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Articles relating to ‘HEART HEALTH’

Chocolate Pills For Your Heart, Oh My!

Thursday, Apr. 10, 2014

78628998Rejoice chocolate lovers! How about getting your chocolate fix without taking in all the fat and sugar? No more chocolate guilt and stealing secret bites.

Too good to be true?

Researchers are working on a chocolate pill to prevent heart attacks and stroke, thanks to chocolate’s health-promoting properties. Now that’s a pill-full of medicine we can get happy about.

The idea behind these chocolate-filled capsules comes from the nutrients and benefits of dark chocolate, the darker the better.

The study …

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Heart Disease Linked With Body Aches And Pains

Monday, Apr. 7, 2014


How’s your heart these days? Beating strong and filled with love and joy might be the goal, but the odds are against you when it comes to heart health.

By the year 2020, in fact, medical experts estimate that almost 40 percent of all deaths worldwide will be related to cardiovascular disease. So the push is on to unravel the causes and enforce prevention. As research continues, more evidence suggests that there is a link between heart disease and chronic …

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Looking For A Better Sleep? Increase Your Omega-3

Tuesday, Mar. 25, 2014

161145227There’s at least one more reason to incorporate omega-3 into your everyday diet.

A new study by the University of Oxford’s Learning and Behaviour lab revealed that higher levels of omega-3 DHA – the group of fatty acids commonly found in algae and seafood – are linked to better sleep.

In their pilot, randomized trial, researchers looked to see if daily 600 mg algae supplements over 16 weeks would improve the sleep of 362 children. Four participants in 10 experienced …

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Angry Outbursts Put You At Higher Risk For Heart Attack

Friday, Mar. 21, 2014

78769655Have you ever been angry about your partner’s habitual lateness? How about your grandkid’s messy bedroom or the guy who cut you off in the grocery parking lot? So steamed that you’re ready to blow your top?

You need to de-stress and find yourself some zen. Not just for your sanity, but for your heart.

After looking at decades of evidence linking anger with cardiovascular issues, Harvard University researchers recently found that within two hours of any outburst, there is …

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