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Weight loss and healthy fat diet improve cholesterol

weight-loss-and-healthy-fat-diet-improve-cholestrolWeight loss and consumption of healthy fats as seen in the Mediterranean diet – olive oil, fish, etc. – have been found to help improve cholesterol numbers. Moreover, the results were found to be high in women, specifically women who …

MIND diet reduces Alzheimer’s disease risk by 53 percent

Food for thoughtThe MIND diet has been shown to improve brain health and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. As we age, the threat of developing Alzheimer’s disease increases. Although the cause of Alzheimer’s disease is still unknown, researchers are working diligently …

Fasting diet that mimics fasting for 5 days can slow down aging

fasting diet for anti-aging

There is currently a diet style that mimics fasting, which has been shown to slow down the aging process. Think back to our ancestors, and we’re saying way back. Those people didn’t have food readily available to them at all …

Low-fat diets no more effective than other diets: Study

Low-fat diets no more effective than other diets: StudyWhen it comes to weight loss, low-fat diets are often recommended, but new research suggests they are no different than other popular diets. Study lead, Deirdre Tobias, said, “We found that low-fat diets were not more effective than higher-fat diets …

High fructose diet slows brain injury recovery, affects memory and learning

High fructose diet slows brain injury recovery, affects memory and learningA diet high in fructose has been linked to weight gain for a long time, but now neuroscientists believe processed fructose could impact the ability to heal after head trauma, putting nutrition and brain injury in the spotlight.

Fructose is …

Sodium potassium balance in diet critical for renal and cardiovascular health

Sodium potassium balance in diet critical for renal and cardiovascular healthFor good cardiovascular health and renal health you need a proper sodium potassium balance in your diet. Balanced sodium and potassium levels have been shown to lower blood pressure and lower your risk of heart disease, heart attack and stroke. …

Nutrient deficiency caused by not eating variety of foods

Americans not eating enough variety of foods If variety is the spice of life, then American diets are mild at best. The USDA has found that Americans are primarily consuming potatoes and tomatoes as their daily fruits and vegetables and rarely anything else. Potatoes and tomatoes make …

Popular diet linked to increased heart risk

Southern diet linked to heart disease Location can play a role in the foods you eat, meaning wherever you are right now is effecting what you consume. If you reside along the west coast you probably enjoy fresh vegetables and even prawns. But if you reside …

Side effects of junk food

side effects of junk foodsTime and time again we hail, praise and highly recommend healthy eating – but always for good reason! You see, over time junk food severely harms your body in more ways than one.

Sure, you probably heard that junk food …

Olives: Nutrition and health benefits

health benefits of olivesFrom the trees of the Mediterranean come a delicious and healthy fruit. While most people use olives to complement savory dishes, this food item is classified as fruit – even if we tend to use it like a vegetable. Not …

Seniors with diabetes can lower knee pain with diet and exercise

Seniors with diabetes can lower knee pain with diet and exerciseResearchers at the University of Delaware have discovered that putting seniors on a strict exercise and diet plan could reduce the onset of knee pain if they have diabetes.

A common cause for knee pain among seniors is osteoarthritis. Knee …

What does initial weight loss tell you?

long term weight lossEveryone wants to lose those last five pounds. But keeping the weight off can be hard. Maybe in the past you’ve been successful, but somewhere down the road those pounds snuck back. Losing weight and keeping it off can be …

Gluten-free bad for your health?

Gluten-free bad for your health?Today, it’s difficult not to notice all of the gluten-free products available in health food and grocery stores. There’s been a number of books, magazine articles and news segments, too – all of which have characterized gluten as a dietary …

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