Breakthrough Discovery Makes CoQ10


Scientists have recently discovered a new delivery system
that makes CoQ10 much more effective.

Dear Health Conscious Friend,

I’m a huge fan of CoQ10. It’s one of the world’s most amazing antioxidants and it plays a vital role in the production of cellular energy. I’ve written about it extensively and I’ve recommended it to my patients and newsletter readers for many, years.

I’m still in awe of its safe, natural ability to help you…

But something has changed, and this one change has taken CoQ10 from great to out-of-this-world spectacular! CoQ10 is now available in a liquid form that’s 827% MORE POWERFUL than regular CoQ10! This wonderful news is based upon the scientifically proven fact that your body absorbs water soluble CoQ10 up to 827% better than it absorbs the crystalline powdered form found in store-bought CoQ10 pills.

As a result, you’re now able to get more protection and support than ever before. CoQ10 works wonders for every cell in your body. Yet, sadly enough, as you age, your body makes less CoQ10. That’s why I suggest that anyone over the age of 40 supplement with it.

CoQ10 in its purest form is a powder and that’s what is used in the pills you may have started taking years ago. While certainly helpful, your body absorbs very little of the CoQ10 contained in those store-bought pills, for reasons I will explain in just a moment. A few years later, CoQ10 was presented in soft gels combined with an oily, fatty substance that made the nutrient a little easier to absorb.

The soft gel form was better absorbed than the CoQ10 powder you got in the pill, but it wasn’t perfect because manufacturing companies began increasing the amount of CoQ10 in the soft gels. And research shows that the larger the dosage of CoQ10, the less likely it is to be properly absorbed.

CoQ10 is a very large fat-soluble molecule, which is the main reason why it is so difficult for your body to thoroughly absorb. And because of this, the powder and soft gels have to endure the time-consuming process of going through your intestines and your liver before it can begin to get into your cells. It’s difficult for you to get enough into your system to make a noticeable difference in your health.

Thankfully, pharmaceutical science discovered something FAR better than pills and softgels. We have taken one giant leap forward using patented technology and made CoQ10 available in a water soluble liquid, your body can immediately absorb it into your bloodstream and put it to work energizing and revitalizing your cells.

I’m making liquid CoQ10 available to you today in the form of a brand new product called, LiQuid Gold. You’ll know its working because you’ll feel the difference and you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

It Helps to Revitalize Your Heart With More Energy

You’ve probably read about the positive effects CoQ10 has on your cardiovascular system, including its ability to help.

But did you know that CoQ10 has been used in Japan to help maintain cardiovascular health since 1974?

It was first a prescription drug in Japan but due to its extreme popularity, CoQ10 soon became available over-the-counter.

And did you know that it’s been the subject of thousands of research studies conducted by the most prestigious institutions in the world?

In fact, in 1978, Peter Mitchell received the Nobel Prize in chemistry for his study of CoQ10 and the role it plays in how your cells create energy.

And Dr. Karl Folkers received the Priestly Medal, the highest award given by the highly-respected American Chemical Society, for his work with CoQ10. In his research he stated: "Therapy with CoQ10 can result in a profound increase in cardiac function and in the quality of life of a cardiac patient.”

And has anyone ever revealed to you how CoQ10 works to keep your cardiovascular system healthy?

Give me just a few moments to quickly explain.

CoQ10 resides in the “energy center” or “power plants” of your cells known as, the mitochondria, which are responsible for helping to create over 90% of your body’s cellular energy. More specifically, it helps to create a nucleotide called ATP.

ATP is the molecular form of energy that your cells need to keep you functioning. It’s created from the foods you eat, and the process of transforming your food into ATP would not be possible without CoQ10. But not all of your cells are created equal.

The cells of your cardiovascular system have extremely high energy requirements, so they require more CoQ10 than cells anywhere else in your body. When those cells don’t get the CoQ10 they need, cardiovascular problems can more easily come to the surface.

This is just one way CoQ10 enhances your cardiovascular health.

Now There’s Also a Safe, Natural Way to Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels – without deadly side effects!

Research suggests that high levels of CoQ10 make it easier for your body to keep your cholesterol levels healthy, which provides just one more reason why supplementing with LiQuid Gold is so essential.

And, if you’re taking one of the popular, over-prescribed statin drugs to help lower your cholesterol, you absolutely should take LiQuid Gold. That’s because statin drugs reduce your ability to produce cholesterol by blocking the same pathway your body needs to produce CoQ10! So as you’re lowering your cholesterol, you’re also inhibiting your body’s natural ability to make CoQ10.

So as you’re trying to resolve one problem, you are creating another one!

And what’s even worse is that the big drug companies have known for years that their products could cause you horrible side effects.

For example, Merck intended to create a statin drug that included CoQ10 so that you could easily replenish what you’d lose.

They went so far as to get a patent on it, patent number 4,933,165 to be exact, but then stopped short and never created what would have been a better, safer version of their statin drug.

And, statins aren’t the only drugs that deplete your supply of CoQ10.

Antidepressants, diuretics, and psychotherapeutic and diabetes medications also deplete you of the CoQ10 you need so desperately to keep your cells properly energized.

You can help to keep your cholesterol level healthy, and also protect yourself from the negative effects of statins and other drugs, by supplementing with CoQ10 each day.

And now you can get CoQ10 in a form that is 827% more absorbable, safe, and more powerful than ever before in our new product, LiQuid Gold.

Your immune system controls your body’s ability to fight infection and disease. It works by channeling the energy necessary to create the special immune cells you need to defend yourself.

