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Do You Really Need Those Vitamins?

200413281-001More than 1/3 of all Americans take multivitamins. Many people take them just as added assurance that they are getting all of the essential vitamins and minerals that their bodies need in order to function properly, which certainly can’t hurt.

However, few people stop to ponder who really needs to take multivitamins, and sometimes it is the people … Read More

What Gender Means for Eating Your Veggies

135489663We all know that leading a healthy lifestyle is key to decreasing the risk of developing various types of medical conditions.  Eating fruits and vegetables, which are natural food items rich in vitamins and minerals, serve as the strongest factor in preventing disease.  The current recommended daily diet of two cups of fruits is thus beneficial to an … Read More

Changing Color of Pills – A Treatment Nightmare

113208089Many senior citizens are on some kind of regime with their medications, treatment and vitamins and mineral schedules. There are more who have been taking the same treatments or medications for so many years it has just become second nature.

But one thing that might surprise you, and has proven to be quite dangerous, is that any sudden … Read More

Why All of Your Calcium Information is Wrong

antibioticsIn order for your body to function properly and stay healthy, it needs a variety of vitamins and minerals that can be obtained from the food you eat or from supplements. Approximately half of Americans take supplements of vitamins and minerals in an effort to maintain optimal health.  Bone health is a top priority for many individuals, especially … Read More

Sneaky Things Zapping Energy and Mental Health

If you’re feeling sluggish all the time, you may be surprised to learn about the sneaky things that you’re doing (or maybe not doing) that could be zapping your energy.  Once you learn what’s zapping your energy, you’ll be able to follow treatment recommendations that may include taking vitamins and minerals to increase your energy levels.

Sugar and Read More

The Worst Natural Ingredients

You may hear the word “natural” and think that it must be healthy, after-all, it is “natural”.  Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.  Some ingredients are added to processed foods as well as vitamins and minerals as binders, colours, excipients, fillers, flavors and sweeteners.  Sometimes these natural ingredients can cause problems in the long run and may even … Read More

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