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Boosting walking speed, intensity could improve mental health in aging

Boosting walking speed, intensity could improve mental health in agingBoosting walking speed and intensity could improve mental health in aging. A recent study found that strong legs are associated with a strong mind, and to achieve strong legs faster, more intense walking can be utilized.

The findings come from …

Scientists claim aging to be a disease, call for new classification

Scientists claim aging to be a disease, call for new classificationIt is common knowledge that aging is a natural part of life, but scientists are now asking for a new classification on the condition of aging, claiming it is a disease. A recent paper on the subject calls for greater …

Schizophrenia in elderly, managing old age psychotic disorder

schizoManaging the psychotic disorder schizophrenia in the elderly is important but also faces many challenges. Anyone at any age can experience schizophrenia, but age can be a large factor in the effectiveness of treatment. For example, antipsychotic drugs can pose …

Having low libido is more serious than you think

low libido may be sign of serious health problemOne common belief is that as we age our libido and sex drive take a downward spiral. Because many of us believe this idea we don’t get too concerned that the older we get, the less sex we have – …

Effects of aging on body systems and your brain

Effects of aging on bodyAging affects our bodies and our minds. Growing old is inevitable, but let’s be honest for a moment, no one wants to grow old. In a perfect world we’d be 21 forever, but unfortunately, Mother Nature has a different plan …

Aging, diabetes and inflammation understood with new molecular synthetic

Aging, diabetes and inflammation understood with new molecular syntheticAging, diabetes and inflammation can be better understood with a new molecular synthetic process developed by researchers at Yale University. The new process synthesizes glucosepane, which has been found to be a critical component of aging and diabetes.

Senior Author, …

Metabolism affects aging rate, longevity and mortality

Metabolism affects aging rate, longevity and mortalityMetabolism has been shown to affect aging, longevity and mortality. New research from the American Chemical Society can better help us understand longevity. Their study was conducted on worms, and researchers believe they can accurately predict longevity at middle-age.

Being …

Causes of skeletal muscle weakness and atrophy due to aging

Causes of skeletal muscle weaknessResearchers have discovered a protein – ATF4 – which contributes to skeletal muscle weakness and atrophy during aging. The study was conducted by the University of Iowa and published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry.

Researchers uncovered the protein ATF4 …

Healthy aging blood test helps diagnose Alzheimer’s disease and dementia

Healthy agingResearchers have uncovered a healthy aging blood test which helps diagnose Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. The findings came from a seven-year collaborative study at King’s College London, Karolinska Institutet in Sweden and Duke University in the U.S.

Researchers used a …

Body hair not immune to aging

Body hair not immune to agingWith aging comes many different changes. Wrinkles begin to show, body fat is harder to lose and there are changes to our own body hair. That’s right, your body hair changes as you get older.

Body hair is not a …

5 Tips to Protect Aging Skin from the Sun

aging skin protection from sunSkin cancer is the most common of all cancers. Too much exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun or from tanning beds is often the cause. This year an estimated 73,000 people in the United States will be diagnosed …

Your neighborhood might cause you to age

neighborhood affects mental health and agingTake a moment to think about where you are currently dwelling. Is it a rural area with lots of green landscape and stress? Or is it a city dwelling with high-rise buildings and tons of traffic? Does your neighborhood have …

Why getting older is good for your health

aging-is-good-for-your-healthDid you ever think that you and a bottle of wine may have a lot in common? (And I’m not referring to its full body!) The longer wine sits and ages, the better and more enjoyable it becomes. Well, science …

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