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Guava: The nutritional superfruit

health-benefits-of guava-fruitOne of the employees at Bel Marra Health just returned from a trip to India. He could not stop talking about the great food, totally different culture, crazy traffic, incredible color, the Taj Mahal, the thrill of an auto rickshaw ride, cows on the road… But he also raved about something I don’t often hear about from first-time visitors … Read More

6 Foods for a clean and healthy liver


The Importance of Liver in our Body

Your liver is the most important organ in your body. It is the major fat-burning organ in the body. It is the furnace and energy factory in the body. It is the mechanical filter and cleanser of your blood. In fact, it is the organ of your longevity.

Think of it … Read More

Everyday common foods that help reduce stress

foods-to-reduce-stressIn our day to day lives, we all encounter some level of stress. Everyone has their own way to deal with this stress, like going for a walk, meditating or eating. Oftentimes eating can become comforting through times of high stress, but this, unfortunately, is not the best coping mechanism.

When we are put under stress our … Read More

Lift your mood with these healing foods

healing-foodsWhen I’m stressed or feeling down, I’m quick to turn to chocolate – and I don’t stop at the recommended single high-cocoa dark chocolate square! That’s the trouble with emotional eating. Once you start, it’s hard to just say no more.

But there are better ways to get your smile back. The feel-good factor from chocolate is mostly … Read More

Eat this every day to reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke

Eat this to reduce your risk of heart disease and strokeWhen it comes to your heart health and reducing your risk of getting cardiovascular disease (CVD), it may be as easy as what you eat. In fact, new research suggests by incorporating whole grains into your diet, you’re highly benefiting your heart.

According to research by the Harvard School of Public Health – published in JAMA Internal Medicine – … Read More

4 ways to make this holiday season your healthiest yet

health, sugar, health, sugar The holiday season can be a joyous time of year gathering with friends and family, exchanging gifts and enjoying meals together. There’s something to be said for celebrating the people closest to you!

But the holidays can also stir up many other feelings as well that aren’t so joyous. Stress, anxiety, loneliness and fatigue can all take a … Read More

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