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These over-the-counter painkillers could be harming your liver

improve-back-painHow often do you reach for painkillers for a bad back? Or for stiff, throbbing knees?

Today, millions of Americans suffer from chronic back pain or damaged joints – what’s also known as osteoarthritis. The condition is not only challenging to diagnose, but difficult to treat. That’s because there are many causes and contributing factors, and a host of … Read More

10 Effective natural painkillers that may surprise you!

Painnatural-cure-for-pain affects all of us at some point, but it seems the older we get the more pain we experience. Sure it’s easy to take a pill to combat this pain, but throughout the day you may be topping up to six pills! The damage these can do to your body isn’t good, so finding effective, natural painkillers … Read More

Key to reducing knee pain starts with a few steps

walking-for-knee-pain-reliefThe older we get the more it seems our joints start to hurt. All the years of being active finally catch up with us and pain starts to set in. In particular, it seems that our knees take the heaviest hit…

Before you know it simply going up some stairs becomes a painful experience.

Maybe you take some … Read More

Most effective anti-inflammatory foods, herbs and spices

anti-inflammatory-foodsMany people confuse inflammation with infection. Though infection and inflammation can happen at the same time, they are completely different. Infection is just one of the causes of inflammation.

Inflammation is nothing but your body’s response to a physical stress. For example, if your body is too tired, it can cause inflammation; if you get a cut, … Read More

Back pain getting worse? Could be depression

chronic-back-pain-and-depressionIf you’ve ever strained your back lifting something heavy or trying to rearrange your furniture, you know how bad back pain can be. Or maybe you live with chronic back pain

You’re all too familiar with the agony it can bring on and the roadblocks to everyday life.

Maybe you’ve been advised to “slow down” or not … Read More

6 Natural fixes for joint pain and arthritis

herbal-remedies-arthritis-and-joint-pain-reliefI’ve always been a great fan of dancing, but I don’t dance much nowadays. The reason being I don’t like the modern dancing (if you can call it dancing). Most of my peers who danced the real stuff – the rock-and-roll, the twist, the fox-trot, and even the cha-cha – have all been relegated to the sidelines thanks … Read More

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