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These common food combinations could be making you sick

digestion, proteinIt is very common to eat several different food groups together when we eat our meals.

Most of us are trying to make an effort to balance our diet by including protein, fruits and vegetables, and grains and other good starches. However, striking the right balance can be tricky.

There are certain foods that digest very differently and … Read More

Diabetic or pre-diabetic? Here’s why breakfast is so important

glucose, proteinI’m never ravenous in the morning, and the same goes for many of you, I’m sure. But I always have something solid. Fresh fruit, whole grain toast with almond butter or oatmeal with some nuts and berries. Through the night, your body has been running on empty and you need to refuel!

Now there’s new research showing that a … Read More

The Darker Side Of Greek Yogurt

yogurt, proteinDr. Victor Marchione shares his views on the Greek yogurt fad

You know, I’m all for treating food as medicine. What you take in plays a major role in how the body functions, how we feel and how strong we become in fighting off sickness. Good food and a balanced diet, to me, are the true tickets to … Read More

Study Finds Stress-Related Link to Alzheimer’s

When people suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, it is not unusual for them to also experience depression. Now, researchers believe that being depressed might actually speed up the onset of this disease.

Alzheimer’s disease is characterized by memory loss, confusion, and emotional instability. Health experts have never been able to pinpoint the exact cause; however, they have determined the … Read More

Research Finds a Protein in a Well-Balanced Stomach

166149939A happy and healthy stomach requires a balanced diet and healthy nutrition.  A healthy stomach allows healthy bacteria to flourish while at the same time protecting the stomach from bad bacteria and food-borne illness.  Many factors are at play in the stomach to ensure proper health. A recent study, which was published in PLOS Pathogen, identified a key … Read More

The Glued Meat Conspiracy

 proteinWhen was the last time you had glued meat for a meal? Before you answer “never”, read on.

Most of us have a common goal at meal-time; to nourish our bodies with healthy food. Occasionally we may slip and allow an overly salty or sugary treat into our diets, but we are usually aware of what … Read More

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