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The Link Between Being Lonely and Dementia

memoryDementia pertains to a complex medical disorder that affects the cognitive function of an individual and is thus characterized by forgetfulness and memory loss.  For several decades, dementia was considered as an exclusive condition of the elderly; however, the number of cases of dementia has recently increased around the world.

In addition, majority of the cases of dementia, … Read More

Routines Killing Your Memory and Brain Health

Our brain is considered as the central controller of our bodies, often influencing the way we think, speak, and act, and thus can affect the quality of relationships we maintain with family members, friends, and co-workers.

The brain also promotes the production of essential proteins for the body, including those that are related to reproduction and digestion.  During … Read More

The Top Signs You’ll get Alzheimer’s – More Than Just Memory Loss

 memoryAs we age a certain level of memory loss is expected. This happens because the connections between our brain cells get weaker. There is a big difference between simple forgetfulness and serious memory loss though.  In the United States over 5 million people suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. The majority of these cases are 65-year olds or older, but … Read More

What is Dementia Night Camp?

memoryCaring for a loved one that has dementia can be a difficult task, especially at night if they don’t sleep or wake up agitated and confused during normal sleeping hours.  The development of a program that is similar to a “camp” at night provides relief to those caring for people suffering from dementia.

What is Dementia?

Dementia involves … Read More

Understanding Elder Abuse

memoryIt isn’t something that anyone wants to think about, never mind be privy to or experience. But the sad fact of the matter is that elder abuse does happen, and learning more about it can sometimes be a good starting point to be able to notice the symptoms, and hopefully cut down the risk factors.

The abuse has … Read More

It’s Not Alzheimer’s – Why Your Memory is Going?

memoryAlzheimer’s disease is a degenerative disorder that is characterized by forgetfulness, memory loss, and behavioral changes.  Although Alzheimer’s disease is still relatively common amongst the elderly, its prevalence is on the decline and frequent memory loss isn’t necessarily indicative of early Alzheimer’s.  In fact, there are numerous causes of forgetfulness and memory loss and many of them are … Read More

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