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Posts Tagged ‘obesity’

Diet Soda Drinkers More Likely To Be Obese

Friday, Apr. 4, 2014

SODAFeeling guilty lining up at the fast food restaurant counter? Well, that greasy burger and fries won’t be any less detrimental if you wash them down with diet soda. No free pass for you!

A new study published in …

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Food Label ‘Makeover’ To Fight Obesity

Tuesday, Apr. 1, 2014

153577631Do you read food labels while you’re grocery shopping, looking for grams of sugar and fat? If so, you may soon notice some changes – the first in 20 years –designed to reduce obesity and its related diseases among Americans.

The updated labels are part of the White House’s ongoing fight against obesity in Americans. Though a recent survey found that the obesity rate among American children aged two to five dropped dramatically over the past decade, the rate remains …

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Your Waistline Could Shorten Your Life

Monday, Mar. 31, 2014

478289643Whether it is an extra inch or a full-blown spare tire, that extra weight you have around your waist might make for more than a few cringe-worthy moments on the scale. It might also be shaving years off of your life.

A study by the Mayo Clinic, and published in the March 2014 Mayo Clinic Proceedings, found that men and women who had higher waist circumference measurements, even when they had a normal body mass index (BMI), died sooner. …

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Obesity Defeated: 43% Drop In Obesity Means You Can Do It

Saturday, Mar. 15, 2014

160942185Put down that donut and listen up! There’s good news to report on the war on fat – news I’m happy to share with you and all my patients. News that could make you want to tweak your diet, pile veggies on the plate and lace up those walking shoes for a heart-pumping stroll. (Remember to swing those arms and step lively!)

Federal health authorities in the United States recently reported a 43 percent drop in the obesity rate among …

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