It may be the best kept secret between you and 13 million other women in the U.S. Add in men, plus 3.3 million Canadians and you have a COLOSSAL problem. A problem you never talk about and neither does anyone else.

Not with your friends or your significant other, and most likely not even with your doctor. It’s so taboo you’re afraid of who you’ll run into while pushing your cart full of adult diapers through the store. And you’d do anything to escape the notice of the cashier on your way out.

Every day you carefully select dark or patterned clothing to hide any evidence of your problem. So you suffer in silence and embarrassment. You feel ashamed, humiliated and fearful of going out. And who could blame you?

The shame of losing control of your bladder in public is horrifying. What if you could finally stop worrying about your unpredictable bladder and your pre-occupation with where the bathroom is, or what will happen while you sleep or when you sit down?

Are You Living in This Lonely 'Hall of Shame'?

Are you one of those people stuck at home alone – ashamed, humiliated, depressed and afraid to go out? While a leaky bladder can happen to anyone, thanks to the wonder of childbirth women are more likely to suffer from bladder weakness than men. Contrary to popular perception, this is not just an aging problem. Though it affects many women over age 65, it also strikes 35 year olds. And men, too.

It can vary from a short-term to a chronic problem. What sets it off then? Any number of events can play a central role...

  • Obesity
  • Stretched pelvic muscles from pregnancy and childbirth
  • Low estrogen levels (menopause)
  • Enlarged prostate (men)
  • Certain medications
  • Certain medical conditions
  • Recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs)
  • Frequent constipation
  • Weak urinary control muscles (urethral sphincter and pelvic floor muscles)
  • A forceps delivery or pelvic surgery

There’s no arguing that you’ve given up many things in an effort to appease your disagreeable bladder. But the worst thing to give up is this...

But have you given up hope along with everything else?
That's about to change!

You may be silently crying out for help. Have you become so accustomed to the disappointments and inadequacies of your current state of existence that you have all but given up hope of the possibility for something better?

You may sit discreetly in your home with just the TV or radio for companionship. And may have long since given up on your favorite activities and events, because of the risk of humiliation and the need to be within thirty seconds of a bathroom at all times.

You’ve given up so much, golf, tennis, travel, outings, social events, job, and sex. In some cases, you may have even given up on life itself.

Not the way you dreamed you’d spend your golden years. And it’s not fair. After all, you’ve spent your whole life doing right by your family, career, and community. Aging is a part of life, but to lose control of your basic bodily functions, that’s not reasonable.

Have you ever asked yourself how much is too much to leave behind? Isn’t it time to end this intensely personal,embarrassing and disruptive problem? Well hold on – I’m about to reveal a simple, effective, natural solution you’ll surely love, which will allow you to reclaim the life you once owned.

Your doctor can’t hear your silent screams for help

"I Had to Drop Everything So I Could Go..."

Types of Incontinence

It might be helpful to know the types of incontinence:

1. Stress Incontinence (SI)

The most common type of bladder control problem in younger and middle aged women... Urine leaks during exercise, coughing, sneezing, laughing, lifting heavy objects, or other movements that put pressure on your bladder. Can be anything from a dribble to a flood.

2. Urge Incontinence (UI)

An abrupt, intense urge to urinate can’t be suppressed long enough to make it to the bathroom.  The leading cause of these accidents is the involuntary contractions (over-activity) of the muscular coat of your bladder (the detrusor). This causes a urinary frequency of 7-10+ times per day, and nighttime waking at least twice a night to go to the bathroom. It affects about 20% of adults older than age 40, and twice as many women as men.

3. Overflow Incontinence (OI)

Small amounts of urine can leak from a bladder that is always full. Can be triggered by weakness in the bladder muscle, overstretching of the bladder wall, an enlarged prostate obstructing the urethra.

4. Functional Incontinence (FI)

Some older people have normal bladder control, but due to mobility concerns may have a hard time getting to a toilet in time.

Unfortunately, even if you have discussed it with your doctor, you may not like his answers. Medications and surgery may not work. Both can bog you down with serious and unwanted side effects. And you certainly don’t want your doctor telling you the problem is so hopeless that your only option is wearing diapers!

Unfortunately, many doctors know nothing about the exciting new research that shows such great promise for bladder health. Your doctor probably doesn’t have time to read the studies done on a myriad of natural ingredients. And his medical journals are most likely biased in favor of drugs, anyway.

So it should come as no big surprise that hardly anyone knows there’s a natural way out.

A way to support optimal bladder function naturally – simply by combining the finest natural ingredients from around the world with western technology in a safe and effective Doctor-formulated product.

This is news that should be incredibly welcome to you (even if you never tell another soul about it).

End your silent suffering and the social 'blunders' that could land you in a nursing home

You may believe that it’d take a miracle of biblical proportions to have a new lease on life, compliments of a bladder that doesn’t agitate and distract you.