In 1981, at the close of a CoQ10 conference, scientists recognized the “significant role that CoQ has on immune function.”10

And they went on record as stating that “in extensive studies, using many experimental models which evaluated various parameters of immune function, a role of CoQ as an immunomodulating agent was established.”11

In simpler terms, this means is that CoQ10 helps to maximize the support you get from your immune system so that it’s able to operate at full force.

That's not all, CoQ10 also keeps your brain healthy and your memories intact

According to NIH’s National Institute on Aging, by the time you reach your 80s, you have a 50% chance of suffering from a significant loss of mental function.12 This is frightening, but certainly not inevitable.

That’s why one of the most gratifying things I can tell my patients (especially those who are approaching their senior years) is that, contrary to popular belief, there is something they can to do keep their brain healthy and their memories intact.

CoQ10 can prevent premature brain aging13

According to a study conducted at the University of California San Diego, “maintaining adequate levels of CoQ10 can slow brain deterioration. Furthermore, people with high levels of CoQ10 have better mental acuity, motor abilities and mental energy.”14

So, this is just another reason why I encourage you to take LiQuid Gold. Doing so will allow you the assurance of knowing that you’re doing what you can to maintain a strong and vibrant mind.

CoQ10 Can Give You More Energy
Than You’ve Had in Years

Your body produces less CoQ10 once you reach the age of 40 (earlier for some). This is why you may now have less energy and stamina than you had when you were younger.

But many of my patients find that CoQ10 has just what they need to get their “mojo” back!

Its’ amazing ability to boost your energy was documented in a double-blind clinical study where half of the men participating were given CoQ10, and the other half were given a placebo. The objective was to determine the effects CoQ10 has on exercise.

According to the results, CoQ10 may show “performance-enhancing effects” during the repeated bouts of vigorous exercises. That’s great news, especially if you exercise, or would like to do so, on a regular basis.

In another double-blind study, this one involving a group of professional cross-country skiers, half of them took CoQ10 and the other half did not. At the end of the study, those who took CoQ10 experienced “every aspect of their physical performance improved dramatically.”15Furthermore when asked, 94% of the skiers who took CoQ10 reported that they “felt their endurance, performance time, and recovery time were all much improved.”

You may not want to ski cross-country, but you certainly do want the energy it takes to play with grandkids, travel, bowl, garden, and do all of the things that matter most to you and those who depend upon you.

And, now, you can get the extra support that you need in a liquid that your body will quickly absorb to deliver 827% more support than was ever available before.

Add LiQuid Gold in your bottled water or favorite energy drink and, in record time, you’ll feel all of the benefits of this amazing bioavailable breakthrough. If you haven’t read enough to convince you of the power contained in LiQuid Gold…

Here are 6 more reasons to give this
amazing new product a try today

You’ll love LiQuid Gold because it’s:

  1. Pure. This is CoQ10 in its purest form, with nothing added that might compromise its effectiveness …or your health.
  2. Pharmaceutical quality. LiQuid Gold was created using the same exact technology as pharmaceutical drugs, so it’s “pharmaceutical grade.” Not every CoQ10 product, liquid or otherwise, can make this claim.
  3. Long-lasting. It has a maximum shelf-life, which means that you can stock up now and not have to worry about it “spoiling” or in any way “going bad.”
  4. Affordable. Because it is a potent, powerful liquid that immediately enters your bloodstream, you will take less of it as compared to the amount you’d need if taking a pill or softgel.
  5. Easy to take. Just two squirts out of the bottle it will arrive in, and you’ll get the remarkable power I’ve told you about. No messy clean up necessary.
  6. Free of unpleasant smells or harsh after taste.
But don’t just take my word for it!
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I’ve recently heard that some of my patients are adding it to their favorite smoothie recipes. What a delicious way to stay healthy!

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If you’re over age 40…

Most doctors suggest that you should supplement with CoQ10 – no exceptions.

This statement isn’t meant to frighten you, but to alert you to something that is extremely important for you to understand.

While it’s true that your body makes CoQ10, it makes far less as you get older. In fact, some people start making less as early as 20 years old.

And by the time you’ve reached the age of 60, you have approximately 50% less than what you had in your younger years.

This is just another example of youth being wasted on the young!

Thankfully, now you can fight back with a daily dosage of LiQuid Gold – and you’ll get up to 827% more powerful support than ever before.

This is the Next Generation of CoQ10!

When you swallow a pill or softgel, it must go through your intestinal wall and then travel to your liver where it has to be broken down into a form that your body can absorb and use.

But when you get nutritional support in the form of a liquid, it completely bypasses your digestive tract and is immediately absorbed into your bloodstream.

According to the Physicians Desk Reference, on page 1542, to be exact, the average absorption rate of a liquid is 98% and, as a result, you get the support you crave faster.

When you compare this to the 5%-18% estimated absorption rate of pills and soft gels, well, there really is no comparison at all.

Another reason why liquid is almost always better is because it delivers a more concentrated form of the nutrient than you’d get in a pill. In fact, research suggests that a liquid can be up to 5 times more concentrated than a pill.

This liquid form of CoQ10 is proven to be 827% more bioavailable than regular CoQ10 , which is the form found in many pills.


then you’ll want to take LiQuid Gold. This next generation of CoQ10 is the best of the best. It doesn’t get any better than this.

If you decide that LiQuid Gold is not what you expected, please just return the unused portion within 30 days and you will receive a full refund (less shipping and handling) will immediately be sent to you.

You’re free to keep the FREE GIFTS you’ll receive with your order and we’ll part as friends -- no questions asked.

This “bioavailable breakthrough” is EXACTLY what this doctor orders to help you ensure long-lasting good health.

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Victor Marchione, MD


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