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Hypoglycemia alert: How low is your blood sugar?

symptoms-of-hypoglycemiaAre you feeling shaky and weak? Nervous and sweating for no apparent reason? It could be hypoglycemia – low blood sugar – a symptom, just like fever, that signals something is wrong with your health.

When it comes to the …

How To Walk Away From Diabetes

couple walking dogs

People at risk for diabetes have been told by doctors for years that engaging in a regular exercise program can be a very helpful strategy for naturally stabilizing blood sugar levels. Typically, patients are told that they require at least …

The Sugar Epidemic – How it is Killing More Than Your Diets

sugarSugar is a big problem, and that news isn’t a shock to anyone. Some might say it is actually an epidemic. After all, sugar appears in nearly all foods, some that you would expect, such as soda pop, jams and …

Sugar Levels and the Strange Effect on Women

blood sugarOne of the most highly recommended measures that health groups promote to live longer involve leading a healthy lifestyle, including eating the right food items.  Fruits and vegetables are considered as very nutritious food items because these contain vitamins and …

This is Your Brain on Sugar

blood sugarThe average American consumes 130 pounds of added sugar per year and before you deny falling into this category, consider the fact that much of the sugar is unwittingly consumed, due to the insidious nature of sugar in our food. …

Diabetes Diagnosis Garners Same Reaction as Death

 blood sugarYou’ve been diagnosed with diabetes and the words insulin, blood sugar and glucose can be scary, especially if you haven’t heard them before. Learning that there is no way to cure diabetes and realizing that you now have a chronic, …

Diabetes Deaths Dropping – But is it Good News?

 glucoseMore than 8 percent of the American population currently suffers with diabetes, which is a disease that results when the pancreas either does not produce enough of the blood sugar regulating hormone insulin (type-2 diabetes), or it does not produce …

Canned Meat Might Double Your Diabetes Risk

glucose levelsDiabetics are generally characterized with elevated blood sugar levels that need immediate control in order to prevent further medical complications.  Diabetics regulate their glucose levels through the administration of insulin or by monitoring the type and amount of food consumed …

Is Rice Giving You Diabetes?

Rice and DiabetesDiabetes Statistics

Diabetes has become a global epidemic over the past couple of decades, and the World Diabetes Association states that approximately 6.4% of the global population are diabetics. The percentage of diabetics varies widely by country however, with the …

Is This the Cure for Diabetes?

With the increased levels of obesity in Canada, there has been a correlated increase in the number of people being diagnosed with Type II diabetes. Due to the serious complications that can occur with diabetes, many diabetics are searching for …

The Many Benefits of Avocado

Benefits of AvocadoCan food high in fat and calories be considered a heart healthy food? If you’re talking about avocado, then the answer is yes.

Avocado’s have long been a cause for question amongst dieters. At first sight, the nutritional information of …

The Miracle Grass for Diabetes and Cholesterol

Diabetes and CholesterolBy 2030 it is expected that 438 million people will have diabetes worldwide. The most common strain is Type-2 and the disease, according to some, has reached global epidemic status. Many diabetic also experience cholesterol problems and face obesity.

Type-2 …

Hidden Ways Wheat is Making You Gain Weight

Gain WeightWheat is the primary source of carbohydrates in many of our diets, and the average American consumes a whopping 55 pounds of wheat flour per year! Many of us our well aware that a diet full of refined wheat products …

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