And that kind of “miracle” is exactly what you’re about to discover with Bladder Rescue. Just as you can promote better joint health, brain health, or heart health, you can also encourage stronger bladder tone and function that lets you feel safe going out again – and enjoy life like you used to.

Life is far too short to let your uncontrolled bladder be in control. Bladder Rescue puts you in charge of your bladder again, so you can live life on your own terms.

Feel safe enjoying the things you always loved to do. Without adult diapers. Here’s everything you need to keep your bladder functioning the way it’s supposed to – and even to reclaim the life your leaky bladder is cheating you out of.

I hope you’ve got the gumption to fight back. If so, we’ve created the ultimate supplement to help you. Isn’t it time to take back what’s rightfully yours?

7 incredible doctor-approved ingredients that let you cut the chains tethering you to the bathroom in just days!

Tired of being tethered to the bathroom? It’s time to cut those chains! Bladder function can be restored. And why not, other body systems can. Nutritional supplements appeal for the usual reasons, low cost, high safety, few or no side effects, and generally good efficacy generated from a long history of folk medicine.

If you want the support your bladder naturally had when you were younger, the breakthrough powerhouse ingredients in Bladder Rescue can rejuvenate it and make you feel like a new person. As you might guess, saving your bladder may save your independence.

Pumpkin seed extract with Isoflavones from Soy Germ –
a proprietary mix

It’s the breakthrough hardly anyone in North America knows about. Yet it firms up squishy bladder and pelvic muscles.

Clinical studies on this proprietary combination were conducted in Japan and Europe, and the results were only recently translated into English. Making this a rare and obscure ingredient on the North American landscape.

Now we know of five breakthrough studies with their impressive results:

Measured the effects of foods containing pumpkin seed extract and soybean germ extract on nighttime and daytime urinary accidents. Participants experienced a reduced number of urinary accidents as early as one week into the program.

Specifically, night time accidents plummeted 80%, from 7.3 times to as little as 1.5 times by the end of week 6. That means better sleep at night, without anxiety and stressing about accidents in bed, and accidents that interrupt your sleep.

Sleep quality has huge potential impact on your overall health and  quality of life. So improving this one ingredient alone could allow for drastic lifestyle improvements. Daytime results were also promising in this study, with more than 80% of the participants experiencing improvements during the 6 weeks.

A 6-week study involving 45 men... 86% of whom reported an improvement or significant improvement in nighttime urination.

An 8-week study which benefited some patients so much that they opted to stay in the study for another 4 weeks. Daytime urinations fell from 9.3 to 5.6 per day – a 39% reduction, while nighttime urinations feel from 2.0 to 0.8 – a huge 60% reduction.

This looked at stress incontinence of women with irritable bladder syndrome. In this study, patients with the largest number of accidents showed the greatest improvement over a six-week period. The results were impressive – with an 87.5% improvement.

An unpublished study of women with overactive bladders, showed a statistically significant improvement by week 12 in the average frequency of urgency and the average urgency score for the test group, compared to placebo. With such compelling evidence for this single ingredient, you’d surely be remiss to not give it a try for yourself. After all, what do you have to lose?

But wait – there’s more!


Vinpocetine (vin-PAW-seh-teen)

Business woman with duct tape over her mouth The periwinkle may minimize bladder spasms which are a leading cause of involuntary urination.

From flower power to bladder power... compound from periwinkle shows promise for reducing embarrassing leaks

Highly acclaimed in Europe, Japan, Korea, China and studied extensively in Europe, this extract from the periwinkle flower has been hailed as one of the most successful compounds in the Hungarian pharmaceutical industry.

Known primarily as a potent cognitive enhancer with neuro-protective and cardio protective effects, scientists are now excited about Vinpocetine’s bladder support.

Vinpocetine inhibits phosphodiesterase-1 (PDE-1) – one of a large family of enzymes that plays a vital role in regulating smooth-muscle tone. The human bladder is almost entirely comprised of this type of smooth muscle.

Lab studies suggest that vinpocetine relaxes both animal and human bladder smooth muscle via PDE-1, reducing your risk of spasms that can create a sudden and embarrassing deluge. 

In fact, a small German study suggests vinpocetine may be effective even after prescription drugs fail. They studied a 'worst-case scenario' group of 19 (10 women / 9 men) who failed to respond to drugs, and had been recommended for surgery. This was their last chance before surgery and for 11 of them it paid off with great success.


Magnesium Citrate

Discovered by accident – scientists say it may help avert urinary accidents

Researchers discovered this ingredient accidentally when women who were given this safe and inexpensive mineral for calf muscle spasms remarked that it also helped their bladder symptoms. Scientists believe magnesium may help prevent spasms by quieting overactive bladder muscles.


Cranberry Concentrate

Supports a healthy urinary bacterial balance

Cranberry is an all-natural concentrate that helps you maintain an optimal bacterial balance inside your bladder, a factor related to strong bladder function. Frequent UTIs can be a contributing factor to lack of bladder control.


