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Why is smoking harmful during pregnancy?

smoking-and-pregnancyThe American Cancer Society says it best: “Nicotine is a drug found naturally in tobacco, which is as addictive as heroin or cocaine.”

Smoking is an addiction that’s hard to beat. When it comes to smoking and pregnancy, though, the mother is putting more than her own health at risk…

Before we look at the grim facts of … Read More

Lower your blood pressure by going to the zoo?

lower-blood-pressureBlood pressure on the rise? Maybe you’ve already changed your diet, took salt out of the picture, and maybe you even began exercising a bit. Sure, these are notable means of lowering blood pressure, but they’re not all you can do.

In fact, there are ways to lower your blood pressure naturally that you’ve probably already done and … Read More

Breathing difficulty? Common causes of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

chronic-obstructive-pulmonary-disease Trouble breathing? Persistent cough or frequent chest infections? This could be chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) – the name for a collection of lung diseases including chronic bronchitis, emphysema and chronic obstructive airways disease. COPD exacerbation is not something you want to fool around with. Your body needs oxygen and you need to breathe!

People with COPD have … Read More

Easy way to lower your risk of falls and injury

tips-to-avoid-falls-and-injuryThe risk of bone fractures and injury as we age increases as we lose bone density and just aren’t as strong as we once were. Even medications we take can put us at risk of falls by causing dizziness and confusion. No one wants to end up in long-term care because of breaking a hip…

Lowering our risk … Read More

Easy way to lower cholesterol? Exercise like this

easy-ways-to-lower-cholesterolMaking some changes to your lifestyle can go a long way to helping reduce cholesterol and keep you off cholesterol-lowering medications or make those medications work even better. You’ve likely heard that extra weight contributes to high cholesterol, so even dropping as little as 5 to 10 percent of your body weight can reduce your cholesterol levels. How … Read More

New superfood for your heart

eat-peanuts-to-protect-your-heartThere are many superfoods you can enjoy if you want to protect your heart. From salmon, to blueberries, to even a glass of wine, these foods all contain the nutrients your heart needs to keep beating strong.

There’s now a new food on the radar for healthy eating that’s great for your heart. You may have avoided … Read More

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