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Unnecessary mastectomy on the rise?

breast cancer, preventionDespite the fact that mastectomy is an invasive surgery with a difficult recovery, many women continue to choose it as the “safe bet” when faced with breast cancer.

In fact, about 70 percent of breast cancer patients will have the procedure done, says the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center. But if the ultimate aim is to fight … Read More

Could High Cholesterol Increase The Spread Of Breast Cancer?

146903764You’ve likely heard that high cholesterol is bad for your heart. But it gets worse.

Researchers at the Duke Cancer Institute say that high cholesterol may also contribute to the spread of breast cancer. The current research was published in Science in the Nov. 29, 2013 edition.

The recent study is the first of its kind to identify … Read More

Study Warns Women: You Need A Yearly Mammogram Earlier Than You Thought

86516769A shocking new study reveals that the majority of women dying from breast cancer are younger than the ones traditionally being told to start going for regular mammogram exams.  According to the research, published in Cancer, these younger women would have greatly benefited from regular yearly mammogram routines from much earlier ages – and it possibly could have … Read More

Young Women Who Drink Alcohol Increase Their Risk of Breast Cancer

78057987College campuses across the globe are witnessing a huge increase in alcohol consumption among students. Not many of these young people are thinking about the future consequences of such enthusiastic binge drinking. While this is a concern for both genders, recent findings suggest that young women should especially be wary of alcohol consumption. There is now a different … Read More

Your Work Schedule Could Be Doubling Your Breast Cancer Risk

78455879Data collected by the Bureau of Information Statistics shows that about fifteen million Americans work full-time during evenings, nights, or on rotating and irregular work shifts. Workers who habitually work long and late shifts, such as doctors, paramedics and police officers, have been warned for years now of potential short-term and long-term health problems. However, a new study … Read More

Breast Cancer Prognosis Determined By This One Gene

153074876Receiving a confirmed breast cancer diagnosis is difficult, and discovering an aggressive form of this disease can be utterly devastating.  But new research just published in Cell may provide some hope for those diagnosed with aggressive forms of breast cancer.  The researchers identified a particular gene, called ZEB1, with the power to convert non-cancer stem cells into cancer … Read More

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