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Wait To Walk Down The Aisle To Avoid Joint Stiffness

Monday, Mar. 10, 2014

87636797The average age of marriage in the United States is now 29 for men, and that’s good news – for their bones.

Less stress? More time to sew their oats?

A new study published in Osteoporosis International found that getting married after the age of 25 gives men stronger bone density in their spines compared to those who married at a younger age. This finding may have important implications for the prevention of joint aging and stiffness later in life, …

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Study Suggests State Of Mind Affects Body’s Aging

Monday, Dec. 9, 2013

155322710Many people suffer from bouts of depression throughout their lifetime. It can be brought on by a major life event, such as a death, divorce, sudden job loss or a health problem. When depression becomes chronic, it can be crippling.

While suicide prevention is a priority when it comes to mental health issues, research suggests another area of concern: Depression may accelerate the body’s natural aging.

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The Link …

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Drinking Milk May Not Boost Your Bone Health After All

Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2013

146801870Milk has long been touted as the best food to consume for bone health. The combination of calcium and vitamin D in milk is potent, but not necessarily for your bones.

In fact, recent findings from Harvard Medical School shed new light on the “drink milk” campaign, suggesting that drinking milk has nothing to do with bone health.

Calcium And Bone Health

Calcium is the nutrient that plays the most crucial role in maintaining healthy bones. Without calcium, your body …

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Scientists Baffled By The Girl Who Stopped Aging

Friday, Nov. 15, 2013

Brooke Greenberg has become a sort of celebrity in the scientific community. Being a 20-year-old stuck in the body of a five-year-old, she may hold the key to certain anti-aging genes.

The Anti-Aging Wunderkind

Brooke was born prematurely at a mere 4 pounds. Brooke’s parents believed that over time, Brooke would catch up to other kids her age, developmentally. When her sister was born, however, that optimism slowly began to fade. In a matter of years, Brooke’s younger sister had …

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