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Surprising cause of blood clots and irregular heartbeats

heart, heart problemsWe can’t survive without the heart, but that doesn’t mean we know everything about how it works. New research has uncovered a surprising cause for heart problems like blood clots and irregular heartbeats: Air pollution.

Dirty air already has been established as a cause behind heart problems. The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada says that heart attacks, … Read More

What you need to eat now to reduce your risk of stroke

DIET, STROKE, Man cannot live on bread alone. Although there is something about bread fresh from the oven that I find hard to resist.

More to the point, do you eat plenty of fish, chicken or eggs? How about soy, nuts and seeds? Well protein-rich foods such as these may be linked to an even lower risk of stroke.

That’s … Read More

You’re prone to cancer if you live in one of these areas

cancer, heart disease, cancerMost of us know that there are certain risk factors associated with cancers. Smoking, for one thing, is linked to a higher risk of lung cancer, while the use of tanning beds raises the risk of skin cancer.

But a new study is now suggesting that poverty may have something to do with certain types of cancer, too…. Read More

When a headache could be a warning sign of something else

migraine, strokeA good friend of mine has been at the mercy of her migraines for over a decade. She gets a bad one at least once a month and holes up in her bedroom for the entire day, blinds completely down and the door shut, cutting her off from her family and daily activities. It’s not fun. She’s got … Read More

Why a banana a day keeps the doctor away

bananas, nutrients, heart, potassiumWhat lies underneath that bright yellow peel? An abundance of nutrients your body needs to stay healthy and functioning at its best!

Turns out, the humble banana is more important for your health than you may have realized, so take a lesson from those energetic apes. Here’s why.

Are you getting enough vitamin C, magnesium, potassium and fiber? … Read More

How my dad became one of the healthiest old guys I know

FATHER'S DAY, HEALTH, MEN, MEN'S HEALTHI’m the eldest of three girls, and my dad always appreciated my tomboy side growing up. I liked watching Hockey Night in Canada with him (he can shake a handful of nuts and toss them into his mouth like nobody I know), throwing a baseball back and forth in the backyard, playing ping pong and Frisbee at the … Read More

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