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Natural remedies to help manage your asthma

natural-remedies-for-asthmaYou feel as though you can’t breathe. The muscles around your airways tighten up, narrowing the airway. That means less air flow. Inflammation increases and the airway narrows even more. Then mucus is produced in the airway and even less air flows through. The wheezing, coughing and tightness in the chest bring on overwhelming panic and anxiety…. Read More

Early signs and symptoms of measles

signs-symptoms-of-measlesIt‘s surprising that two famous writers have drawn comparisons between measles and love:

“Love is like the measles; we all have to go through it.”

– Jerome K. Jerome

“Love is like the measles – All the worse when it comes late in life.”

– Douglas William Jerrold

While there is truth in what both great men say, … Read More

These common mistakes are making your allergies worse

common-allergy-mistakesI’m all too familiar with allergies – they can land you on your back, holed up in bed with a headache, stuffed up sinuses and runny nose, red, itchy eyes and overall malaise. It’s not a good time just hanging out with your tissue box all day.

But people are not as smart about allergies as they could … Read More

Dangers of pneumonia: Causes and symptoms

causes-and-symptoms-of-PneumoniaColds and flu can leave you flat on your back, completely out of the game for a few days. But pneumonia is another beast altogether – and a frightening one at that. So it’s important to know the main causes of pneumonia, and the signs and symptoms of pneumonia. Especially the symptoms of pneumonia in the elderly.

Pneumonia … Read More

10 Best tips to quit smoking

tips-to-quit-smoking-naturally“Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it many times.” – Mark Twain

With all due respect to Mr. Twain, he didn’t quit hard enough. The successful mantra to kick the habit is, “If at first you don’t succeed, quit, quit again.” Yes, even if you have done it many times before, … Read More

CRE bacteria infection: The new health nemesis

Bacteria-infectionThere’s something strange in the neighborhood. Who’re you gonna call?

CRE busters!

If only it were that easy…

There is a new superbug that’s giving the staff in hospitals and health care facilities sleepless nights. It’s called CRE and before I tell you how to prevent and fight against it, I think it is important to start with…what … Read More

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