Vitamin D3

Important for more than just bones and immune health.

You probably associate vitamin D with strong bones. And you’d be right, but only partly. Now a Syracuse gynecologist postulates that vitamin D deficiency may be linked to pelvic floor disorders, including urinary leaks.

He noticed that many of his osteoporosis patients also had pelvic problems. Since pelvic problems are “connective tissue disorders” just like osteoporosis, he investigated previous research. What he discovered was shocking...

Women of all ages who had pelvic floor problems also had compromised vitamin D levels. Even in women over 50, those with high vitamin D levels had a significantly lower incidence of urinary problems than those with low levels. 


Vitamin C

Immune and antioxidant help and more...

You already value vitamin C for the many ways it supports your health – but did you realize it also helps maintain and rejuvenate your body’s tissues?  The International Journal of Urological Nursing suggests that 500 mg of vitamin C can lead to positive outcomes in cases of post-stroke urinary leakage. A lower dose is included in Bladder Rescue to provide potential support and as a source of antioxidants.


Vitamin B12

The hidden deficiency that’s more rampant than you’d ever guess!

One in four adults are deficient in vitamin B12, according to the late studies from the U.S. Framingham trial, reported by the USDA.  As you age, deficiency becomes even more likely.

Vitamin B12 is sometimes called the energy nutrient. Your body needs it for the essential functions of daily life, as well as for brain health. But now scientists have an 8-year study that shows how low levels of vitamin B12 may also play a role in double (urinary and fecal) leakage.

Seven terrific ingredients that spell HOPE... because they offer new hope you may have long since written off. They represent your new key to independent living, a better night’s sleep than you remember in ages, and hope for a social life once again. 

This is the doctor-approved natural supplement YOUR doctor probably knows nothing about.

A very special proprietary blend of ingredients that supports your bladder. And your independence. Why not get started today?

Consider the alternative...

Are you moving towards independence –
or moving one step closer to a nursing home?

Without a long-term solution like Bladder Rescue, you stand to suffer increasingly more, and lose more independence over time. Losing your fully functioning bladder puts you one step closer to a nursing home.

Don’t risk your independence – or your ability to live a life doing the things you always enjoyed doing but have stopped because of this demoralizing problem. There’s no longer any reason to be anxious, let alone alarmed, as science now shows how you can side-step these kinds of concerns.

The quick and natural secret that keeps you out of the nursing home, the operating room...
and gets you back doing the things you love!

Many will go under the scalpel with risky surgery to solve their problem. Others will take dangerous prescription medications and risk serious side effects. But some will simply use Bladder Rescueand quickly watch their bladder health improve naturally, with NO drugs or surgery.

If you’re one of those distressed sufferers, Bladder Rescue is a safe (no prescription needed) natural way to quickly promote bladder control and more importantly, normal living, to your life. Even if you don’t have concerns about your bladder now, Bladder Rescue can help you maintain healthy and controlled bladder function and protect you from future uncertainties and embarrassments.

Put a quick and natural end to the anxiety that comes with your bladder problems. Request your RISK FREE supply of Bladder Rescue today. Bladder Rescue is the most potent bladder health formula I know of on the market today. I’m confident it will rejuvenate your bladder health by strengthening your pelvic muscles and calming your overactive bladder muscles.

Bladder Rescue makes it safe to go out and you can live your active lifestyle again. So go ahead... enjoy your life again, with confidence! Never mind the diapers or the nursing home. They can wait. There’s no need to put up with a leaky bladder when you have the 7 secret power ingredients of Bladder Rescue working for you. Just as you promote your joint health, brain health, or heart health... encourage stronger bladder tone and function by:

Don’t wait! Every day you procrastinate is one day more of waiting for the rejuvenation that can help you regain your freedom and independence. Join the Bladder Rescue family of satisfied users.

Please don’t risk your independence with compromised bladder health.

Just a few pennies a day to reap renewed hope,
a good night’s sleep, and increased independence

Ask anyone who’s lost their independence, and you’ll quickly find out how costly that loss was. Bladder Rescue is an incredible natural supplement with proven ingredients to increase your independence again. And I don’t want any chains keeping you from benefiting from it. Especially not the price.

I am so convinced that you’ll appreciate the difference this supplement will make to your lifestyle that I’m anxious to get it into your hands. This is your perfect opportunity to try it out for yourself. Risk Free. Discover for yourself why I’m so excited about it. If you’re not completely thrilled, simply return the unused bottles within 30 days and we will refund your purchase price.

That’s fair, wouldn’t you agree?

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Especially your independence.

Reply now, 100% risk free!

Yours for health and independence,

Dr. Victor Marchione, M.D.

P.S.  Stop your suffering and humiliation today. Enjoy the special low pricing of all natural Bladder Rescue, your doctor-approved, science-proven remedy for the unpredictability and embarrassment of ‘bladder ruptures’.

Now you can finally have your daytime lifestyle and nighttime sleep back!

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