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Contagion! Treatment options threatened as antibiotic resistance rises

antiobiotic, treatmentWith new strains of viruses popping up every day, the first go-to fast and easy solution has tended to be antibiotics.

However, with overuse, resistance to these drugs has become a real problem. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned in its April report that common infections may soon become killers unless we take action in a … Read More

Alert! Coughs and sneezes spread infection faster than we thought

COLD, PREVENTIONI had lunch with a friend the other day and the guy had a coughing fit right at the table. Not good, and it turned me off my Cobb salad– and I hate to leave a good Cobb salad unfinished! But here’s why…

Whenever you’re under the weather and can’t suppress the pressure wave that comes from a … Read More

Germ Alert: 95% Not Doing One Necessary Thing

WASH HANDSAre you concerned about the spread of germs?

Well, you should be, flu season or not.

Proper hand washing is one of the top preventative strategies to not get sick. But wait: You’re likely thinking you’re killing those germs and protecting yourself and others by doing so, but the odds are you’re not washing your hands properly, new … Read More

What Your Tongue Reveals About Your Health

465249407Walk up to a mirror, open up your mouth and say, “ahhh.” This exercise has nothing to do with teeth whitening and actor George Clooney (who paid for that gorgeous grin).

It’s all about your tongue, not necessarily a beauty feature, perhaps, but getting a close look at your own tongue will say more about you than you … Read More

The Other Benefit You’re Getting From Your Flu Shot

117186535Have you had your seasonal flu booster yet? Well, academics have just learned that it could reduce your risk of suffering a stroke in addition to sickness.

Researchers from the U.K.’s University of Lincoln and The University of Nottingham found that patients vaccinated against influenza were less likely to suffer a stroke during the same flu season – … Read More

Is Your Pet Making You Crazy?

AA001168Has your husband been acting a little odd lately? Driving too fast, changing car lanes aggressively and cutting people off more so than usual?

Is he more openly hostile than ever before, while at the same time more sullen and introverted, cutting himself off from friends and family?

It could be your cat.

That’s right. It may sound … Read More

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