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Posts Tagged ‘blood pressure’

Men, Women Differ When It Comes To Stroke Risk

Saturday, Feb. 22, 2014

86543319If your doctor asked you if you could identify the risks for stroke, would you know the answer – or nod politely and say, well, why don’t you tell me!

But the truth is, you should become familiar with the risk factors, especially if you’re female.

Over 400,000 American women suffer from stroke every year. Some people may be surprised to hear that this number is about 55,000 more than men. Recent surveys suggest that a significant number of women …

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Blood Pressure Drug To Treat Migraines

Monday, Feb. 10, 2014

86518532Migraines are a painful problem that can interfere with everyday life, leaving many holed up inside with the curtains drawn when migraine strikes.

Treatment drugs currently on the market may not be effective, but a recent discovery may help to provide relief from the pain and vision issues.

Candesartan To Relieve Migraines: Study

Candesartan is a medication designed to treat high blood pressure and congestive heart failure, but a recent study found that it can be just as effective at …

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High Blood Pressure More Dangerous For Women

Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2014

89512351It’s great to be a woman today with more opportunities available than ever before, the challenges that come with working outside the home and often acting as chief caregiver for children and domestic affairs.

But womanhood is not so fabulous when it comes to high blood pressure, new research says. High blood pressure can stalk us without any symptoms or warning signs, and now this “silent killer” in women also puts them at a higher risk than their male counterparts …

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Medications Taken In This Form Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2013

medication, blood pressure

When your upset stomach has you reaching for a glass of water and a fizzy tablet, try some ginger tea instead.

If you regularly take medication such as dissolvable aspirin, Alka-Seltzer or other fizzy types, you may want to switch to a different form of medication. You could be putting yourself at risk for heart disease.

Researchers from the University of Dundee and University College London have found that individuals taking dispersible forms of medication – pills and powders that …

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