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4 surprising ways to treat your cold this season

cold and flu, congestion, health tips, natural, treatment, cold and fluWith cold and flu season upon us, it almost seems inevitable that you’ll catch something this time of year.

From pesky sniffles to sore throats, to feeling so ill you don’t even want to leave your bed, a virus can really take a toll.

You might see your doctor, but antibiotics can’t be prescribed because they only work … Read More

Is Oregano Oil An Effective Remedy Against The Cold And Flu?

Herbal MedicineAs flu season rolls around, people begin worrying about how to keep themselves, and their families, healthy. One popular natural remedy at this time of year is oregano oil, used to fight cold and flu symptoms. But can its effectiveness be proven by science?

Oregano Oil: Science Behind The Alternate Remedy

As the name suggests, oregano oil is … Read More

The Japanese Health Food That Could Protect You From The Flu


The latest health food getting many second glances from health foodies during cold and flu season is an old, traditional Japanese favorite: pickled turnips. And while Westerners may close their minds and mouths at first when it comes to trying this Eastern cultural dish at first, research is showing that pickled turnips may just live up to the … Read More

Your Flu Vaccine Fears and Myths Debunked

123905013Around this time every year, a highly infectious virus known as influenza begins spreading throughout the nation. It passes from person to person through the air we breathe, multiplying in cells that line our body’s airways. This seasonal epidemic of respiratory infection leaves thousands of people severely sick, and has even been known to take lives.

Eighty years … Read More

The Truth Behind the “Man Cold”

allergies and exhaustionIt’s a tale as old as time…when the flu hits, the woman ‘toughs it out’ and carries on with her daily duties, while the man retreats to his bed at the slightest cough.  Some women mock their men for their inability to carry on, while some men report that they are experiencing a much more severe version of … Read More

Sock Shock Therapy – Can Socks Help You Fight the Flu?

Socks fight Cold and FluIt’s cold and flu season, and chances are that the cold will strike you at a most inopportune time. If you want to fight the influenza virus and regain your health fast, the thing to do is to boost your immune system. Be sure to get plenty of rest, consume an abundance of fluids, and avoid immune suppressing … Read More

Are You Too Late for the Flu Shot?

Allergies Are Being TestedIf you are like many North Americans you might have been rushing to the clinic for your flu shot, in hopes of protecting yourself against the undeniable symptoms of influenza. Or maybe you are wondering if you are simply too late, and you’d be better off waiting until next year. If there is anything that you can be … Read More

Health Rules That Make No Sense

91027151Avoid  junk food based diets, make sure you eat your fruits and veggies, wash your hands often (especially during cold and flu season), make a good night’s sleep a priority…some rules your mother was absolutely right about and in the interest of your health they should be followed. However, there are also some rules that are not so … Read More

6 Drinks to Help Cold and Flu Symptoms

waterInfluenza, under-the-weather, cold and flu…regardless of what you choose to call it, it is almost inevitable that you will suffer from it at some point or another. When your immune system is compromised, the influenza virus can attack and before you know it you are sick as a bird, feeling powerless over the influenza beast.

Although you can’t … Read More

New: Weather Forecasts for a Virus?

allergiesThis idea really appears to take social media to a whole new level. It isn’t an uncommon activities for almost everyone’s daily routine to wake up and check out the weather forecast so as to better plan for the events of the day. But by the same theory that the weather helps us to plan, wouldn’t it be … Read More

Explaining the Universal Flu Vaccine

immune systemWinter is here and so is influenza, the infectious disease that is commonly characterized by general fatigue, fever, and sore throat.  Influenza, also known as the “flu”, is often mistaken as the common cold because it presents with similar symptoms.

However, it is important to understand that influenza and the common cold are two different medical conditions and … Read More

The Real Flu Danger – Feeding a Fever

emergencyEscaping the common cold and flu can be difficult, especially for children. They play in close contact with others, forget to wash their hands, and often share food with their friends. When they do get influenza parents often worry that it could lead to weight loss; however, recent research suggests feeding a fever that comes with the cold … Read More

It’s Here – Cold and Flu Season

cold and fluIt’s officially here, people taking time off work, your kids and grand-kids staying at home, sick in bed with high fevers, and hospital and doctors offices entertaining high volumes of people with similar complaints, a cold and flu virus, and while we are no stranger to the effects and inconveniences of the cold and flu bug, there seems … Read More

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