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New superfood for your heart

eat-peanuts-to-protect-your-heartThere are many superfoods you can enjoy if you want to protect your heart. From salmon, to blueberries, to even a glass of wine, these foods all contain the nutrients your heart needs to keep beating strong.

There’s now a new food on the radar for healthy eating that’s great for your heart. You may have avoided … Read More

Hypertension linked to poor sleep

Sleepless nights and blood pressureWhen it comes to high blood pressure – or hypertension – there are many factors that come into play: Diet, weight, smoking and alcohol use can all be attributed to your rising blood pressure. But does lack of sleep increase hypertension? In fact, it does. Getting a good night’s rest not only determines your energy level the next … Read More

Surprising causes of high blood pressure

Blood pressure TreatmentHow healthy is your blood pressure? And exactly what causes high blood pressure, anyway? It rises with each and every heartbeat and then falls as your heart relaxes between beats. It can change from minute to minute with exercise, stress, sleep, even your posture.


The important thing is, you want to keep it in the healthy … Read More

Coffee for your heart? New research says yes to four cups daily

drink-coffee-to-protect-heartFor years, health authorities believed coffee was bad for your heart. But listen up, java lovers, there’s a new reason to have that extra cup of coffee every day! Drinking as many as four cups daily may actually help in the prevention of a heart attack. That’s according to new research published by BMJ Heart.

 … Read More

Protect your heart! Main causes of pulmonary hypertension

protect-your-heartWhat is pulmonary hypertension? If you’ve received a diagnosis, you’ll know it’s serious. It’s different from having regular high blood pressure. Specifically, the diagnosis means you have high blood pressure in your arteries that go from your lungs to your heart. People often describe it as high blood pressure in the heart-to-lungs system.

If you’ve got high … Read More

Popular prescription drug could put you at risk for cardiovascular disease

cardiovascular-diseaseOftentimes we’re told that inflammation is bad for the body. So much so that we even take over-the-counter drugs to combat it. But do we fully understand inflammation and all it does?

For starters, inflammation is the body’s natural response to damaging stimuli. We may have better insight of some of the benefits it poses to the body … Read More

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