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You'll Be Shocked to Learn What
Glucosamine is Hiding!

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A world-renowned expert in nutritional healing, Dr. Marchione is especially qualified to guide patients in this revolutionary approach combining modern science with nature's herbs,
vitamins and nutrients:

  • A Board-Certified Medical Doctor (Internal and Pulmonary Medicine).
  • Healing Patients for More Than 28 Years.
  • Seen on Major TV Networks, including ABC NEWS, CBS Evening News and NBC's TODAY Show.
  • Author and Lead Researcher in Clinical Research Studies

Craig Mintzer, M.D.

  • Named America's Top Doctor for Orthopedic and Sports Medicine by Castle Connolly.
  • Graduated from Harvard Medical School.
  • Practicing Sports Medicine for more than 15 years.
  • Currently serves as team doctor for one of Florida's professional basketball teams.
  • Appeared in the New York Times and was awarded the Patients Choice Award in 2010 by his many patients.

Urgent Health Alert

You might know that more than 20% of adult Americans use Glucosamine for relief from joint discomfort.

But what you may not know is that Glucosamine is not working for most of these people.

You see, Glucosamine was successful mostly in those clinical trials that were conducted by the Glucosamine industry. Shocking! And that's just one of the 'dirty little secrets' the Glucosamine industry does not want you to know about.

The scary truth is people who get no relief from Glucosamine are actually better off than people who get a little relief. Let me explain. People who don't get any relief stop using Glucosamine, but those who get partial relief think Glucosamine is working and continue taking it. If you are like these people, there's something you should know:

Glucosamine is masking the real problem.

Underneath the mask, things are getting worse. Very soon the condition of your joint will reach a point where surgery or joint replacement may be the only option.

But it doesn't have to be that way. There is now a revolutionary new approach that has been researched by Harvard Medical School and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

This new approach is being hailed as the 'Future of Joint Care' So much so, my colleague, Dr. Craig Mintzer, America’s leading orthopedic surgeon is using it as his first choice for treating joint discomfort in patients, including professional athletes.

Here's a quote by Hall of Fame Running Back, Thurman Thomas:   "I have tried pain pills and other supplements but nothing works for me like this all natural joint remedy".

If this natural supplement can give such fantastic relief to professional athletes whose joints are subjected to severe stress, just imagine the relief your joints can get.

This natural joint remedy addresses the root of your joint problems so that you can:

  • Increase joint mobility
  • Reduce stiffness in joints
  • Support joint health

The important thing is you get all the above benefits from a safe and well tolerated formula.

To find out what Glucosamine is masking, and more importantly, to get access to the 'Future of Joint Care' all you need to do is watch this video.

The good news is, the video is free.  But as the free access to this video is limited, I urge you to access it right away.

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