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Why you might not need that antibiotic after all

antibiotics, bacteriaSometimes it seems as though antibiotics are prescribed for everything.

If you are feeling under the weather, the idea of a quick fix might be attractive. Pop a couple pills for a few days and get back to the land of the living, right?

Not exactly. In fact, taking these pills is a waste if your sickness isn’t … Read More

Unwanted Ingredient Lurking In Your Organic Chicken

178564147Did you know that inside industrial hatcheries, eggs are routinely injected with small amounts of an antibiotic used to treat a myriad of bacterial infections?

Well, the practice is allowed in organic production, too, and could lead to the occurrence of superbugs in the future, according to a new Consumer Reports study republished in Mothers Jones.

For … Read More

Common Medical Practices May Be Bad For Your Health

152178059Think back to how many times you have seen a doctor in the past year. How many scans, tests and antibiotics were you prescribed? Does the number seem overwhelming? That’s probably because it is.

Although current medical systems are in place to create life longevity, adverse effects from over-prescriptions are now taking a toll on the population’s health, … Read More

Most Antibiotics Prescribed for This Common Ailment Are Useless – And Even Harmful

skd225401sdcNot only are we getting a daily dose of antibiotics at dinner time when we eat meat or dairy products, but we are also commonly bombarded by them in soaps, hand sanitizers, cleaning products, and through countless prescriptions that we receive from the doctor, often for only minor health issues. This has contributed to the scary rise of antibiotic-resistant strains of common diseases. But not … Read More

Up to 20 Pharmaceuticals Lurking in Your Average Glass of Milk

stk110108corWhen it comes to ensuring good health and strong bones as we age, most of us have come to think of a tall, cold glass of milk as the ultimate symbol of health and wellbeing. However, according to a study from the University of Jaen in Spain, milk may no longer provide the clean bill of health that … Read More

Meat-Eaters Beware – You’re Eating More Than Just Meat

87674844For many people living in North America, meat is a staple of the diet.  We indulge in it for taste, for nutrition, and with the growing popularity of high-protein diets, even for weight loss. But for those of you who choose to regularly indulge in meat and meat by-products, recent statistics collected by the FDA have uncovered that … Read More

Take THIS To Reduce the Dangerous Side-Effects of Antibiotics

121040755(1)Probiotics have gained widespread popularity over the past decade, and deservedly so. The benefits of probiotics are far reaching – they have been found to help boost immunity, treat digestive issues, allergies and skin disorders, and reduce cholesterol levels, depression and anxiety. Probiotics are also an ideal adjunct to antibiotic therapy, and researchers at the Cochrane Collaboration organization … Read More

For a Clean Bill of Health – Eat Dirt

167360892Now more than ever, we are obsessed with ‘cleanliness’. Although cleanliness is traditionally thought to be a healthy attribute, modern medicine is now beginning to change it’s tune with the “Hygiene Hypothesis.” The Hygiene Hypothesis not only claims that a bit of dirt could be good for you, but also raises concerns that all these years of obsessive … Read More

Why Seniors are Being Overprescribed Antibiotics

antibioticsAntibiotics are generally prescribed for patients who are suffering from bacterial infections.  These drugs are designed to either immobilize or kill the bacteria that have invaded the body, thus allowing the immune system to produce antibodies and macrophages to eradicate these foreign microbes.  Antibiotics have been long been used for the treatment of a wide range of bacterial … Read More

Why Meat is Causing “Super Bugs”

 damageAntibiotics are commonly administered to various farm animals such as cattle, chickens, and pigs to prevent bacterial infections that may damage the immune system, causing morbidity and mortality. However, it is also important to recognize the fact that the excessive use of antibiotics may also inflict additional damage to farm animals by inducing the emergence of bacterial strains … Read More

The Antibiotics Scandal

antibioticsOur immune system can often fight off infection; however, sometimes our body doesn’t want to co-operate and people need help to fight off the invaders. This is where antibiotics come in. When our immune system can’t destroy bad bacteria, doctors are known to prescribe antibiotics…the problem is, sometimes those antibiotics are useless.

Infections and Antibiotic Use

Twenty percent … Read More

Understanding the Chicken Scandal

Chicken ScandalIn 1945, British Scientists Howard Florey and Ernst Boris Chain created the first safe antibiotic – penicillin. Antibiotics are credited for preventing bacterial infections from causing severe immune system damage, more importantly; they are credited for saving the lives of millions of people. In fact, antibiotics are considered one of modern medicines greatest achievements.

Unfortunately, antibiotics have been … Read More

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