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High risk of not drinking enough water

importace-of-drinking-waterWater, our bodies can’t function without it. Water controls all major bodily functions and without it, we’re just not the same. In fact, more than two-thirds of the human body is comprised of water, so it’s highly important we keep ourselves well hydrated.

But do you know the consequences of lack of water?

Maybe there are days where … Read More

What is excessive drinking doing to your body? Know the risks

risks-of-excessive-drinkingDrinking too much – on a single occasion or over time – can take a serious toll on your health.  There are risks of drinking too much. When it comes to understanding all about what are the harmful effects of alcohol, know this: Most people who have alcohol-related health problems aren’t alcoholics. They’re just people who have regularly … Read More

Get more out of your vegetables with this one easy addition…

healthy-salad-with-eggsWhat if you could get more out of your salad and it would only take adding an additional ingredient? Salads on their own can include all kinds of fruits and vegetables which contribute to optimal health – although homemade is much better than store-bought, of course.

Salads allow for a wide variety of ingredients in a bowl that … Read More

That red, itchy rash could be contact dermatitis

signs-and-symptoms-of-dermatitisYou’ve been hiking in the woods, off the beaten path, and you’ve managed to come into contact with the three-leafed demon: Poison ivy! It’s given you a nasty red rash up the side of your leg. This is a classic case of contact dermatitis.

What is contact dermatitis? You’ve heard of poison ivy (no doubt) but you haven’t … Read More

Athlete’s foot: Causes, symptoms and risk factors

causes-and-symptoms- of-Athlete’s-FootExercise is essential for good health, but unfortunately it can make you prone to an infection of the fungal kind. We’re talking about athlete’s foot, and although anyone can get it, it got its name because athlete’s have a higher tendency of developing it.

You may have heard of athlete’s foot and thought you weren’t at risk because, … Read More

Nutritional facts and health benefits of watermelons

nutritional-facts-and-health-benefits-of-watermelonWith the warmer weather approaching, we start to reach for fresher, in-season fruits and vegetables. Often vibrant in color, these health foods not only entice our senses but offer us many health benefits as well.

One fruit that’s fresh and going to be popping up more so in the next few months is watermelon – and you should … Read More

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