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How To Walk Away From Diabetes

Thursday, Aug. 8, 2013

couple walking dogs

People at risk for diabetes have been told by doctors for years that engaging in a regular exercise program can be a very helpful strategy for naturally stabilizing blood sugar levels. Typically, patients are told that they require at least forty-five minutes of moderately strenuous activity each day in order to see beneficial results.

To meet these requirements, most people try to do a single forty-five minute exercise routine per day. However, a large proportion of people at risk for …

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The Sugar Epidemic – How it is Killing More Than Your Diets

Saturday, Dec. 15, 2012

sugarSugar is a big problem, and that news isn’t a shock to anyone. Some might say it is actually an epidemic. After all, sugar appears in nearly all foods, some that you would expect, such as soda pop, jams and spreads and breakfast cereals, but some that you wouldn’t expect, such as salad dressing soup and even pasta sauce.

A recent report actually shows that North American’s eat, on average a half of a cup of sugar…every single day. Those …

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Sugar Levels and the Strange Effect on Women

Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2012

blood sugarOne of the most highly recommended measures that health groups promote to live longer involve leading a healthy lifestyle, including eating the right food items.  Fruits and vegetables are considered as very nutritious food items because these contain vitamins and minerals that may assist in various biochemical reactions of the body.  Fruits and vegetables also contain antioxidants, which are molecules that combat free radicals that can inflict damage to cells.  Fiber is also present in most fruits and vegetables, supporting …

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This is Your Brain on Sugar

Tuesday, Sep. 11, 2012

blood sugarThe average American consumes 130 pounds of added sugar per year and before you deny falling into this category, consider the fact that much of the sugar is unwittingly consumed, due to the insidious nature of sugar in our food. This exceptionally high consumption should concern you because some of America’s most respected institutions are now classifying sugar (especially when in the form of fructose) as a toxin, and linking it to the country’s biggest killers — including diabetes, heart …

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