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The elderly recover slower from concussions

ThinkstockPhotos-85500993New research reveals that the elderly take a longer time to recover from a concussion. Concussions are known as mild traumatic brain injuries and account for 75 percent of brain injuries that occur. Working memory may become affected after a concussion, …

Understanding Alzheimer’s disease plaques in brain easier with amyloid protein cues

Understanding Alzheimer’s disease plaques in brain easier with amyloid protein cuesAlzheimer’s plaques are clumps of fibrous protein, referred to as amyloid plaques, commonly found in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients. Amyloid plaques were first discussed about 150 years ago and have since been associated with Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s

Alzheimer’s disease protein link with brain stress response found

Alzheimer’s disease protein link with brain stress response foundResearchers from the University of Florida have found a link between an Alzheimer’s disease protein and the brain’s stress response. The research was conducted on mouse models as well as in human cells. The findings revealed a stress-coping hormone released …

Junk food affects the brain, mental health by shrinking the hippocampus

Junk food affects the brain, mental health by shrinking the hippocampusUnhealthy diets containing junk food have been shown to affect the brain and lead to poor mental health. The findings come from researchers at Deakin University and the Australian National University.

Specific findings concluded that a part in the brain …

Depression in the elderly causes slower response to treatment

Depression in the elderly Antidepressant therapy may vary among the elderly with late-life depression as it becomes more difficult to treat the older the individual is. The study was published in JAMA Psychiatry which examined longitudinal patterns of changes in depressive symptoms in those …

Discovered: New role for brain’s hippocampus

Discovered: New role for brain’s hippocampus The medical community has always believed that the hippocampus (Latin for sea-horse) was responsible for recent memory, long-term memory and spatial navigation. However, researchers have recently demonstrated that this sea-horse-shaped organelle in our brain can also play a big role …

This popular alcohol drink really helps your memory…

Beer can help your brain?Every now and then, a glass of wine or beer is such a pleasure. With dinner, it’s that little something extra to toast with or bring out the flavors of your meal. At a pub, sampling a craft brew is …

What a cold sore says about your memory

alzheimer's, memory, brainCold sores are not only unsightly to look at and uncomfortable, they can be a sign of serious health problems.

Previous research on cold sores has found that they can be tied to memory loss, but more recent study has …

These 2014 breakthroughs can help your health problems

These 2014 breakthroughs can help your health problemsWe hear a lot about research underway, testing vaccines for Ebola, developing a new cancer treatment, or trialing nutrition methods to reverse type 2 diabetes.

But when does scientific study provide real-world medicine and treatment? More often than we may …

Feeling depressed? There’s a natural solution without drugs

brain, energy, brain, energyMy elderly aunt, I’m afraid, is not doing well. She lost her husband almost a year ago and has been declining ever since, determined, however, to remain in her home alone.

Her kids say she shouldn’t be living on her …

This miracle food reverses memory loss?

brain, memoryA mystery chocolate drink, made by confectionery company Mars, Incorporated, has turned back the clock on aging brains. Chocolate is even better for us than we thought!

A breakthrough study by Columbia University Medical Center has uncovered something quite remarkable: …

Could these 2014 Nobel Prize scientists save your memory?

shutterstock_106390010What do you do when someone you love is so disoriented and afraid they’re trying to leave the house in the middle of the night? They can’t remember where they are, or who they are, or where they should be.…

Harvard’s scientific trick: Healthy food becomes irresistible?

healthy eating, brainDon’t like the taste of wheatgrass or cod liver oil? How about broccoli, my least favorite childhood vegetable?!

If it sounds like something you wouldn’t ever try, or can’t bring yourself to eat, think again. Recent research has suggested that …

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