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Why An Apple A Day Keeps Doctors Away

464931997Did you know that if everyone over the age of 50 followed their grandmother’s advice, thousands of lives would be saved every year?

According to the University of Oxford’s Comparative Proverb Assessment Modelling Study – published in the British Medical Journal – an apple per day could keep the doctor away after all.

In fact, it could prevent 8,500 … Read More

The Snack That Can Help You Live Longer

148495337Hey, all of you nut eaters, did you know that you may live longer because of your simple dietary choice? Snack on!

Eating nuts frequently is now associated with a lower risk of death, according to a study in the United States, notably the largest of its kind.

Researchers found that by eating 28 g of nuts — roughly … Read More

Prescription Drugs on the Rise

86520263Despite growing interest in natural health remedies, the amount of people taking prescription drugs is on the rise, and Americans spend more than $250 billion dollars a year on prescription medications. Unfortunately, the cost of prescription drugs doesn’t stop at our wallets; prescription drugs can cause a slew of negative side-effects and often necessitate additional drugs to deal … Read More

What Your Finger Length Says About Your Temper

87832734Although many people consider hand readings to be the domain of palm readers and scam artists, many practitioners have found that taking a person’s hand and finger measurements can function as a natural health assessment, indicating risk factors for certain diseases. Moreover, a new study now asserts that the length of one’s index finger and ring finger can … Read More

The Natural Approach to Calming Stress and Anxiety

105817205   According to an American survey 75 per cent of the general population feels a high level of stress every two weeks and over 50 per cent expressed concern about this level of anxiety. Stress is associated with lost work hours, relationship problems and health related issues. It seems we are all trying to cope with stress; we are … Read More

Laugh a Little to Keep Depression Away

depressionAs you age life begins to get more serious, little by little as stress begins to pile on.  All of the little stresses begin to add up and your life may not only become stressful, it may become dull and boring.  This can lead to serious emotional and mental health issues including depression.  If you want to steer … Read More

Is There a Cure for Parkinson’s in The Works?

Parkinson’sA diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease is a scary one and learning that there isn’t a cure for Parkinson’s is even scarier.  The good news is that researchers are investigating new treatment options to help improve the lives of people diagnosed with this debilitating disease.

What is Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s disease is a chronic, degenerative disease of the brain.  … Read More

Glass Shape and Liver Function – The New Study

 liverExcessive alcohol consumption has been strongly linked to poor natural health, mainly due to its role in the development of liver cirrhosis and other medical conditions.  In addition, alcoholism may impact an individual’s capacity to operative a motor vehicle, resulting in accidents and possibly death.  Most health tips thus include the avoidance of excessive drinking of alcoholic … Read More

Why Men See Things Differently Than Women

good health“Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.” It’s not only the title of a popular book written in 1992, it is also a common adage used to describe the purported differences between how men and women experience and navigate the world. But do men and women really experience the world all that differently? According to research published … Read More

How to Handle Your Sweaty Feet

preventativeThere are over 200,000 sweat glands in our feet so it is no wonder that many people struggle to control sweaty, smelly paws. There are cases where people have Hyperhidrosis; a medical term for  sweating feet. For some people, keeping the sweat at bay is a real challenge.

There are a number of reasons for sweaty, smelly feet. … Read More

Why iced tea is killing your kidneys

is-iced-tea-damaging-kidneysThe last few weeks of summer still bring about those heat waves and intense sunlight and thus we often succumb to the craving for a cold glass of our favorite drink. For many of us, iced tea appears to be the favorite summer drink, with its sweet tangy taste and cold refreshing effect on our body. However, it … Read More

Stop Using Deadly Plastic Containers

natural healthOur current busy lives prompts to be always on the go, including bringing meals and drinks that are often packed in plastic containers and easily tugged around the car, office, and the rest of the city.  Plastic food containers have become a common item for storing food because these are sturdy materials that not only hold our meals, … Read More

Spending Time Here Could Make You More Creative

natural healthThe next time you’re stumped for an idea, you might want to consider heading to your local coffee shop.  New research published in the Journal of Consumer Research found that ambient noise, like what is found in a busy coffee shop can trigger abstract thinking and generate creative ideas.

The research team led by Ravi Mehta evaluated results … Read More

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