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Easy ways to prevent Alzheimer’s disease

prevent-alzheimer's-diseaseImagine this scenario: You get up in the morning, A strange person walks into your room and starts talking to you. The person makes your bed, and basically behaves in a very helpful amiable manner. The face seems familiar, but you just cannot seem to remember who it is.

Ordinarily it wouldn’t be alarming. We all forget a face … Read More

Simple answer to thinking more clearly (and protecting your memory)

HEALTHY EATING, MENTAL HEALTHSometimes it might seem like feeling blue or having a low mood is a regular part of your day as the colder weather and shorter days start to close in.

Certainly there have been several studies that have shown that there are many lifestyle factors that can impact our mental health, too. But one that might surprise you … Read More

Why surfing the internet can make you happy

MENTAL HEALTH, DEPRESSIONI’m not the most high-tech person when it comes to carrying around a smartphone or iPad as if it was a life-support system (like some young people I know). But I do recognize the value of staying connected with friends, family and others, and using technology to your advantage.

It turns out, whether you’re checking the weather forecast, … Read More

Call For Help: Mental Illness Rising In Older Adults


Don’t call me crazy! There’s a stigma surrounding mental health issues, like depression, phobias and obsessive compulsive disorder, that prevents people from asking for help. That has to change.

When it comes to people affected by cancer or heart disease, statistics are easy to find. Mental illness, though, is not so clear-cut, but numbers appear to be on Read More

Study Finds Laughter Actually IS the Best Medicine for Dementia

78531136Dementia is a mental health condition that is quickly becoming a major health concern around the world.  Approximately 35.6 million people suffer from the disease worldwide and 7.7 million new cases are diagnosed each year, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).  Dementia involves a deterioration of memory, thinking, and behavior.  And eventually, it interferes with the ability … Read More

The “Love Hormone” Could Boost Mental Health and Function

86519537If you’re out and about with friends, it’s important that you’re able to separate background noise from important, meaningful conversation directed at you.  As it turns out, the oxytocin hormone – also known as the “love hormone” for its role in sexuality, reproduction and social bonding – may also play a key role in the brain’s ability to … Read More

Inner Speech Speaks Volumes About The Brain

153737655You may not have ever stopped to think about it, but you’re constantly engaged in inner speech. As you read this right now, you are using your inner voice. This process is largely unexplored; however, two recent experiments published in the journal Psychology Science have revealed a brain signal, called corollary discharge, that plays an important role in … Read More

Want to Protect Your Mental Health? Play More Computer Games

Traditionally, it was believed that memory decline wasn’t something people had to worry about until the age of 60. However, recent studies suggest that it could actually begin as early as 45 years old. The Harvard Medical School has been doing extensive research in the area of memory and mental health for many years, boasting many studies that … Read More

Happy and Stressed? You’re Trying Too Hard

live longerEach one of us faces different levels of stress on a daily basis.  For some, stress levels go up when dealing with the morning rush hour traffic.  Will I get to work on time?  For others, anxiety is associated with major decisions that need to be made within a short period of time.  Do I accept this job … Read More

Being Angry Can Make You Live Longer

29-Jun-12When you picture anger it is likely that you are picturing the emotion as a negative thing. And for the most part it is considered to have an association with an unstable state of mental health. Anger can be associated with feelings of stress, that are let to boil over and they can begin to affect many aspects … Read More

Mental Health Issues Swamp Healthcare System

134043121The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that one in four Americans suffer from some type of mental health problem. Only one in 7 suffer from serious mental illness; however the need for medical care for the various mental health issues that face U.S citizens puts a big strain on the health care industry. Mental health officials are … Read More

Sneaky Things Zapping Energy and Mental Health

If you’re feeling sluggish all the time, you may be surprised to learn about the sneaky things that you’re doing (or maybe not doing) that could be zapping your energy.  Once you learn what’s zapping your energy, you’ll be able to follow treatment recommendations that may include taking vitamins and minerals to increase your energy levels.

Sugar and Read More

Seasonal Affective Disorder – Do You Have it?

The cold winter season is strongly associated with the occurrence of seasonal affective disorder, or a mood disorder characterized by depression that occurs only during a specific season of the year.  Although most of the reported cases of this mental health disorder happen in the winter, other individuals experience this depression during other seasons, such as every spring … Read More

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