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Kefir: Tart, tangy and so many health benefits

kefir health benefitsYou can’t walk into a health food store without seeing promotional signs for probiotics. That’s because probiotics are considered one of the best things you can do for your digestion – right up there with stress relief and getting enough fiber and water to stay regular.

Probiotics are found in yogurt and kefir, another cultured milk product that’s … Read More

Natural ways to beat seasonal allergies

natural remedies for seasonal allergiesTired of the congestion, itchy eyes and fatigue that plague you? Symptoms of seasonal allergies can really take the joy out of summer. While friends and relatives are attending barbecues and garden parties, you’re staying indoors, grumpy and sniffling.

It shouldn’t be this way! You don’t have to resort to over-the-counter drugs or injections to find relief. There … Read More

Right remedy for the right bug: 7 types of cough

natural remedies for coughWe all do it, and often we do it at some of the most inappropriate times, like when everyone else is quiet at weddings – you know just when the bride is about to say “I do” – out comes that loud bark of a cough from our mouth.

But why do we cough and what can we … Read More

Spring allergies? Natural solution for dry eyes

natural-solution-for-dry-eyesWe all love the feeling of warmer weather and the promise of summer months ahead, but sometimes the side effects of seasonal changes may not make it less than enjoyable. Spring is a time for renewal and so the grass gets greener, the trees and flowers start to blossom and the scenery of white and grey fades away…. Read More

Fight bacterial infections naturally with these foods and herbs

natural-remedies-for-bacterial-infectionsStrep throat, tuberculosis, urinary tract infections (UTI) – when your immune system isn’t in top shape, you’re more prone to bacterial infections like these. For people with chronic illness  with compromised immunity or for seniors, where aging alone means immunity isn’t as strong as it once was, these infections take hold more easily.

That’s why natural remedies for … Read More

Natural remedies to help manage your asthma

natural-remedies-for-asthmaYou feel as though you can’t breathe. The muscles around your airways tighten up, narrowing the airway. That means less air flow. Inflammation increases and the airway narrows even more. Then mucus is produced in the airway and even less air flows through. The wheezing, coughing and tightness in the chest bring on overwhelming panic and anxiety…. Read More

Early signs and symptoms of measles

signs-symptoms-of-measlesIt‘s surprising that two famous writers have drawn comparisons between measles and love:

“Love is like the measles; we all have to go through it.”

– Jerome K. Jerome

“Love is like the measles – All the worse when it comes late in life.”

– Douglas William Jerrold

While there is truth in what both great men say, … Read More

These common mistakes are making your allergies worse

common-allergy-mistakesI’m all too familiar with allergies – they can land you on your back, holed up in bed with a headache, stuffed up sinuses and runny nose, red, itchy eyes and overall malaise. It’s not a good time just hanging out with your tissue box all day.

But people are not as smart about allergies as they could … Read More

Dangers of pneumonia: Causes and symptoms

causes-and-symptoms-of-PneumoniaColds and flu can leave you flat on your back, completely out of the game for a few days. But pneumonia is another beast altogether – and a frightening one at that. So it’s important to know the main causes of pneumonia, and the signs and symptoms of pneumonia. Especially the symptoms of pneumonia in the elderly.

Pneumonia … Read More

10 Best tips to quit smoking

tips-to-quit-smoking-naturally“Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it many times.” – Mark Twain

With all due respect to Mr. Twain, he didn’t quit hard enough. The successful mantra to kick the habit is, “If at first you don’t succeed, quit, quit again.” Yes, even if you have done it many times before, … Read More

CRE bacteria infection: The new health nemesis

Bacteria-infectionThere’s something strange in the neighborhood. Who’re you gonna call?

CRE busters!

If only it were that easy…

There is a new superbug that’s giving the staff in hospitals and health care facilities sleepless nights. It’s called CRE and before I tell you how to prevent and fight against it, I think it is important to start with…what … Read More

4 top healing foods to boost your immune system

healing foodsIt takes more than an apple a day to keep your family doctor away. It takes more than washing your hands and using hand sanitizer, too.

As it turns out, it’s the addition of so-called “superfoods” – or healing foods – to your diet that will strengthen your immune system and help you to fight ailments like the flu.

Scientists … Read More

One easy step to avoid catching a cold this season

shutterstock_19557625Winter can be a chilling experience. Colder temperatures, gusty winds and snow – and bundling up to take it on – are all what can be expected in a typical North American winter. Even Florida can get frosty! No wonder so many of us like to head south for a beach vacation.

No matter where you live though, … Read More

Fight off this common illness with this simple trick

stress, cold, stressA daily dose of vitamin C and regular handwashing are both good methods to boost our immune system. Those simple and effective ways to keep us healthy are important, especially during cold and flu season when we need extra help to fight the spread of illness.

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh may have uncovered the simplest … Read More

Why you might not need that antibiotic after all

antibiotics, bacteriaSometimes it seems as though antibiotics are prescribed for everything.

If you are feeling under the weather, the idea of a quick fix might be attractive. Pop a couple pills for a few days and get back to the land of the living, right?

Not exactly. In fact, taking these pills is a waste if your sickness isn’t … Read More

4 surprising ways to treat your cold this season

cold and flu, congestion, health tips, natural, treatment, cold and fluWith cold and flu season upon us, it almost seems inevitable that you’ll catch something this time of year.

From pesky sniffles to sore throats, to feeling so ill you don’t even want to leave your bed, a virus can really take a toll.

You might see your doctor, but antibiotics can’t be prescribed because they only work … Read More

4 signs you’re not ready for flu season

FLU, IMMUNE SYSTEMYes, I just had my flu shot this week. I’m primed to make it through the season of probable sickness without being sidelined to the couch with a box of Kleenex and easy access to the bathroom.

Sit me down right next to someone who is hacking away and feverish with sweat – with no escape route available … Read More

Boost your immune system by sharing germs?

BACTERIA, IMMUNEYou know public toilets are usually coated in bacteria. Not only that, but every time you step outside of your home you are at risk of being exposed to all kinds of bacteria.

At least when you are within your own home you are safe from bacteria and getting sick, right? Well, not really.

As it turns out, … Read More

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