Natural bladder supplements: Herbal remedies for overactive bladder

By: Devon Andre | Bladder | Tuesday, September 27, 2016 - 01:30 PM

nautral bladder supplements herbal remediesOveractive bladder is a condition characterized by an increase in urinary frequency and urgency, resulting from nerve damage, frequent urinary tract infections, and other conditions. Although diet and exercise can aid in overactive bladder, herbal remedies can also go a long way in relieving the symptoms, as well as reducing the frequency of urinary tract infections, which can lead to complications.

Below you will find some of those herbal remedies to help support a healthy bladder.

Herbal remedies for an overactive bladder

Bladderwrack: This is a form of seaweed rich in iodine. Although commonly used to treat an underactive thyroid, it can also be beneficial for treating an overactive bladder.

Gosha-jinki-gan: Studies have found this Japanese herb to be effective in reducing overactive bladder symptoms, particularly in men with an enlarged prostate.

Horsetail: This herb has been found to aid in urinary leaks, bladder stones, and urinary tract infections.

Goldenseal root: This is considered a great treatment for urinary tract infections. You can drink it as a tea or take orally as a supplement.

Uva ursi (bearberry): The leaves of this plant have been found to help treat urinary tract infections.

Buchu: Dried leaves of buchu can be steeped in a tea to reduce bladder infections.

Hachi-mi-jio-gan: This Chinese herb has been found to relax bladder muscles to prevent spasms.

Cleavers: The leaves are usually brewed in a tea to help relieve urinary tract infections. Some patients have noted it can soothe an overactive bladder, too.

Cornsilk: These fine threads are packed with antioxidants and vitamins to help fight bladder infections and have recently been used to treat overactive bladder.

Ganoderma lucidum: This mushroom is common in Chinese medicine, and a Japanese study found it can prevent prostate enlargement to reduce the risk of overactive bladder in men.

These are just some of the herbal remedies that can help improve your symptoms of overactive bladder and urinary tract infections. As with any herb or supplement, speak to your doctor first to make sure taking any of the above is safe and won’t cause any drug interactions with any medications you may already be taking.

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