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If you have difficulty swallowing pills, try this…

PILLS, SENIORSDo you shy away from pill-form medications and supplements? Do you find it difficult to swallow capsules no matter their size?

It’s a common concern that I hear from my patients.

Sure, it would be great if all medications and supplements simply came in liquid form, but capsules and pills are convenient, portable, and ready to take.

I … Read More

If your doctor asked you to do this, would you?

health, information, health, informationDo you ever feel going to your doctor’s office is like a factory assembly line? You check in at reception and wait… and wait… as patients are shuffled through doors for their quick 10-minute visit. In and out, in and out.

You know the rule: One problem per visit.

Once you make it to the inner exam room, … Read More

How a farm animal can help with your hearing problems

hearing, treatmentHave you ever been to a party and noticed you have to lean in a little closer to a person to be able to hear them tell a story?

Maybe you’ve noticed it’s happening more and more as you get older, sometimes even in quiet rooms?

Hearing troubles interfere with our daily lives, taking away a lot of … Read More

If you’re eating this, your prostate is at risk

prostate, healthIf you’re concerned about your prostate, your doctor may have already told you about the benefits of broccoli, tomatoes, whole grains and vitamin E.

If you’re not concerned, you should be! The Mayo Clinic says 50 percent of men over 60 will develop an enlarged prostate. After 85, this number rises to 95 percent. So odds are you … Read More

4 reasons why watching TV is actually good for you

HEALTH, HEALTH, HEALTH, Here’s the thing: Most everybody likes to watch TV. Depending on the program, it’s informative, provocative, entertaining – or downright silly. You can’t beat those clever sitcom lines that leave you in stitches! Laughter is the best medicine for your health…

Sometimes you’re just in the mood for an episode of Seinfeld, like the one where Kramer … Read More

New for seniors… high-dose flu shot

flu, preventionThere is a big difference between getting influenza – the flu – when you’re in your 20s than when you’re over 65.

As a young adult, the flu can leave you down and out for a few days, closely acquainted with the bathroom.

But for seniors, the impact can be much more severe.

More than just the sniffles, … Read More

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