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Drink a Beer for Your Health

caloriesFor thousands of years, beer has been considered the most common beverage around the world. Its extensive use in society may have been fueled by notion of its positive effects on health, although no scientific evidence has been collected during earlier times. Unfortunately, beer has also been often described as a beverage that imparts negative impact on the … Read More

The Worst Restaurant Foods to Order

risk of obesityDining out is a pleasure that we all like to indulge in from time to time. Before you dive into your meal though, you should know that there is plenty on the menu that can put you at a higher risk for obesity.

The prevalence of obesity in the United States alone is close to 35 percent. ObesityRead More

Being Obese Could Be a Good Thing For Heart Patients.

risk of obesityNormal, healthy weights are usually associated with better health performance and outcomes, but a new study, published in the American Journal of Cardiology, shows that this may not be the case for heart failure patients.

Heart failure is a serious condition where the performance of the heart is negatively affected.  Approximately 5.8 million Americans suffer from this condition.  … Read More

The Dangerous Health Effects of Commuting

 risk of obesityLong commutes have always been annoying, but as far as being hazardous to your health, that might just be a new idea.

As cities become more busy with the urban sprawl, people are spending more and more time behind the wheel , which new research is showing can not only be annoying, but troublesome for various health reasons, … Read More

Desserts That Could Help Keep Weight Off

risk of obesityWe have always been told, cut down on those desserts and you will start to lose unwanted pounds. Now a study has revealed that desserts could help you keep weight off.

For those who have a sweet tooth this is not a sign that you can run out to the nearest bakery and stock up on all your … Read More

Society Dislikes Fat Women – Shocking Study

weight lossObesity is a chronic and serious medical condition and according to many physicians, obesity is not a choice – it is a disease.  We don’t discriminate against people with cancer, arthritis or other health disorders, and we certainly don’t discriminate against people based on their sex, race or handicap and yet society continues to openly discriminate against the … Read More

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