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Plus, there are two secret nutrients that your eyes need to maintain healthy vision…


why taking antioxidant vitamins won't help…


the two secrets to better night vision…


and how you can boost your sharper vision by 35%!


How It Can Help You Maintain Your Ability To:



Getting Older Isn’t The REAL Cause of Vision Loss—It’s This…


And Antioxidant Vitamins Aren’t Enough to Stop It!


If you’re tired of going to the eye doctor and leaving with a stronger prescription than you had last year, don’t point your finger at aging. It’s not age that’s slowly dimming your vision.


If foggy, blurry vision is making it hard to watch your grandson’s Little League game or read your computer screen, then you need to pay closer attention to your retinas…Your retinas line the inner surface of your eye. They’re sensitive to light like film in a camera. They transform your visual world into images your brain can read. It’s how you read your newspaper every day or enjoy the bright pink and orange colors of a setting sun. Unfortunately, the latest research from the National Eye Institute (NEI) shows that your retinas are under silent attack...


Your Clear Eyesight Can Simply Vanish


Your eye doctor might have talked to you about eye pressure. Too much pressure means your retinas aren’t getting enough blood. But here’s something your doctor may NOT have told you: your retinas can get too little blood without you even knowing! Your retinas contain no nerve endings. That means damage happens and you can’t even feel it. Eyesight simply gets worse. Eventually, it’s a struggle to leave the house without your family’s help! What’s more…


Popular Antioxidants Won’t Help!


You Can Take ANTIOXIDANTS But Still Not See Clearly


Antioxidants shield your retinas against free radical damage. But it might surprise you to learn that ordinary antioxidants can’t support tiny blood vessels or improve eye circulation. Not even beta-carotene!


No wonder you can take many supplements yet your vision still grows blurry. And your active lifestyle slips through your fingers like sand. But that’s all about to change...


The New Herbal Vision Secret for Eagle Eyes

Eye experts in Europe have uncovered an herbal vision powerhouse. An extract of tree bark from the Maritime Pine. Pine bark extract is rich in beneficial compounds that have been used across Europe for 40 years to support healthy circulation throughout the body.2


Now, research published in the Journal International Ophthalmology shows people taking pine bark experienced a revolutionary improvement in the health of retinal blood vessels. An eye expert examined five clinical studies of 1,289 patients and confirmed pine bark “improved capillary resistance!” In other words…


Tiny Blood Vessels Grew Stronger Instead of Weaker!


A second eye expert concluded that pine bark might actually bind to vessel walls and create a “sealing” effect, like weatherproofing a pair of boots.3 No popular antioxidant is proven to do this!


When blood can’t seep through these tiny vessels, then eye pressure doesn’t skyrocket. In other words, your retinas enjoy a fresh surge of healthy circulation and eyes come alive again. The clear-eyed results are nothing short of remarkable…


Blurry Vision BECOMES CLEAR!


In one clinical study, men and women with vision loss reported significantly better visual acuity (visual sharpness) after taking pine bark.4


They even did better on the Snellen Eye Chart test. This is the same chart you’ll recognize as the one you read during every vision test. Remarkably, 18 out of 24 patients who took part in the study reported...



Plus, Four More Studies Confirm Sharp Vision


After reviewing four additional studies on pine bark, the eye expert wrote that 80mg or more every day “increases visual sharpness.” It’s like seeing the world with brand-new eyes!


Perhaps you’re wondering, “If pine bark is so amazing for my eyes, how come I haven’t heard about it from my doctor?”


There’s a very good reason you haven’t (and probably won’t) : unlike the studies on popular vision antioxidants, the studies on this herb were performed in Europe and written up in French and German! It could take years before doctors in North America uncover this vision breakthrough. But you don’t have to wait...


Seeing Better Every Day!        Night Time Driving


Experience the Retinal Support You’ve Been Missing


Your eyesight can benefit from pine bark right now in my new and improved 20/20 Vision formula. You’ll get the same 80mg used in the clinical study.


Don’t be surprised if soon you’re able to read the newspaper with ease, watch a ball game without glasses, even drive safely at night. I’ve seen it happen for many of my patients who thought they’d have to sit back while their vision got worse and their world got smaller—but not anymore!


Because 20/20 Vision does even more to help you end any vision worries for good…


If You Take Only One Antioxidant For Your Eyes, Make Sure It’s This One…


If you want to experience the wonders of life—and continue to enjoy them— then you must be able to see fine detail. Research shows those with good vision feel happier and enjoy life more than those who struggle with poor vision.5


That’s why you need antioxidants. You know they’re good for your eyes, but here’s something you may not know: One antioxidant does more to help you see detail clearly than any other antioxidant ever discovered.


