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10 Tips for happiness

tips for happinessMartha Washington, the first First Lady of the United States, once said, “I am determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation I may find myself. For I have learned that the greater part of our misery or unhappiness is determined not by our circumstance but by our disposition.”

This may be easier said than done for … Read More

Mushrooms: Magical youth elixir?

health benefits of mushroomsMagic mushrooms can do some amazing things. No, not just those kind of things! Some do contain natural psychedelic chemicals, but there are many mushrooms whose botanical magic lies in the amazing things they can do for your health. Even celebrities are using mushrooms as an anti-aging secret weapon in creams and facial peels.

Sound far-fetched? Not really, … Read More

Health benefits of quinoa (keen-wah!)

quinoa health benefitsThe buzz surrounding quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah) doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Quinoa has been hailed a superfood and for good reason, too. Its high protein and fiber content, along with being gluten-free, has given it quite the star power.

What is quinoa?

Quinoa, botanically speaking, closely resembles beets and spinach. Often referred to as a grain, quinoa’s … Read More

Right remedy for the right bug: 7 types of cough

natural remedies for coughWe all do it, and often we do it at some of the most inappropriate times, like when everyone else is quiet at weddings – you know just when the bride is about to say “I do” – out comes that loud bark of a cough from our mouth.

But why do we cough and what can we … Read More

Popular health foods you should avoid…

avoid these health foodsDark chocolate, avocados, bananas, hot chilies…What you eat plays a large role in your sexual health. A healthy diet, along with certain food aphrodisiacs like the ones I mentioned here, can increase libido, promote blood flow and provide us with energy to get down to business.

However, diet can also put a damper on our sex life – … Read More

Is your energy bar barring you from good health?

Energy bar for good healthOur busy lives take energy! We need energy to work, we need energy to perform activities, heck we even need energy for socializing. As you can seem a lot of our energy becomes depleted by outside sources.

Sometimes, we don’t have the time to sit down and have a nutritious meal and so we reach for an energy … Read More

7 Reasons you should eat more raisins

health benefits of raisinsBest part of your trail mix? Is it the nuts, seeds, shredded coconut (unsweetened, please!) or those plump juicy raisins?

We know the unsalted nuts, seeds and coconut are great for our health, but those delicious bites of chewy goodness – raisins – pack quite a nutritional punch as well. So don’t be shy about your love for … Read More

Detox your liver with these 6 foods

foods to detox your liverWhat performs 500 different functions, weighs about three pounds, can regenerate itself and ensure the body is toxic-free? Your liver! This highly important, but often overlooked organ is a powerhouse when it comes to the human body. With such a vital role, making sure it stays healthy will help put you on a path to a long and … Read More

Boost your libido (and have more sex) by doing more of this

boost libido naturallyWhen you consider activities preformed in the bedroom, two come to mind: Sleeping and sex. They may not seem like they have much in common, besides the use of a bed, but the amount of sleep you get may actually determine how much sex you’re having.

There are many benefits of sleep, from providing us with energy to … Read More

Berries pack a sweet health punch

health benefits of berriesColorful, bit-size and oh-so sweet, berries are delicious and highly beneficial. They may be small in size, but berries really pack a punch when it comes to improving your health. And there is a berry out there for everyone, with different textures, flavors and dessert possibilities!

Some berry facts: A berry is classified as a fleshy fruit. It … Read More

Waiting to exhale: Breathing exercises for anxiety, asthma and more

breathing exercise for asthmaTake it one breath at a time. Modern life is full of stress and there’s no escaping it. Some experts say stress is the root of all illness – our rapid-pace, high-expectation lifestyle takes a running toll on our immune system. Sooner or later, we’re bound to get sick.

We try to eat right, exercise regularly, drink enough Read More

Muscle cramps? You may be low on potassium

PotassiumWhen it comes to good health, there are some essentials we can’t live without. For example, for out body to perform all it needs to do, it requires these essential minerals: Potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, chlorine and phosphorus. When balanced, these seven essential minerals keep your body in check and working properly. But when there is an … Read More

Papaya: Why you should be eating this superfruit

PapayaLooking for a fresh exotic fruit to add to your diet and take your salad bowl to the next level? Go tropical with the versatile papaya, the tender orange fruit with a soft, buttery consistency and a sweet, almost musky taste. Inside, you’ll also find the black, round seeds. They’re edible too, although their peppery flavor is a … Read More

Are you unknowingly rubbing these toxins into your body?

Your daily routine may be hazardous to your healthWhat does your daily routine consist of? If you’re a woman, you may wake up, shower with some scented soap, apply a few layers of makeup and finish off with perfume. As a man, routines may be a bit simpler but still involve deodorant, body wash and other products.

Routine is routine, and you probably don’t give too … Read More

Cashews: Handful (or two) a day keeps the doctor away

Cashews keep depression at bay Nuts are certainly having a moment! All the enthusiasm comes from an onslaught of studies over the past decade showing nuts are no longer just snacks for baseball games – nuts are bona fide health food. Their most salient effect is heart attack prevention, and some studies suggest they help protect against diabetes. The nut of the day … Read More

Plum health benefits: Naturally sweet nutrition

PlumsWarmer weather brings in-season fruits and vegetables – and trips to your local farmer’s market are a must.

Fruits, in particular, are an integral part of a healthy diet and when they are in season they are that much easier to enjoy. One fruit you should be eating more of is the humble and delicious plum. Small in … Read More

Lonely? How to make it work in your favor…

How time alone can improve your healthI’ve often said that life is better shared. The things you do with family and friends can be the most memorable moments in your life. But there’s something to be said for carving out “alone time” or “me-time” to do something just for yourself. And as it turns out, alone time is good for your health.

Why? You … Read More

How your relationship may be putting your heart at risk

RelationshipRelationships not only send our emotions in a whirlwind but they can also impact our health. Maybe you and your spouse had an argument and now you’re stressed out about it. Well, if you also have high blood pressure, that stress can take quite a toll.

Your physiology is closely linked with your own experiences and the experiences … Read More

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