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Articles relating to ‘HEALTHY EATING’

What Your Poop Is Telling You About Your Health

Monday, Apr. 7, 2014

Overhead View Of Toilet

Dr. Victor Marchione’s Views On Bathroom Habits

You may prefer not to talk about it. In fact, if you’re older than five years of age, the topic of conversation is liable to offend family, friends and workmates if not woefully amuse them.

But scatological humor aside, the subject of stool warrants plenty of attention. That’s because your poop says a lot about your health.

Basically, your bodily emissions are whatever is left behind once your digestive system completes absorbing nutrients …

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What The FDA Won’t Tell You About Food Chemicals

Tuesday, Apr. 1, 2014

455628105Enjoy your toasted bagel first thing in the morning? How about your super-fluffy deli sandwich for lunch or that sloppy pizza slice “on the go?”

Although they are labeled as “safe” and “healthy,” these and hundreds of foods in the United States just like them contain a potentially hazardous industrial chemical, according to a new report.

Roughly 500 foods found on most grocery store shelves have been discovered to contain azodicarbonamide – also known as ADA – according to a …

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Your ‘Wheat Belly’ Could Be Making You Bloated And Anxious

Thursday, Mar. 20, 2014

166639414You were always told to drink your milk and have bread and butter with every meal. But what if the very food you’ve eaten for years and years was actually the cause of your health issues? And how would you know for sure?

Enter the age of food sensitivity. There’s more to it than the high incidence of peanut allergies in kids and the explosion of gluten-free products on the market. I’m talking sensitivity to eggs, milk, ice cream, soy …

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Got The Blues? Avoid Fast Food

Monday, Mar. 17, 2014

83253738Golden arches. A white-haired colonel. A girl with red pigtails wrapped in blue ribbons.

Though seemingly harmless enough, such fast food branding may be affecting your ability to experience happiness, according to new research.

In the study, recently published in the Social Psychological and Personality Science journal, the University of Toronto looked at how people relate to iconic fast food logos, which have been traditionally associated with efficiency, leisure – and therefore greater happiness. Instead, it found that this imagery …

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