Dear Friend,

If you're one of the millions of men and women who feel completely helpless about losing your hair... worry no more!

Thousands of people across the country have actually slowed their hair loss and started re-generating healthy, youthful looking hair — thanks to a remarkable new discovery by Swiss scientists! In fact, studies show it can help...

  SLOW hair loss

  STIMULATE new hair growth

  MAKE your existing hair appear full and dense

  PROTECT against weak, brittle hair

  HELP your hair grow longer and stronger

"Hair Growth Restored to Normal Levels"

Imagine never having to juggle mirrors looking to see if your bald spot is any bigger.

Imagine a full hairline, covered with dense, thick hair— like the kind you had in your early 20s.

In fact, imagine not worrying about losing your hair at all!

Sounds like a fantasy, right? No... it's a reality, thanks to a remarkable new hair loss breakthrough by Swiss scientists.

It's a natural extract from a common vegetable that actually stimulates your hair follicles to start growing new hair. And it dramatically slows down the rate of hair loss!

What's amazing is that, this vegetable extract has as much as a 95% success rate for improving the look, feel and density of your hair. And studies show it helps to trigger the growth of new, healthy hair in 85% of those trying it!

That's right! Soon you, too, will be saying...

"WOW! I can't believe it's my hair!"

In a minute, I'll tell you more about this little-known advance that's revolutionizing hair loss as we know it. But first, I'd like to introduce myself.

My name is Dr. Victor Marchione. I've been a practicing M.D. for over 25 years. I'm also the Editor of The Health eTalk newsletter. While I'm considered a traditionally-trained doctor, I've had remarkable success helping my patients and readers improve their health using some of the world's most effective alternative solutions.

But more important than my credentials is that, like you, I've "been there" when it comes to losing hair.

I know the kick in the gut you feel when you see clumps of hair staring back at you in the shower drain. Or trying out different ways to comb your hair so your bald spot doesn't show.

I also know that dreaded feeling you get when you think... oh no. I'm turning into an old man. If you don't do something fast, you'll continue to lose whatever hair you have left.

With each cycle of hair growth, the new hairs become thinner and fewer in number, exposing more skin. No matter how many concealers, thickening solutions or dyes you use... eventually your thinning hair becomes too obvious to control.

Nobody enjoys looking in the mirror wondering what happened to their once thick, beautiful, head of hair, replaced with a thinning balding pate. And it's not just the looks. Thinning hair affects your personality... your work... and more importantly your sex appeal. It's a blow to your confidence and self-esteem.

So what can you do about it?

Sure, you can wear a hairpiece. But they cost thousands and require a lot of maintenance. And frankly, while a hairpiece can fool others, it cannot fool you – It cannot really bring back your confidence.

Hair transplants have worked for a lot of people. But they are painful, time-consuming and expensive. The "plugs" of new hair on your scalp are unsightly. And I'm sure you don't want to make your hair loss look so obvious?

Your dermatologist is likely to tell you to take an over-the-counter remedy like Rogaine® or Minoxidil. But these products work for only 35% of the people using them in studies. And these popular hair formulas can cause side effects like numbness, headaches, skin rashes and even chest pains.

Besides these, there are other hair growth formulas that promise a lot, but deliver nothing. Most of them are a complete waste of your time and money.

Let's face it: Hair loss is a hard thing for anyone to accept.
But as of today... you don't have to!

Swiss scientists have found an effective way to help reactivate, improve and extend your natural hair growth cycle. They discovered the secret hidden in a vegetable you've probably eaten hundreds of times: the common garden pea.

Science has revealed that pea sprouts contain potent compounds that can help stimulate your hair follicles to start growing new hair.

And that's not all. These same hair-enhancing compounds help slow down visible hair loss as well! As a result...

You can prolong the life cycle of new hair growth...
Increase hair vitality... and once again enjoy a dense,
thick and sexy head of hair!

This remarkable pea extract is called AnaGain™. Test after test confirms that it is light years ahead of any other hair loss remedy you may have tried!

How well does it work? In one study, 20 men and women suffering from thinning hair loss applied a gel containing 4% AnaGain™ to their scalps twice a day for 3 months.

Scientists were stunned to discover that AnaGain™ slowed the rate of hair loss by nearly 8%. More important, it improved hair density in the anagen "growing" stage by a whopping 78%!

That means any new hair grows stronger, and longer. And this good news gets even better! At the end of the 3-month study...

  85% of the volunteers noticed hair regrowth

  95% of the volunteers experienced significantly less hair loss

  70% of the volunteers felt their hair was more dense, firm and lush

  80% of the volunteers found their hair stronger and less breakable

  95% of the volunteers noticed an improvement in the look and feel of their hair.

All of this led the scientists to conclude that after treatment with AnaGain™...

Hair regeneration was working at normal levels

So if thinning hair has cost you your looks and morale... if you're tired of looking years older than your true age... and especially if you want to look and even feel young and attractive again — AnaGain™ can help!

It's the only natural compound I've seen that has such a remarkable level of effectiveness for promoting hair growth. And it's one of a handful with clinical studies to prove it!

After examining all this research, I wanted to give my patients and readers immediate access to this remarkable hair-growth ingredient. So, I worked with the top-notch research team at Bel Marra Health to give you the best hair protection and rejuvenation formula available anywhere in my opinion. And it's finally here!

Announcing NuGain Hair Regrowth Formula...
the remarkable breakthrough that boosts hair growth!

With NuGain, there are no pills to take, and it's easy to use. Just apply it directly to your scalp using our foaming pump. That's it! You'll love the cool tingling and the delightful sensation as it goes to work on your hair. No nasty smells either!

