body, and be safe and free of harsh side effects.
  • Easy to take! Only two capsules a day provide you with a natural, backed-by-science formula to help you increase glutathione levels to fight the signs of premature aging and support glowing, radiant health.

The best news is, you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket for these ingredients.

Get all these glutathione-boosting ingredients
for a special introductory price and save $149.75

As we use some of the finest ingredients in the market and do not cut corners while formulating Glutathione Plus, the price of a single bottle that lasts you for a whole month is just $54.95.

But you do not have to pay the full price.

If you take advantage of our introductory offer and order a 3-month supply, you can get it for just $33 per bottle.

And if you order a 6-month supply, we'll make it even better for you: $30 per bottle.

In fact, if you call right now I’ll even show you how to get it for less than $25 per bottle and save $149.75.

This way you can get the finest ingredients that have been clinically proven to boost your glutathione levels, for less than a dollar a day.

The reason we created this special offer is because we don't want price to come between you and a healthy senior life.

If the Ikarians can live a healthy and active life well into their 90s, there is no reason why you shouldn't do the same.

In my opinion, this is the best offer you can find to help fight premature aging and live an active healthy life like the Ikarians do.

And you don’t have to worry about wasting your money, as we have a completely customer-friendly money-back guarantee in place.

Satisfaction Guaranteed, or your money back

The best thing about this introductory offer is that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

If you are not 100% satisfied with Glutathione Plus, you can return all your bottles (including the one you opened) and get a full refund of your purchase price.

No Questions Asked.

Remember, you don’t need to be over 65 years to start protecting your body against the ravages of aging.

Your body starts losing its ability to produce glutathione at peak levels in your 20s. So you can start supplementing any time after that. In fact, the sooner you start the better, as the damage will be easier to reverse.

Looking at the results of all the studies, I believe there’s nothing more effective than Glutathione Plus to help you enjoy an active and healthy life as you grow older.

With the help of the proven ingredients in Glutathione Plus, you can enjoy the benefits of nature’s anti-aging secrets, just like the Ikarians do.

Still have some questions? Let me answer them for you...

Q. Is Glutathione safe?
Since safety is your concern, let me assure you, not having sufficient levels of glutathione is ‘unsafe’. Because not only is glutathione safe, it is essential for even the most basic immune function, without which your body can be destroyed.

Q. Why are my Glutathione levels so low?
With the constant exposure to airborne pollutants, radiation from electronics, heavy metals from fillings or foods, the glutathione production in your body falls dramatically. As most adults are deficient in this important nutrient, they become susceptible to a variety of health concerns.

Q. What is the best way to boost my Glutathione levels?
As the body cannot completely absorb the glutathione from the diet, the best way to boost glutathione levels is to supplement your diet with bio-available (absorbable) glutathione, like the one you get in Glutathione Plus. You can also boost your body’s own production of glutathione with the proven glutathione boosters in Glutathione Plus.

Q. How do I measure Glutathione levels?
Certain blood and urine tests are effective at measuring glutathione. You can request your doctor to recommend these tests. Remember, maintaining high levels of glutathione is essential for your immune system to function properly and help keep you healthy.

Q. I’m not a senior, can I still take Glutathione?
Yes, our modern environment bombards the body with innumerable toxins which are responsible for depleting glutathione levels in everyone. Every adult supplementing with glutathione will be building a strong immune system that will help fight the buildup of heavy metals in the body. Reducing the risk of premature aging drastically.

Q. Can elderly people take Glutathione?
They can and should be. A lifetime of exposure to toxins and radiation builds up in the body, making elderly people extremely at risk of developing health issues. Coupled with depleting levels of glutathione, it is inevitable that illnesses will occur.

Q. Can people suffering with health problems take Glutathione?
Every unhealthy person has one thing in common no matter what they are suffering from – depleted levels of glutathione. Glutathione levels are depleted when fighting off health concerns and when glutathione levels are too low, the patient’s ability to fight takes a severe beating. Glutathione is a keystone for our immune system and of the utmost importance if you are suffering from various health conditions.

Q. Do I need to supplement Glutathione if I’m already healthy?
Everyone will benefit from supplementing with glutathione, if you are not dealing with any health issues, you will be fortifying your immune system to fend off future illness; and experience increased energy levels. The laundry list of benefits of glutathione can help everyone no matter their current condition.

Now that I’ve answered all your questions, let me ask you one question.

When will you experience the wonders of Glutathione Plus?

There’s never been a better time for you to experience the difference that Glutathione Plus can make in your life. As part of this Special Introductory Savings Offer, you’ll get a low introductory price as well as up to 3 FREE GIFTS!


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Great Value for the Money: You get all 5 high-purity glutathione boosters in one money-saving capsule.

A More Powerful Combination: By combining these supplements in one formula, they actually work better together than if you took them separately.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Hear it from the people who’ve tried Glutathione Plus and are now feeling a lot more energetic, and youthful.

You heard it straight from people like you who have fought against the ravages of premature aging and are now living a healthier life.

Now you too can live an active, healthy life like the Ikarians,
without setting a foot out of your own town

It’ your turn now. You owe it to yourself to take advantage of the clinical discovery that can actually transform your life.

And you can do it right here in North America. In your own town. In your home.

Let Glutathione Plus help you avoid the pitfalls of aging and regain your energy and your independence. Add this Ikarian Secret to your daily regimen and watch it help you feel healthier, happier, and years younger.

I sincerely hope that you too will take advantage of this opportunity to try Clinical Strength Glutathione Plus so you can fight against damaging toxins and free radicals every day to live a healthier, better life for years, even decades to come!

Yours in Good Health,

Richard M. Foxx, M.D.

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P.P.S. After you try Glutathione Plus and feel the positive difference in your body, please let us know. Nothing gives us more joy than knowing that our products are making a positive impact, and living up their promise.

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