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Lift your mood with these healing foods

healing-foodsWhen I’m stressed or feeling down, I’m quick to turn to chocolate – and I don’t stop at the recommended single high-cocoa dark chocolate square! That’s the trouble with emotional eating. Once you start, it’s hard to just say no …

Why your mood could be a sign of serious illness

DEMENTIA, DEPRESSIONAs a doctor, I see people with a wide variety of health issues every day. One that I have noticed is really prevalent is depression in seniors.

As people get up in years, the risk of dementia and other degenerative …

Why surfing the internet can make you happy

MENTAL HEALTH, DEPRESSIONI’m not the most high-tech person when it comes to carrying around a smartphone or iPad as if it was a life-support system (like some young people I know). But I do recognize the value of staying connected with friends, …

Why Your Toothache Is Making Your Life Miserable

shutterstock_92524366Depression has been tied to a variety of physical ailments, from sleep problems to weight loss and weight gain. But when was the last time you paid your dentist a visit?

New research adds another potential link to depression: Dental …

Detect Depression Early To Save Your Heart


Eat breakfast. Drink water. Exercise. Healthy lifestyle habits do plenty to keep your heart strong.

New research shows that heart-healthy habits will also help you respond better to treatment for depression.

In today’s society, depression is very common, affecting more …

Treating Depression In Early Life Can Save You From Heart Disease

147463462Today, children with depression are more likely to show signs of heart disease as early as their teen years, a new study reveals.

No question, depression hurts –and leads to further health problems. Depression experienced at an early age not only …

Call For Help: Mental Illness Rising In Older Adults


Don’t call me crazy! There’s a stigma surrounding mental health issues, like depression, phobias and obsessive compulsive disorder, that prevents people from asking for help. That has to change.

When it comes to people affected by cancer or heart disease,

Lonely And Depressed? 10 Steps To Beat Seasonal Affective Disorder

178129490Feeling a little blue? Lonely, listless and in your pajamas until noon? I can’t blame you. In some parts of North America, we’re in a record-breaking deep freeze. The days are short, dark and pretty darn cold and I feel …

Ketamine: The New Antidepressant?

166260575Traditionally used in human and veterinary medicine, the drug, ketamine, now promises to be a fast, effective treatment of depression in patients unresponsive to other medications.

New research conducted by Japan’s RIKENCenter for Life Science Technologies – and published in the …

Post-holiday Depression: The Truth About SAD

stk27636sptHolidays can be so joyful. They are full of celebration, beautiful décor, reunions with family and friends; not to mention the delicious variety of foods and gift-giving that comes along with them.

However, when the music stops, the family and …

Vitamin D: The New Brain Vitamin

121353325Vitamin D is known to increase bone strength by improving your body’s ability to absorb calcium. However, that isn’t the only trick up the sunshine vitamin’s sleeve.

New research has shown that vitamin D can actually fight depression, and reduce …

Study Suggests State Of Mind Affects Body’s Aging

155322710Many people suffer from bouts of depression throughout their lifetime. It can be brought on by a major life event, such as a death, divorce, sudden job loss or a health problem. When depression becomes chronic, it can be crippling.…

Low Intake of THIS Vitamin Could Lead You to Depression

80410771Research out of the University of Eastern Finland is adding strength to the theory that “we are what we eat.”  A student at the University has presented her doctoral thesis in the field of nutritional epidemiology and has concluded that …

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