NuGain contains the same levels of AnaGain™ used in the clinical studies. But as powerful and effective as AnaGain™ is... we didn't stop there.

When we developed NuGain, we realized this was an opportunity to target thinning hair in multiple directions and on many levels. That's why we decided to include another exciting new discovery...

Introducing a compound that boosts oxygen to the hair

This breakthrough compound not only works to rejuvenates your hair at the root... but also stimulates hair growth and helps you keep the hair you already have.

Like minoxidil, it helps widens blood vessels to the scalp... allowing more oxygen, blood and nutrients to starved hair follicles. And it hasn't been shown to have the side effects that minoxidil does.

But here's the most exciting news: while this compound is chemically similar to minoxidil... it's significantly effective.

That's right! Studies show that a remarkable 80% of people using this compound experienced new hair growth... compared to only 39% using minoxidil.

That's more than twice the effectiveness!

What is this exciting new hair loss ingredient? It's called Kopexil.

If you haven't heard of Kopexil before, I'm not surprised. It's not widely available yet... and some doctors don't even know about it. But Kopexil is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to help revitalize your weak hair follicles back to health!

Here's why. Scientists have found that another cause of falling hair is the stiffening of collagen in your scalp. You may know that collagen is your body's natural lubricator, and it's important for healthy joints, skin and hair.

When the collagen in your hair follicles becomes rigid, it prematurely pushes the hair out. Kopexil helps soften the hair collagen. But that's not all...

Kopexil opens up the blood vessels in your scalp to help increase the anagen "growing" cycle. So it stimulates your hair follicles to grow lush, thick, dense hair. Like the kind you enjoyed decades ago!

In a clinical study, 35 volunteers suffering with hair loss were asked to apply Kopexil to their scalp twice a day for six months. Researchers assessed the results periodically during the test period.

To the surprise of the scientists, 86% of the volunteers noticed a significant improvement in hair growth after just two months.

And at the end of the 6-month study, an incredible 97% of the volunteers experienced remarkable results! They reported less hair on their pillow... less hair coming out while they shampooed... and much less hair loss.

What's more, 85% of the study participants reported at least a 50% improvement in their hair density and growth.

These results are nothing short of incredible! Meanwhile, a study conducted by a major pharmaceutical company showed that Minoxidil worked for just 39% of volunteers — and that was after one year of use!

There's no doubt about it: Kopexil goes far beyond those other popular hair loss remedies to help you enjoy a full, dense head of hair. Plus, it works fast and well tolerated. And it hasn't been shown to have the side effects those other hair loss products do.

NuGain is, without a doubt, the most potent combo formula
for hair loss available anywhere.

It contains AnaGain™ and Kopexil — the two of the most effective, most advanced compounds available for improving hair loss.

Its foaming pump means its easy to use and apply directly to your scalp. It's especially created to solve the problem of hair loss on many levels...

  It 'reboots' hair follicles to stimulate healthy hair growth!

  It helps your hair look and feel thick, lush and dense

  It helps your hair resist thinning and breaking

  It increases hair vitality

  It strengthens and fortifies thinning hair

  It extends the anagen "growing" cycle of your hair

So, no matter what type of hair you have... curly or straight... thinning... no matter if you are a man or woman — you can now have a thicker, healthier and fuller looking head of hair, thanks to NuGain!

Now, I can hear you asking...

"Dr. Marchione, how long will it take before I notice any results?"

Well, of course, everyone is different. Some folks see thicker hair in a week or two. Others notice a definitive difference in about 1 month.

According to the science, it takes about 6 to 8 weeks to experience the best results.

Remember, with NuGain there are no pills to take. No potions to drink. Simply rub the foaming gel on your scalp every morning and night... and you can start enjoying the fuller, thicker looking hair you thought was gone for good!

I think that about sums it up. You can get a fuller head of hair, you can become more confident. And you won't be left with greasy palms or smelly hair.

But that's only as far as your hair is concerned. As a doctor I believe, you can enjoy your fuller head of hair a lot more if you are healthy in body and mind too. That's why I want to give you some special reports that will help you improve your overall health too. FREE of COST.

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And unlike most companies that supposedly give you "FREE GIFTS" but charge you a huge price for shipping and handling, we will take care of the entire shipping and handling too. Why? Because we don't want anything to come between you and a fuller head of hair and confident healthy days ahead.

Plus, with our 100% 30-day satisfaction guarantee,
there's absolutely no risk!

If you aren't fully convinced that NuGain is everything we say... if you are not 100% happy with the product for any reason... simply return it to us within 30 days for a full refund - no questions asked. Plus, keep the free gifts you receive with my thanks, just for giving NuGain a try!

Imagine never having to be embarrassed about your receding hairline or your growing bald spot...

Imagine regaining that confidence you had about your looks - and not looking "elderly" any longer.

And imagine being proud of your full, dense and healthy head of hair!

That's what life promises you with NuGain...and that's why I urge you to give it a try so that you can...

  Stop feeling like an old man or old lady...and no longer feel uneasy about your thinning hair

  Feel confident with your looks because you have a head of hair that you're proud of

  Stop worrying about finding hair on your pillow... hair plugging the shower drain...or piles of hair on your comb or brush

  Stop using hair dye, "hair in a can" or other cosmetics to hide your thinning hair

  Stop agonizing about whether your thinning hair or receding hairline is getting worse...

I strongly urge you to try NuGain. It's the easiest, safest way to nourish and promote the health of your existing hair...and enjoy thicker, fuller hair.

Yours in Good Health,

Victor Marchione, M.D.

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