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New research says do this to get a good night’s sleep

insomnia, sleep, stressDid you know that how you cope with life stress and the general hubbub of modern society may increase your risk for insomnia?

I’ve found myself snacking at night more often than usual, and not on the right foods. Even when you know better, you can slip up and compromise your sleep in the process.

New research by … Read More

Does mysterious full moon affect your sleep?

INSOMNIAA full moon might have a link to some strange behaviors and bad luck, but according to a new study, sleep quality isn’t one of them.

Beliefs that the phases of the moon can influence our sleep cycles – and in particular that a full moon makes sleep difficult or causes insomnia has been a popular line of … Read More

Science Proves This Ancient Practice Can Cure the Most Common Illnesses


Feeling stressed? When left unmanaged, stress can lead to heart disease, insomnia, and premature aging. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lists heart disease as the leading cause of death in the United States; nearly 70 million Americans currently suffer from hypertension, which is the leading risk for heart disease. Similarly, 70 million Americans suffer from … Read More

7 Tasty Solutions For A Better Night’s Sleep

120995574If you suffer from insomnia, you know how torturous the sleepless nights can be with the constant tossing and turning and nervous glances at the alarm clock.  And when you finally do manage to fall asleep, your alarm clock goes off, leaving you exhausted, cranky and unmotivated to start your day.

The good news is that there are … Read More

Sleepwalking is Becoming More Common

154452003Sleepwalking, also known as somnambulism, is considered as the main cause of most sleep-related injuries.  Unfortunately, research efforts in the last 50 years has left several questions regarding sleepwalking unanswered, especially in terms of its actual causes.

One of the major misconceptions about sleepwalking is that it is a benign disorder, in which minor effects result from this … Read More

The Male vs. Female Sleeping Pill Controversy

57435358Approximately 50 to 70 million Americans struggle with sleep problems and insomnia and one in ten have turned to prescription sleeping pills in a desperate attempt to get some shut-eye. These are some troubling statistics, especially if you consider the fact that taking sleeping pills even in small amounts is correlated with a 35 percent increased risk of … Read More

How Do Sleep Problems Lead to Cancer?

147285331Sleep pertains to that nocturnal ritual that is characterized by a lack of voluntary muscle movement and consciousness, as the body recharges itself for the next busy day.  Sleep problems, also known as sleep disorders, are disruptions in these evening rest periods, resulting in various physical and mental effects.  One of the most common sleep problems is insomnia, … Read More

What To Do When Pain Interrupts Sleep

86532913Not getting enough sleep can have a negative impact on all aspects of your life; health, work and relationships. Sleep problems can often be associated with pain. When that pain is constant and you end up suffering from insomnia, it is time to incorporate pain management strategies that can help you get back on track.

Types of PainRead More

Men, Women and Differing Sleep Problems

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that between 50 and 70 million Americans have a sleep disorder. Sleep problems can lead to unhealthy behavior and illness.

Over the last few decades the medical community has come to realize just how important good sleep is to our health so more research has been conducted on problems such … Read More

Obesity and the Negative Impact on Sleep

If you found out that those few extra pounds that you’ve been carrying around your waist could be one of the reasons for your suffering from tiredness and fatigue, would you be motivated to lose them?  Being overweight or obese can cause many health problems and new research shows that it may also cause sleep problems, including insomnia.   … Read More

More Than a Sleep Problem, Why You’re So Tired

If you’re having sleep problems, you’re not alone. Approximately 30-50% of the population suffer from insomnia at some point in their life, with approximately 10% suffering from chronic insomnia. How you deal with insomnia can have a significant negative impact on your health, including your mental health. Determining the cause of your insomnia is important so that you … Read More

Foods That Steal a Good Night’s Sleep

sleep problemsSleep problems pertain to a wide range of disruptions in patterns of sleeping, such as the inability to sleep, or insomnia, and the grinding of teeth during sleep.  These disruptions may actually interfere with the capacity of a person to rest each night, resulting in a variety of physical and mental health issues that require medical treatment.  … Read More

What Cheese Does for Your Nightmares

insomniaA nightmare is a scary and vivid dream that causes an individual to awake abruptly. Frequent nightmares can cause exhaustion, reduced brain function and memory impairment during the day and they can lead to sleep problems and insomnia during the night. Although there is no singular proven cause of nightmares, studies have found that certain medications, mental health … Read More

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