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Disease-fighting power of this humble vegetable…

blood pressure, diabetesAlthough fall means the days will get cooler and shorter, those harvest vegetables are now in season – and they have so many health benefits to offer.

One vegetable, in particular, packs a punch when it comes to providing you with your daily intake of vitamins and keeping you healthy right through the winter. This superstar food is … Read More

Fix for your blood pressure could be in your fridge right now

blood pressure, probioticsHow is your digestion? Any gas or bloating? A popular fix to promote digestion and regularity is probiotics, the healthy bacteria found in some common foods and supplements that help to increase the good bacteria in your gut.

It turns out, probiotics can work wonders on your blood pressure, too, according to new research. Treatment could be as … Read More

The foods that give you high blood pressure

blood pressure, heart diseaseThe next time you have a hankering for a gooey cheese spread to go with your crackers, some Parmesan on top of that bowl of pasta, or even a supersized cola to wash it all down, you should really take a moment to think it through.

New information has surfaced explaining how phosphate-rich foods, like the ones mentioned … Read More

Why arguing can really affect your health

476073337If you’re like me, you’ve found yourself in the midst of a heated debate. If you’re married, you can relate, I’m sure.

Fights with our spouses, relatives, friends or neighbors are almost inevitable. These angry moments are stressful at the time, but have you ever stopped to consider the long-term outcome associated with arguing?

A new study has … Read More

Men, Women Differ When It Comes To Stroke Risk

86543319If your doctor asked you if you could identify the risks for stroke, would you know the answer – or nod politely and say, well, why don’t you tell me!

But the truth is, you should become familiar with the risk factors, especially if you’re female.

Over 400,000 American women suffer from stroke every year. Some people may … Read More

Blood Pressure Drug To Treat Migraines

86518532Migraines are a painful problem that can interfere with everyday life, leaving many holed up inside with the curtains drawn when migraine strikes.

Treatment drugs currently on the market may not be effective, but a recent discovery may help to provide relief from the pain and vision issues.

Candesartan To Relieve Migraines: Study

Candesartan is a medication designed … Read More

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