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Home remedies for Alzheimer’s disease

home-remedies-for-alzheimers-diseaseWe like to think with age comes wisdom and life experience, and so many things to pass on to the generations to come. All this is true and worth enjoying. But age does bring its challenges, too, along with a body that’s weathered the years, the stress, and the toxins we’ve absorbed from our food and environment.

The … Read More

Exercise like pumping iron for your brain (and your memory)

exercise-for-brain-healthIf you need a pep-talk to get up and get moving, this is definitely it.

Exercise is important, that much we know. More and more research reveals the vast and varied effects that exercise has on our bodies. Now we’ve linked physical activity with healthy brainpower.

As we age, it seems as though we become more forgetful, … Read More

4 Top herbs for better brain health

herbs-for-brain-healthYou might want to put down that candy bar and supersize soda and reconsider… What you eat (and don’t eat) can affect your waistline, your disease risk and your brain power. Can your diet actually make you smarter? Absolutely. And junk food is not on the list.

What you eat is one of the most powerful influencers on … Read More

How to sleep well without sleeping pills

tips-for-better-sleepA good night’s sleep is nature’s best medicine. But unfortunately, many Americans find it difficult to get their six to eight hours of shuteye. The problem with sleeplessness is that it gets worse as one grows older.

There are many reasons why this happens, so it is a good idea to get an understanding of the causes of insomnia, … Read More

Easy ways to prevent Alzheimer’s disease

prevent-alzheimer's-diseaseImagine this scenario: You get up in the morning, A strange person walks into your room and starts talking to you. The person makes your bed, and basically behaves in a very helpful amiable manner. The face seems familiar, but you just cannot seem to remember who it is.

Ordinarily it wouldn’t be alarming. We all forget a face … Read More

10 power foods for your brain

foods-for-brain-healthEven as you read this, your brain cells are drenched in a mix of nutrients or toxins that have been absorbed from the food you consumed. It’s extremely important that you increase the nutrients in this mix and reduce the toxins.

Because these toxins can, over time, help the formation of plaque in your brain tissue that can … Read More

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