This antioxidant beats the popular vision vitamins beta-carotene, lycopene and vitamin E in helping maintain clear vision. It was confirmed in major clinical studies done by respected institutions such as Harvard! So what is it? I’m talking about lutein…


Recently, the Association of Ophthalmology began recommending lutein to support clear vision. And it’s about time! I’ve been recommending lutein to my patients for years. That’s because…


Aging Eyes Are Starving for It!


Research shows that the older you get, the less lutein you have.9 And lutein makes up a key part of your maculas. The maculas are the parts of your retinas that let you see fine detail such as small type in your newspaper or words on your computer screen.


You can find small amounts of lutein in many vision formulas, even in multivitamins. But 20/20 Vision gives you a full 10mg of lutein, the same amount in the research study. And this is no ordinary lutein. Your eyes will benefit from special lutein that’s supercharged for extra macular support to counteract a common cause of blurry vision, sun damage...


Don’t Settle for Ordinary Lutein - SUPERCHARGE IT!


Your eyes need protective pigments to block sunlight, just as your skin does. And that’s why taking lutein with an antioxidant called zeaxanthin (pronounced zee-uh-zan’-thin) is so revolutionary: They’re natural macular pigments!


How Macular Damage Happens


When you’re in your yard or driving in your car, the sun’s ultraviolet light is absorbed by retinal tissues and creates “oxidative stress”—or free-radical damage, accelerating the deteriation of your vision. Your maculas suffer the worst harm and your vision fogs, blurs and darkens.10


Before you know it, everyday tasks such as cleaning, cooking, or shopping become difficult. Scientists in one trusted medical journal wrote “Research shows people with cloudy vision are often lacking lutein and zeaxanthin” to protect their eyes.12 But you don’t have to worry!


20/20 Vision contains macular pigments lutein and zeaxanthin to shield your maculas against damage from ultraviolet light. Research shows how they work is amazing.


Harvard: "Gives You Natural Sunglasses to Shield Your Eyes"


It’s help that’s come in the nick of time for your eyes. Researchers documented that having low macular pigment raises your danger of age-related macular degeneration by a whopping 75%! 13 Studies show smoking reduces your levels of macular pigments lutein and zeaxanthin.


What’s worse, most ordinary supplements don’t give you lutein and zeaxanthin together in the proper amounts. Up until now, your best protection was taking several servings of two different formulas every day. But 20/20 Vision is different! My new and improved formula gives you a full 10mg of lutein and concentrated zeaxanthin together in one formula, in one daily serving.


Harvard Study


It’s Never Too Late—Even If You’ve Spent Years Outdoors


Most people are surprised to discover that the older they get, the more lutein and zeaxanthin they need to enjoy clear vision. According to research in the Journal Archives of Ophthalmology, your eyes rely on higher amounts of these nutrients to protect against ultraviolet light and cloudy vision as you age.14


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Now you can relax. 20/20 Vision makes it easy and affordable to protect your eyes for an afternoon seeing clearly on the golf course, relaxing in your yard or riding your bike without worry. Plus, when it comes to seeing clearly at night, 20/20 Vision gives you powerful help…


Two Secrets of Better Night Vision


As you get older, you might notice you have a harder time seeing in the dark. Perhaps you bump into things at home when the lights are dim. Or you struggle awkwardly to find a seat in a dark movie theater. You might even miss out on social events because you worry about driving after dark.


These are all signs of weak night vision. It can cause bumps, bruises, embarrassment, falls or much worse. But now there’s help with 20/20 Vision’s new and improved formula.


Night Vision Secret #1


Research shows that people with poor night vision need more vitamin A. In fact, a common sign of severe vitamin A deficiency is night blindness!18 Several studies in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition show the importance of vitamin A for seeing clearly at night.


One impressive study documented how night blindness dropped 40% more in pregnant women who took vitamin A supplements than in women who didn’t supplement.19 And long-term study at Brandeis University shows that vitamin A supplements in the right amounts are safe and drug free.20 By taking the right type of vitamin A in 20/20 Vision you can prevent a deficiency of this vital nutrient and support clear, sharp vision when you’re driving at night.


Night Vision Secret #2


Driving at night...

20/20 Vision also gives you bilberry, the powerful antioxidant with a long record of boosting night vision. If you’re a history buff, maybe you’ve already heard of it.


During the Battle of Britain in World War II, pilots in Britain’s Royal Air Force (RAF) waged a desperate campaign to defend British skies. Though outnumbered, RAF fighter pilots were able to find and destroy enemy bombers in the dead of night. As the story goes, they were eating bilberry jam slathered on their toast!21,22


Today we know bilberry contains powerful antioxidant compounds called anthocyanosides.


Restore Your Confidence at Night!


Studies suggest anthocyanosides destroy free radicals. Plus, they promote the regeneration of some of your retinas’ most crucial components for clear night vision, proteins called rhodopsins. When light hits these proteins, they stimulate your retinas so you can see more clearly in low light or in darkness.


If you’re worried about driving after the sun goes down, 20/20 Vision can replace your concern with confidence. When you start nourishing, supporting and protecting your retinas, you can have the freedom to come and go as you please—even when it’s pitch black outside.


Imagine going out with friends to your favorite restaurant, or to exciting shows or important events without worry. And when you get there, you can see clearly and have the fun you deserve.


Save Your Most Valuable Asset!


You’ve seen what happens to friends or family members when their vision fails. Others must help with driving, shopping, errands even with paying bills. Suddenly, leaving the house becomes a luxury. They’re alone, depressed—it’s terrible…


“Blindness and low vision can lead to loss of independence and reduced quality of life,” warns Elias A. Zerhouni, M.D., Director of the National Institutes of Health.25


No wonder a public opinion poll showed that more folks said they’d rather lose a limb and be in a wheelchair than lose their precious sight!26 Of course, you don’t need a medical study to tell you that if you maintain crisp, clear vision, you’ll enjoy more of your favorite activities, go more places, have more fun, and feel happier and healthier.


Yet Your Vision Won’t Take Care of Itself!


Sadly, an estimated 180 million people worldwide already suffer low vision or blindness.27 If you want to see sharply as you age instead of watching your sight deteriorate, then the research is clear: you must support, protect and nourish your eyes against poor retinal circulation and macular damage.


But as you’ve learned, ordinary antioxidant formulas can’t do both! That’s why people over 40 should take 20/20 Vision


Cutting-Edge Daily Retinal Support for Sharp, Clear Vision—Even at Night!


Retina Test

Each ingredient is grounded in science to provide your weakening retinas with the comprehensive support you must have for seeing with clarity in the years to come. Unlike ordinary antioxidant vision formulas, 20/20 Vision supports:



Now with Advanced Clear Vision Protection Against Free Radicals!



Your retinas are easily damaged by free radicals. Besides being produced by sunlight, free radicals also come from cigarette smoke, pesticides, alcohol and even your body’s own metabolic wastes! But don’t worry.


Recently, scientists at the USDA tested nearly two dozen different fruits for antioxidant, free-radical scavenging power—and wild blueberries tested off the charts!28,29


Tests showed wild blueberries have the highest cellular antioxidant activity available among common fruits, as well as the highest ORAC score. This means one serving of wild blueberries can counteract more free-radical damage than a serving of any other fruit tested.


20/20 Vision’s new and improved formula now gives you 200mg of blueberry extract in every serving. It’s great news for your eyes and your whole body!


Besides helping you maintain clear vision, stopping free-radical damage is linked, in study after study, to better heart health… a sharp memory… clear, open lungs… smooth skin… and a host of other youthful benefits.


It’s Never Too Late to Start Supporting Your Vision


Many people don’t give their eyes a second thought till they start suffering blurry, foggy, cloudy vision. Then they worry that it’s too late. But that’s not true!


Men and women experience sharp, clear eyesight with the nutrients in 20/20 Vision. In fact, studies such as the European Eye Study suggest that these nutrients become even more essential in middle age and beyond to support sharp, focused vision.32


Try 20/20 Vision RISK-FREE!


You can try 20/20 Vision’s new and improved formula with no risk whatsoever through this Special Offer. Two capsules, once a day, is all you need to support clear vision.


If you’re not thrilled with the way you see during the day and at night, then return your bottles within 30 days and receive a full refund— even if you send back bottles that are opened or empty! And when you order today you’ll…






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You’ll receive THREE information-packed Special Reports. PLUS, as part of this Special Offer, your entire order—including the Special Reports—is shipped to you FREE.


Let’s face it, your eyes are your window to experiencing some of the best parts of life. 20/20 Vision makes taking care of them incredibly easy. You’ll have confidence in your sharp, squint-free vision, whether you’re teeing off on the golf course, reading a good book, enjoying a favorite hobby, or driving to dinner with someone you love. Take advantage of this Special Offer today.


Sincerely yours for better health,




Victor Marchione, M.D.






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